27 with 1 Child and Just Wanted my Body Back :) - Houston, TX BBL

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This is my first time posting anything! But why...

This is my first time posting anything! But why not... It was so worth it! I'm a dr.cortez doll :) I decided to do this bc after having. A child I felt like my body wasn't the same and I lost my butt! so I made a consultation with dr.cortez through email (which was very easy) and it went well I was very nervous but he assured me he could get me what I wanted as long as I gained some more weight :) can't wait to share all my photos

5 weeks back view :)

Loving my progress and sorry ladies I haven't been on lately... I will post more in the next few days

6 weeks post op

Loving my results

7 weeks post op

I am loving everything!!! The only I don't like is my top belly it looks fat compared to my lower belly BUT besides that I'm in love no regrets at all!!

8 weeks post op

Decided to show a little more of my progress loving my results just need to tan and tone up now :) sorry if they are a little blurry

Ok ladies a few more pics

Well I guess all I can say is I am loving my results .. I still have scaring :/ but once that's gone I'm tanning ??????

Almost 8 weeks small waist

Before pics... Beware not cute lol

Ok ladies since a lot of ppl have been asking for before Pics I have 3 a month before surgery and this is with my gained weight for surgery... And you can see I had no shape and my booty disappeared lol

Loving my Booooy thank you dr.cortes

Call me crazy but this is my first time Trying on a dress and omg I looove it!! Sorry if it's blurry

Just a fewMore :)

Looooving my shape

Heey ladies ????

Thought I would
Post a pic :)

Almost 9 weeks ????

Here's a better picture.. The last one was so dark :)

Almost 9 weeks and I looooove....

the way my tights fit and my famous Slippers lol

Dr.Cortes Doll

He does work loving my results

My video of my surgery with the one and only Dr.Cortes

Ladies I thought I would share my video of my surgery with all of y'all :)

What can I say I am lovingly results

Love my results.. The turning heads.. And the happy me! I love my new Body

Went on a little Shopping Spree for this new body

Finally went shopping forum new
Body and I love it

11 weeks :) and it's still there

Almost 3 months SOOO happy

Cortes did that

I love my results.. They only get better

In loving it dr cortes

He did work

Going on 4 months :)

Haven't been on in awhile :/ I've been me slacking sorry guys... But here is a pick of me on jeans FINALLY lol

Ladies Question

After surgery... Where do y'all ladies jeans\shorts allome are
Big in my waist :)))

Loving my results

I am SOOO happy with my results :) now just need to ton up

Summer time fine

4 months and 10 days :)


Loving my new

Loving what cortes did!!

Loving my curves ????


My shape

Almost 5 months

Haven't been on here much :) I'll be 5 months on the 21st ;) and I love my results

Waist training

Waist training :))) while in bed lol I know my hips look SOOO big

Going on 6 months and loving it

Sooooo happy ladies cortes is truly the man .... And ps I'm not the best at taking pictures lol sorry

I've been super MIA

Sorry ladies I have been MIA :/ But I have been so busy with work... But on a good note I am
Doing to be 6 months on the 21 st and my booty is still there #teamcortes

Pics didn't post #teamcortes

6 months and my booty is still there :))

Loving my results!! Cortes doll

I can't ho but share! I love my results

Good morning RS Ladies - 6 months post op ????????

Couldn't help but to take a couple of pictures before work ????

CortesDoll :)) ??

Loving my results... Still going strong... I'm finally going out tomorrow pics Tomorrow

Feeling like super woman haha

More pics lost 5 lbs wahoo!! Only 5 more to go :)

Heeey ladies :)) #cortesdoll

Loving this body more and more
Very day .. 7 months strong

8 mos post op.. ???? dr.cortes is the man

A few pics from my work out earlier and decided to put my garment on!! I haven't wore this thing in like 6 mos lol I hated the damn thing out boy it makes your booty pop

Stomach pic

a pic Of my stomach and side view :)

Going on 9 months strong and my booty is still big :) #cortes

I love my body! I love my shape! Cortes is truly the man.. I told
Him what I wanted and I got plus more

Cortes doll!!! Going strong at 9 months

Loooove my body more and more every day

Yuuup almost 9 months and still got my booty thank you cortes

I am almost 9 months and lost some weight and still have my booty.. Cortes did such an amazing job

We all love a small waist ????????

Small waist is always a plus with some hips

Long time no see .. Dr Cortes doll

Happy Halloween ladies lovvvvve my results CORTES is the man

Just a reminder what Cortes can do

Love looking back this picture ????

Cortes is the man coming to a year :)

Love my results

1 year out from my bbl now time for Cortes to fix some areas working out won't fix

I have decided to go back to Cortes to fix some areas I can't get working out to fix... So lipo and Cortes here I come.. But we all can see my booty is still going strong

1 Year strong... Can't wait to see Cortes again for some extra lipo

I'm 1 year strong and about to meet the man again for some extra lipo!!! This man works wonders. Still have my booty and hips!!

It's been awhile but I'm back at it bbl!! Dr.Cortes

its been a long time ladies but I'm backkkk!!! I love what this man has done to my body thank you Cortes

It's been a long time ladies but Doctor Cortes is the man..I promise

It's been a long time ladies...

Upset with the huge indention I was left with

I had a revision done in 2015/ I call it a revision bc I had a large lump left after my bbl... Ever since then I have been left with this ugly, horrible indention :( I'm so upset bc I paid all this money to have a messed up right cheek/hip.. My stomach isn't right to me.. Need help on finding a new doctor!!

I contacted dr Cortes and they will be charging me once again for his mess up! I'm not paying anything again after what I have paid so I'm moving forward to find someone that can fix my issues the right way the first time!

a sad day.. I got my quote from Cortes today :(

I received my quote today from Cortes and it was just a little over $10,000 I just don't see me paying this when I've spent so much money already... Now this quote was for a tummy tuck with Lipo and to fix my indention. I love Cortes and his work I'm not trying to say anything negative about him or his work... I am just not personally happy with my outcome now.. I shouldn't ever had been left with an indention.. But I believe I have found a doctor to fix my indention and aggressive Lipo my stomach, back and arms for $5500 :) so I'm not too sad.. I would just rather have the same doctor... I believe I will have this work done in February!! I will keep y'all ladies updated

Cortes messed me up:( after I loved my booty prior to Lipo/revision

Cortes messed my ass up!!!

I had a large fat lump that messed my shape up and PAID Cortes to fix it and was left with a huge indention! Why did I pay for a bbl and then $3000 plus to have an indention left! I can't wear clothes.. I can't wear panties and look cute.. I can't wear a bathinsuit bc my indention is shown! I called and waited at Cortes office forever to be told the reason why I have the indention is because I need a tummy tuck! I NEVER EVER had an indention when I had my bbl so now all of a sudden after the Lipo the reason for my indention is because I need a tummy tuck!! I do NOT THINK SO.. I'm tired of being nice! I will say do not go to Cortes if you need your upper body Lipo!!! Or any Lipo... The pictures I'm about to post are before and after... Makes me so sad but I will not worry and find a new doctor!! I was also told by the staff Cortes will not Lipo my stomach he will only work on me if I get a TUMMY TUCK!

Hate to say this but VERY disappointed in Cortes!!! I regret choosing him as my doctor

I had a BBL 2 years ago plus and I LOVED my results but for a lump of fat on my right hip/butt area that would poke out ruining my shape... So I decided to pay for him to Lipo that SMALL area for over $3000 ( MIND YOU I WENT BACK TO HIM BECAUSE I FELT COMFORTABLE WITH HIM) and I was left with a HUGE indention where he Lipo!!!! I called numerous times.. Went to the office numerous of times.. Was told via text message to come in again for a 4th time so we could discuss what we can do to fix the indention. Now after waiting over 2 hours I get in the back he sees me for maybe 5 minutes and told for the 2-3rd time the reason for the indention is because I need a tummy tuck!!! No I never had the indention until after he Lipo that are.... SO NOW YET AGAIN I AM LEFT WITH A MESSED UP SHAPE AND RIGHT HIP/BUTT INDENTION! It truly disgust me because they would ONLY FIX MY ISSUES NOW IF I GET A TUMMY TUCK AND PAY $10,000 - so I was told by the staff they would not work on me at all unless I got a tummy tuck so he would not fix my huge indention without a TT!!! I'm letting anyone that is thinking of Going to him I would be very cautious! Sucks that I have paid $13,000 plus to be left so unhappy! I am mad at myself for even choosing him !

My booty is still pretty even if I have some imperfections

Booooty booooty!!

Revision/ Round 2 with Salama ???? August

Hello ladies.. Haven't really been on too much but I have decided to get my revision/ round 2 BBL ( for my BBL again al he will be doing is filling in my small dents/dimples I have- I am happy with my butt size) I have tried working out massaging etc and nothing will help my indention. Now granted my indention has gone away some but I can't wait certain clothes or even a bathinsuit without it being noticed! So I've decided Salama is the man to fix my issues! And I can't wait!

Dr.Salama will be fixing my stomach where I have some indentions left from bad Lipo, Lipo my arms, waist, back and doing a fat transfer to my indention/hips to make sure they are even and to my butt to fix the dents/dimples.

It's been a very long struggle, ups & downs, insecurities and not sure if I should go through another surgery! But I've decided I hate not being happy and proud of my body clothed or not clothed.. I have paid over $13,000 to hide my body and it's not right! So I decided to go forward with it and make this body of mine the best and be proud of it... I pod my $600 deposit yesterday and I am ready for the journey!

Below I will show pictures of my indention now and will keep you all updated to this new body of mine!

So ready to get these imperfections fixed -

Ok ladies I'm posting some pictures mind you I am happy with my butt size so I am not taking that away from CORTES- but what I will take away from him work/patient care! I was told
By him that my indention I was left with (after Lipo to that area) will only be fixed if I get a tummy tuck!!! He said I need a TUMMY TUCK! I am going to show pictures that I do not need a tummy tuck at all that he is just super money hungry and wouldn't take the time to sit with me and say yes I messed up lets see what we can do to fix it.... He instead says I need this and this and that's why I'm left he way I am--- mind you ladies I HAVE WORKED HARD TO LOPSE WEIGHT AND MAINTAIN MY BODY--

With that being said I am happy with my results but my stomach fat arms and of course my huge indention

Can't wait to be salamafied

Do not go to Cortes!! Please he leave you messed up

Ok ladies so I have set my date for
Surgery with Salama to fix CORTES horrible work! I'm writing yet another review bc I cannot stand how this man will charge you $10,000 plus leave you messed up and wants to charge just about the same or lore to fix his mess up! Now I am left with a HORRIBLE indention and I look disgusting! I can't wear any type of clothing and feel good! I am so self conscious now.. I do not feel sexy or happy about my body! I feel like everyone sees this huge indention! I want Cortes to be stopped! I know surgery isn't 100% but when I had Lipo done to fix a large lump of fat and wake up to see he Lipo the correct area but went in where he said he wouldn't so I wouldn't be left with indentions! Now since he did what he wasn't suppose To I am left disgusting! And he wants to charge me for a TT and threatens me that's the only way he will work on me..
I will be posting all the emails they sent me!

Ok ladies I have started dieting and working out ..

Happppppy Friday Ladies!!! So I've started a diet and working back out.. I think I lost myself with this huge indentation! But I have noticed my indentation is getting waaaaay better from working out and dieting... So I'm going to hit the gym, diet for 2 months straight and hope I see a difference!!! But I must say ladies I'm feeling GREAT!!! My goal is to loose 15 lbs ;) and of this doesn't work surgery it is!

OK ladies Its set I am going to Dr. Salama in August to fix Cortes bad work

Hello Ladies! I am so excited My surgery date is August 22 with Dr.Salama I am one HAPPPPY lady 2 more months ( or close to 2 months lol ) I will be flying to Miami for surgery! I am scared shitless to go alone though. Follow My new review Round 2 - revision :) I will keep everyone updated

Update- horrible indentions left by cortes :(

Horrible horrible and HORRIBLE! I am so embarrassed to even show this huge indention... it's super UGLY! I also started another review with my journey of getting fixed by salama :)

Flights booked & RH deposit paid

Ladies I am one happy lady! I bought my plane tickets today and paid my $500 deposit for the recovery house! I have 2 more months and I'll be a salama doll! I'm not going to lie ladies if I could do this ALL over I would of went to Miami the first time for my BBL! I looked at doctors in Miami when I first wanted BBL and decided I wanted to stay local and made a bad decision bc I didn't want to travel and I lost $10,000 plus a small revision which was $3,000. And I am left GROSS :(
But that's ok I am coming back strong ladies! Look out for this baaaaad body in August

Ok ladies salama did his thing!

I am so happy with my revision. Salama really fixed a of Doctor cortes bad work. I must say salama is amazing!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

HORRIBLE DOCTOR! Does not care about you or anything after surgey.. he is only worried about taking your money and surgery day. After that if you any issues you might hear from the office to just please you then after that you won't get any help from them. WISH I NEVER WENT TO CORTES!

1 out of 5 stars Overall rating
2 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
2 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
2 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
1 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
1 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
4 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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