24 Years Old One Child Need Help Finding the Right Doctor. Houston, TX

I'm 24 years old have been looking into a bbl for...

I'm 24 years old have been looking into a bbl for about a year now. I live in Houston Texas unfortunately I have yet to find a doctor near me that has the results I would be happy with. I found "dr Miami" who I absolutely love the results he gives. I can't find a doctor even in Texas who gives the results he gives. I'm very uncomfortable traveling outside my state for surgery due to some past complications with surgery. I have reviewed so many doctors I love dr Cortez's results here in Houston but not liking his lipo results though so I would rather not. . After reading reviews I will not go to him looking for a great job including the lipo. Any suggestions I would love ! Looking for the hour glass shape I want! I have been obsessing over this for some time now. I would love nay comments or suggestions ! I would appreciate your opinions and help thank you !!!

dr newall>? or franco?

Im debating with dr. Newall in Houston ! I also have seen some of dr johnny francos work and from what I do see it looks great. Unfortunately there is not many reviews on him I have been doing 3 years of research and I wish there where more picture reviews I could find. If anyone has had work done by dr newall I would appreciate any pictures! thanks dolls!
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