25 years Old One Child Need Help Finding the Right Doctor. Houston, TX

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I'm 24 years old have been looking into a bbl for...

I'm 24 years old have been looking into a bbl for about a year now. I live in Houston Texas unfortunately I have yet to find a doctor near me that has the results I would be happy with. I found "dr Miami" who I absolutely love the results he gives. I can't find a doctor even in Texas who gives the results he gives. I'm very uncomfortable traveling outside my state for surgery due to some past complications with surgery. I have reviewed so many doctors I love dr Cortez's results here in Houston but not liking his lipo results though so I would rather not. . After reading reviews I will not go to him looking for a great job including the lipo. Any suggestions I would love ! Looking for the hour glass shape I want! I have been obsessing over this for some time now. I would love nay comments or suggestions ! I would appreciate your opinions and help thank you !!!

dr newall>? or franco?

Im debating with dr. Newall in Houston ! I also have seen some of dr johnny francos work and from what I do see it looks great. Unfortunately there is not many reviews on him I have been doing 3 years of research and I wish there where more picture reviews I could find. If anyone has had work done by dr newall I would appreciate any pictures! thanks dolls!

25 I been researching for years dr.hsu or dr. Blinski

So I'm 25 year old single mom. I would like this bbl this summer . I am in Houston and I really am having such a hard time deciding weather to fly to Flordia and have this done by dr. Blinski or staying here and going to dr. Hsu ! Wow this is a hard decision I'm really having such a hard time deciding . I have done so much research it would make you sick . I hope God guides me to the perfect surgeon ! I am following all dr. Hsu bbl patients and that's what's making me decide to stay as well as being in the comfort of my own home ! This is a big decision I haven't ever had elective surgery before so this is a big deal on choosing the right surgeon who can give me the results I want .

Before pics of my body

Wish pics

Got a consultation!

Okay my dr. Hsu dolls ! You guys have convinced me and I scheduled a consultation with dr hsu for November the 8th! I will talk to him about concerns I may have ! I also hope they let me set up a payment plan because I don't want to do credit I want to pay cash for this procedure so I hope they will set up a payment plan for me . I am a college student and bartender as well as I single mom. I can't say I have the money just sitting in my bank account but I started saving and am willing to work extra to get this procedure and tax season is coming among us! Lol. I hope that's not bad everyone tells me to wait till I graduate to get this done but I have waited 4 years waiting another 3 will kill me!

A little upset

Well I had a consultation the other day with dr . Hsu went well I liked him. I'm a little upset I was quoted a little over 12,000 dollars I did add chin Lipo to my bbl and an over night stay at the hospital because of past complications with surgery (never have had an elective surgery) which put on an extra 2000 part of me just feels I could fly to Flordia and have surgery with great doctors for cheaper and my goal is to have this done before my birthday in August. And done right ! Not sure what to do feeling a little stuck. I haven't decided if paying that much is worth it or not for a broke college student working my ass off for this ! That much might hold me back on my date I planned on putting 1,000 down every month because that won't leave me broke for this . At the same time I feel maybe that's the only doctor in Houston who may be able to deliver the results I want close to home . Flying to Flordia scares me due to if a complication arises I'm very far away from home . Feeling down ! Ugh

I finally have decided

Thanks to all the dr. hsu dolls I am going to go to him I appreciate all the updates and advice from you dolls that helps so much in decision making. I had considered Dr. sato but I can not seem to find any women who keep there statuses updated after having a procedure with her my key is having some curves not just projection and more than 500ccs put into my booty and hips! one thing I promise to do is to update my sx community with pictures after this procedure because I know how much updates and pictures have helped me personally there literally is no such thing as to many pictures to help other women out. So thank you to all the dolls who keep updated with pictures and statuses it is so frustrating to see a review in my opinion with no pictures. If i don't have this procedure done by my wanted date it will be okay i will eventually get there. i am aiming for july 2017 ! my fingers are crossed that I will make it by this date as I have an extremely hectic schedule ! I just want to say thank you to all the dolls in this community who stay and update as well as help dolls like me out who haven't had this procedure done yet but are stalking this site and women's updates like crazy!
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