24 Years old and Want to Improve my Mom Body! - Houston, TX

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Today I had my consultation with Dr Sato! I was so...

Today I had my consultation with Dr Sato! I was so nervous at first! She made me feel so relieved!! I am scheduled for liposuction and bbl on the 25th and I absolutely can not wait for Dr sato to help me improve my body after two kids! She was the kindest Doctor I've ever been to! I haven't had my surgery yet but I would highly recommend her!

A pic of my before!

This is my before pic! Surgery on the 25th

A few days away

Surgery is coming up on the 25th! I couldn't be more excited!

2 days away!!

I'm two days away from my BBL!! Packing up for my stay in Houston since in over 2 hours away!! I'm starting to get nervous! ????

Day 2

I had my bbl with a 8 litter Lipo! That pain is no joke! Sure didn't imagine I would be in this much pain. I've found that getting up and walking around eases the pain so much!! I'm draining a lot! Which is good! I'm most definitely in pain!


I'm still in a lot of pain. And I'm sleeping a lot. But other than that I feel fine! :)

Day 3

Pain has been coming and going. Still very sore. I'm just ready to get this suit off!! I broke my back, pelvis, and ribs and also collapsed my lung in 2011 and this suit has really put a toll on me.

Day 4

Also on day 4

I can still barely eat anything. I still get sick to my stomach. I have been drinking around 4-5 Gatorades a day Bc i feel extremely dehydrated. The promethazine tablets help me for a short time. I also have horrible heart burn

Do I need to be drained?

I have a bubble on my right side. Could this possibly need to be drained? Or will it heal on its own! I'm post op 1 week

Do I need to be drained?

My right side is has a bubble like thing. It will this heal on its own? I'm post op 1 week. Am I still considered swollen with water weight?

Possibly broken rib

I broke my ribs in 2011. I had no idea how much pressure this surgery would put on my ribs. I took my garment off the first time yesterday to shower only. I struggled to get it back on and once I did I was in an extreme amount of pain. I have also had a harder time breathing. Today I lowered my suit to see why my ribs were in pain and noticed it looked and felt like when I broke it in the past. I facetimed my mom and she said it looked broken. And suggestions ?

My results!

Newest update

2 months since bbl

Houston Plastic Surgeon

It's been 13 months since my Bbl with dr sato!! I still couldn't be more pleased with my results! Just 5 more years til I come back for a whole mommy makeover bc she's the best!!! I still highly recommend her!

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