24 Years Young, 2 Kids 193 Pounds 5'7" Still Have Baby Fat From My Son !!

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I Would Love To Get These Gills off my back...

I Would Love To Get These Gills off my back (Rolls) this muffin top and my stomach period needs to be how it was before i was ever pregnant. I have a tear drop booty so I need to add some fat to the top and have it shaped like the pictures below. I'm beyond scared to do this any suggestions Ladies ?

Unsure now

I've been contacted by Dr Morales assistant I've sent her pictures (via email) and I had to cancel my consultation date due to this hernia. I was told that he does them sometimes but mine is to big ????????

Pleeeeeeeeeease answer this ?!

Does getting a BBl Make Your Ass Hard Or Firm Because My Ass Is Very Soft Right Now And I Would Love For It To Be that way for all of eternity !! Please Ladies Help !!

Just a few morw wish pictures

I know some of the shapes are slightly different but I want my body to be like any of these !! Anything less than that would be dissatisfying !!

Might go to miami

Okay ladies the city that I am in has done great plastic surgeons but the prices are higher so I've been following this young lady whose results are phenomenal and she paid like $5,500 believe or $5,000 for it and she went to Miami she left from Las Vegas and went to Miami and got a banging body at first she had an issue to where she had to gain a little more weight I think, I'm already big I do believe I have enough weight as it is I weigh 186 I probably gained a few more pounds since I last checked so here are a few of her pictures I did tell her that she has become my wish pic girl and she's completely fine with that so yeah here are her gorgeous pictures my wishlist pictures thanks honey

Mcadoo !!

Okay so he does genie repair as well and I need that so bad so Yea I'm going typo consider him. I will be contacting him today so ladies I'll keep you posted.

I love Shirley !!

Okay ladies so I've just hung up with Shirley and she answered all of the questions that I had in one wopp !! So Dr. Mcadoo is currently having an awesome special right now plus he does hernia repair as well and that's only $800 extra sounds good to me because I thought it was gonna be like $2000 extra or something. So Shirley and I will be talking further next week once I send in my deposit Yo see if the prices are still the same. I'm ssssooooooooo excited right now !!

More Photos

A few more pictures of my body before Mcadoo Puts His God Given Hands On It !! And ultimate wish photo !!

Quick Question Ladies

So, so far I'm going with Dr. Mcadoo could someone Please tell which Hotel Is Closer to his office ?? Heeeeeelp Ladies !!

23 Years Young Mother of Two Desperately Wanting by Banging Body Back but a Little Better Than Before

I expect great bedside manners respect and whatever a combination I may need throughout this process. But I don't think I should have an issue with the her especially after seeing all the videos Dr. Robles has and all the greats Immaculate reviews I've read from her previous patients !! If there is anyone on here that reads this that has been a patient of hers please contact me to tell me about your experience some do's and don'ts some tips on flights or anything that would be helpful for me on my journey it'll be greatly appreciated thanks in advance !!

Dominican Republic Plastic Surgeon

I haven't met her yet but from what I've read and from what I've seen I feel like I've chosen the right person and I can just continue to pray is all I can do and pray that she's that accommodating and concerned about me through my journey before and after surgery but so far I'm in love with everything that has anything to do with dr. Robles. She seems to be an angel Straight Out of Heaven so so far so good let's keep our fingers crossed and prayers going so blessings can come down.

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