21 Y/o Brazillian Butt Lift! - Houston, TX

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There is no amount of money that I wouldn't have...

There is no amount of money that I wouldn't have paid to feel the way I do about my body now. I have never felt so sexy and confident and loving of myself! It's been 7 months and I wake up every day and think "I can't believe I got my butt done!".

It was painful. It was expensive. It was worth it.

Picture Update!

1- this is a collage of the photos I send to Dr. Cortez. I was an out of town patient and I emailed pictures to see if I was a candidate for the BBL.

2- you can see heavy bruising! This was the a couple of days after the surgery. You can see the hospital bracelet and drains. At this time I was advised to take off the compression suit and shower. I was way too afraid to put it back on by myself and got very sick when I tried to take off the garment so I ended up leaving it on until I felt more comfortable.

3- this is a picture a friend took while I was laying on my stomach about a month after my surgery! You can see the curvature of my newly small waist and butt!!

4-This was taken around 2-3 weeks after my surgery. This was the first time I realized I needed to buy smaller clothes! I used to wear an XL in T-shirts but now I am In a size M-L! I was so amazed by this picture I actually cried after I took it!!

5,6,7- are before and after photos taken the night before my surgery and two days after my surgery. I honestly can't even believe these. I gained weight (ugh) before the surgery date and I was really worried because I wanted my surgery to turn out as well as possible! Everything worked out! I'm still stunned! You can see how flat my stomach looks! (My stomach isn't flat and I actually need to get a tummy tuck too complete my transformation but with high waisted pants it's like I'm a whole new person! Also notice my under bra back fat is minimized! My waist is pulled in! I could stare at my before and afters for DAYS!

8- For a while during my healing process (up until 2 and a half months maybe?) My butt was sort of shelf like? The upper portion was a bit square which I wasn't worried about because Dr. Cortez assures me it was normal. It went down! I'm posing at this angle because I wanted to show that my ass is literally huge. My hips were wide set before and as a plus size women, everything really stayed the same size, just changed shape. I didn't ask Dr. Cortez for a Kim K or Nikki or JLO booty. I just asked him to make me look proportionate to my body and he did that!

9- Damn! This was my first time wearing jeans since the surgery. I went multiple sizes so expect to shop! I used to be a size 18, but my pants were always baggy since I didn't have a butt to keep my pants up. Now I am a size 12/14 depending on the brand. I have to shop around because my butt is so big and my waist is small so it's hard to find jeans that don't leave that gap in the back by my waist! But I'm not really complaining much.

10- This one captures my healing process completely! After my surgery I was put in a 3xl garment that went from my waist down almost like high waisted stretchy capris. After my follow up appointment I was put into a size 2xl garment that had straps over my shoulders, zipped up the front and had my butt out. I was really swollen still, and the thong hurt worse than any of it! So I layered mine together so the 3xl acted like a barrier and kept the thong from chaffing. This compression suit was SO tight! But after a while I finally got into the XL and still wear that sometimes!

* it would only let me upload 10 pictures but I have so many more and can answer any questions anyone has!! (:

More after photos

A ton of after photos that really Hilight the changes I've had in the past seven months!

The 4th picture was right after surgery when I got home I still had the foam padding! The results were so quick to see!

The 5th picture is showing what I was talking about with the shelf butt shaping! See how it looked square? ? This was temporary! Everything is rounded out now! You can also see how "flat" my stomach looks! *Only looks flat under clothes! In my last update you can see the crease in my stomach from loose skin. I will need a tummy tuck to get my complete transformation and this was explained to me by my surgeon during my consultation for the BBL!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I love the work Dr. Cortez did. I think he was very kind and explained everything to me and made sure I was comfortable when I did see him. I was very familiar with his portfolio and experience before I inquired about the surgery I got. However, you could not pay me to re-live the hospital experience I had, and the follow up appointment was very disappointing. I woke up right after my surgery because someone was screaming. It was me. I was screaming in pain and none of the nurses actually came to help me or administered pain medication for several minutes after I was crying in agony (this wasn't fun). I actually had another patient next to me trying to comfort me. I have an extensive background in surgeries (8) and I have never been given such a low amount of pain medication, I was in shock and honestly believe I passed out from the pain I was in. The nurses rarely checked in on me, the bedside manner was horribly un-accommodating, I felt like I was actually bothering them when I really just spent 10 grand to be there. Dr. Cortez was supposed to show up after my surgery as a follow up to see how I was doing, but he never showed. The nurses didn't give me any follow up information when I was discharged so I was released and went home and waited until my scheduled Follow Up Appointment in Dr. Cortez's office. The payment process was very easy for both office and hospital payments. The email responsiveness was great and Ashley actually recognized me from my emails and made me feel more comfortable (I was an out of town patient) but I only saw her once for literally 5 seconds... Time spent with me was very little. Although informative, I think I only consciously saw Dr. Cortez for 30 minutes in total from the consultation, just before surgery, and follow up appointment. Most of my time was spent with a receptionist who didn't speak english very well, which wasn't a problem because everything was clear about my surgery.. but not clear otherwise (when the appointment was over? No one told me I was done and I felt like I sat there forever until I finally just walked out!) . THE WAIT TIMES ARE TERRIBLE. I came in for my follow up appointment 5 minutes early and didn't see Dr. Cortez for an hour and 55 minutes after that. That is a very very very long time to stand when you're a week post op and can't sit on your butt in a room with nothing but chairs. I cried in the waiting room and asked the receptionist twice when I would be shown to a room, she would reply "soon" and was clearly very sorry but TWO HOURS is just ridiculous! So I kept waiting. Dr. Cortez came into the room to "follow up" told the receptionist I needed a smaller compression garment and left. I never saw him again! The receptionist took out my drain! (????) She squeezed me in a smaller suit and I went home! Although I love the outcome of this surgery, I don't think I would go back to Dr. Cortez because of the aftercare followup and lack of staff professionalism and the terrible terrible hospital experience. It was SO cringeworthingly un-personable! I got what I wanted from it, but I felt like I paid a lot of money for a mediocre experience. I probably could have gone to someone closer to my area and stayed in a nicer hospital and had better follow up for the same amount of money- BUT I really am impressed with Dr. Cortez's portfolio (check out his insta and snapchat). I am a plus-sized woman and I felt that he produces nice results for women with my body type. I love my butt and figure now, and I can say "Dr. Hourglass" is a very fitting name!

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
1 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
4 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
3 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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