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*Treatment results may vary

Hi (: I'm 20 and been considering this procedure...

Hi (: I'm 20 and been considering this procedure for about a year on and off I really want more curves a small waist and nice big booty lol and bigger hips (like yaris Sanchez)
I just started researching and if anyone can give me tips or tell me what to expect that has done this procedure it would be great !
Thank you

Wish pics

Is there any suggestions or tips on how to save up money faster for bbl?

dr. jonathan fisher or dr. salama???

when everyone says "do your research" for bbl what does that mean?? help/:

More wish pics ????

Fisher doll

I just locked in the price today
Arm lipo+ bbl my coordinator , margaret has been great so far.thank God lol
Now time to pay the rest of this sx off asap! Lol btw my wish pics have gotten more Voluptuous lol I want more booty then what I thought I previously wanted (:


Ok so vanity told me I have to pay half of my sx date before I set a date?? Is that true I talked to my uncle about it and he was saying that they're just trying to get my money lol.

Foams & an board vanity uses?

Does anyone know what style the foams & ab boards (the exact ones) that vanity uses are?? They sell them for like 40$ each at vanity which is too expensive ???? thanks dolls

Before pics & wish pics

Hey dolls , does anyone know the max amount & min amount of ccs drfisher puts in for bbl? I asked two diff people at vanity they both gave me diff. Answers

Store that sells fajas near vanity ?

Hi ladies I've heard that there's a store by vanity that sells fajas , vendettes , corsets ? Is this true? Does anyone know if it's a walking distance away from vanity or whats the name of the store? I'm really curious to know

Found the store

For anyone who was curious to know if there's a store near vanity that sells fajas there is . Thanks to realself doll six5inheels . She gave me the address & I searched in Google earth . The name of the store is called boutique de fajas

Lymphatic drainage massages

Does anyone know of a massage therapist in the Houston area that does lymphatic drainage massages I can't seem to find one :(

i need advice!!

so I've been looking at salamas recent work on here & wow its been looking so good!! I was confident in fishers work at the beginning, but I really want a big round booty with a booty crease underneath,tiny waist & HIPS (which i don't have) I want to look like a video vixen lol.
I'm already more then halfway paid with fisher and I've set a date but I'm starting to rethink him.. like i know he'll be able to give me hips but what about a big round booty?
I DONT want a round 2!
I'm also nervous about salama because he's known to give lipo burns... I'm very delicate i scar and bruise super easily :( i need advice ladies ! thanks

What did Ur coordinator tell you

Ok so I know vanity has a reputation for giving people different quotes. Did any of the current patients of fisher (the ones who paid a deposit or set a date like myself) ask ur coordinator about the 4300 bbl promo fisher has? What did she tell u? I really wanted to get that promo price Lol

Bbl Risks

Hi dolls, this is for anyone who doesn't & wants to know the risks for bbl. I'm not trying to b negative by posting this
I just think we should go into this sx being fully informed & prayed up lol????


While both types of butt lifts are safe and effective procedures, all surgeries carry certain risks. These can include:
*Infection. If your surgeon's instruments were not properly sterilized or if you fail to clean your wounds as instructed, your incisions or injection sites may become infected. You should call your surgeon immediately if you experience persistent redness, discomfort, fever, green or yellow drainage, or a foul smell from the surgical area. If your tissue is infected, your surgeon will likely need to clean it and you will probably need to take antibiotic medications (or increase your dosage if you are already using these drugs, which many surgeons prescribe as a preventive measure).
*Scarring. While usually minimal for Brazilian butt lift, traditional butt lift incisions leave large scars. Although these may fade over time and can be strategically placed, you need to be prepared to have scars if you choose to undergo this surgery.
*Reabsorbed fat. If you have a Brazilian butt lift or use fat transfer as part of your traditional butt lift, some of the injected fat may be reabsorbed, diminishing your results. However, you can minimize reabsorption by working with an experienced surgeon, making sure not to put any pressure on your buttocks for two weeks, and wearing your compression garment at all times except for showering for the first two to three weeks after your procedure. Surgical techniques that involve making smaller injections into diverse areas of healthy tissue can also maximize absorption. Plastic surgeons also work to minimize the reabsorption risks by injecting more fat than you need to plump your buttocks sufficiently. Reabsorbing fat is not dangerous to your health, but could mean that you do not achieve your desired results.
*Revisional surgery or additional procedures. Most butt lift surgeries are successful, but due to unforeseen circumstances, lower quality surgical work, or complications, you may not be happy with your results. In this case, you may need revisional procedures to enjoy the figure you want. This would involve additional time, discomfort, and cost. Working with an experienced, board-certified, well-reviewed plastic surgeon can reduce your risk for revisional surgery.
*Fluid accumulation (seroma).Damaged cells, blood vessels, and tissues can release fluids that build up under your incisions, causing uncomfortable swelling and increasing your risk for infection. Drains and proper incision care can greatly reduce your risk for seroma. If you do suffer from this condition, you may need to see your surgeon to suction or drain out the accumulated serous fluid.
*Excessive bleeding. Due to improperly sutured incisions, poor healing, or anticoagulant medications, your wounds may bleed excessively. Refraining from strenuous activity for the first month after your butt lift can minimize your risks for bleeding. Depending on the severity of your condition, excessive bleeding may require additional surgery or blood transfusion, although this is not common. Traditional butt lifts carry a higher risk for excessive bleeding than Brazilian methods, given the size and placement of the required incisions.
*Tissue necrosis. Modifying your tissues can inadvertently limit their blood and nutritional supply, causing them to die. These destroyed cells can cause skin irregularities, stiffness, and discoloration. Your doctor may need to surgically remove tissue affected by necrosis. This condition is more common in patients who smoke, which is one reason why your plastic surgeon will advise you to quit smoking before and after your butt lift surgery.
*Prolonged loss of sensation. Some numbness of the buttock tissue following surgery is normal, and sensitivity should return gradually. However, if nerves become damaged during the surgical process, you may experience a prolonged or permanent loss of sensation. Unfortunately, there is no treatment for loss of sensation.
*Blood clotting. Making incisions into your skin could lead to hematoma (blood clotting) or even deep vein thrombosis (larger blood clots that clump in your legs and could be fatal if they travel to your lungs, heart, or brain). Hematoma is uncommon and deep vein thrombosis is extremely rare. Your surgeon will assess your risk factors for both of these conditions at your initial consultation so that you can be prepared. In addition, he or she may prescribe anticoagulant medication to minimize your risk. Contact your doctor's office if you experience persistent swelling, redness, or irritation, especially in the legs. Hematoma can often resolve on its own, but deep vein thrombosis may require oral medications or additional surgical procedures to treat.

Dr. Fisher

Hey dolls. I know this may sound like a silly question.. But does anyone know if dr. Fisher actually performs the surgery on us? I heard In DR they actually have someone else perform the sx(the patient thinks the dr. Is) cuz the dr has too many patients. Knowing that dr fisher has a lot of patients, I started to wonder if this can happen? I emailed my coordinator but she hasn't responded yet. Any comments would be helpfulll Ty!

Chin lipo?

Hi ladies what are your thoughts on chin lipo? Is it worth it? I been debating on whether or not to get it ..I'm tired of the extra fat under my chin!! Even when I'm super thin I still have fat under my chin.
I was thinking about getting it done eventually, but if I do it now it'll be so much cheaper & I won't have to go under anesthesia again ..also does anyone know how long it takes to heal from chin lipo? Like how long would I have to wear that strap thing for the swelling?

Anyone that's done chin lipo and can help me out would be sooo appreciated !
Kk Thanks

Supplies needed list .

Supplies needed..So I made this list after a couple months on here just reading reviews ..Hopefully this helps someone. It's a lot ..but I want to have a comfortable recovery.
some things I will leave at home, some I'll take with me to the recovery home.If I'm missing anything let me know!

  • pack of wipes
  • Benadryl cream
  • colace stool softener
  • gauze pads/medical tape/sanitizer wipes/chux/small peroxide
  • neosporin/face wipes
  • feminine wipes
  • hooks (to hold drains in shower)
  • arnica gel
  • Cotton panties
  • vedette 929 eBay
  • body pillow
  • belly button retainer(for those of us who have piercings)
  • shakeology or protein shakes for after sx
  • Something for incision scars..if anyone has a good scar cream they're using, please let me know 
  • arnica gel
  • antibacterial body wash
  • booty buddy
  • Maxi dresses
  • SX vitamins (iron ,vitamin c,multivitamin)(I heard a lot of girls are taking folic acid too but I read it's dangerous if you take too much at a time,my multivitamin already has 420mg of folic acid in it)
  • Electric toothbrush since I'm getting arm lipo
  • Slip on shoes
  • Compression socks
  • Raised Toliet seat
  • Cocoa butter
  • Thermometer
  • Lipo foams 
  • ab board
  • Pill organizer
  • pee-ez
  • Foam roller to help with sitting on toliet

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advice please

hey dolls ..does this garment look good for arm lipo? i don't wanna get one from vanity cuz they charge too much at least ill save 20-40$ .. i found this on lipoxpress for 40$.. if anyone has any other suggestions please let me know
oh and I need to know where I can find a good chin lipo garment someone help me out (:

Blood test/medical clearance?

Ok so I'm around 3 months away from my surgery getting more nervous/:
I need to know how do I get a medical clearance? Do I HAVE to go to a doctor and get cleared or do I just take the tests I need to get and go to a walk in lab ,send them over to vanity & have vanity clear me??
So confused :( I don't have insurance so I don't want to pay any more then I have to

Weight gain

Guys, I gained a lot of weight lol eating a lot and at night..my lower tummy now has a pouch I have back fat and my arms are getting bigger I feel so fat and gross smh oh well, I need that fat for my hips& butt!

So I'm 5'7" 168 now, gonna go to 175 at most.dont want my bmi to go over 28.
Can't wait for my surgery and I'm just having faith in God everything goes as planned and I'll come out amazing!

One more

Booty buddy

Hey guys. I got the booty buddy, & I tried it out it BARELY keeps my butt off the seat!
Idk if I'm sitting right or what..so It keeps my butt off the seat if I lean forward which is so uncomfy..and if I just sit normally, my butt touches the seat..idk how it'll keep my ass off the seat after surgery, when its way bigger..idk what I'm gonna do now.
anyone who's actually used this.. did yall have to lean forward for hours sitting on a plane? Any input would be greatt
Btw I paid 69$ + 15.99$ shipping so this was about 85$..expensive lol.

Lower back Triangle!

Hey dolls, I ordered this triangle from www.inthepinkroom.com, it's pretty thin and a lot bigger then what I thought it'd be , not sure if that's a good or bad thing lol..
anyway ,I'm almost 2 months away from my surgery.. omg, getting nervous..im buying supplies and saving money for all the other surgery expenses, haven't went shopping in a while :( oh well! I'll have a shopping spree after surgery, when I'm fine(; lol. I'm also trying to look for a dr. Who will give me a clearance. I have no medical insurance:(

62 days until surgery !!! It's getting so close

Hi loves. I'm getting really close to my surgery date.. I'm going tomorrow to get a blood test to check if my thyroid levels are normalized..since I have a interactive thyroid..wish me luck!
I'm still looking for a dr to do my clearance for me..it's hard cuz a lot of them charge a arm and a leg of you don't have insurance and there's not enough good sincere Drs out there smh.
I'm now 171 lbs I'm gonna go up to 175-177 cuz I want a biggggg booty lol. I'm also planning to get chin lipo.my chin has gotten so fat !!
My measurements are 39-33-45 (I'm 5'7")
I'd love to have a 20 inch difference waist to hip/butt ratio!!

I attached pics of my supplies I've gotten. I'm staying at a rh so I don't need to buy too many medical things. Just need to buy a few things at target and Some maxi dresses/clothes..and I'm done.
I also purchased hemaplex and I'm taking that with oj vitamin c, fish oil, and a multivitamin
I haven't been working out at all but I'm gonna start walking on the ellipctical I have just to be a little healthier lol.

Booked flights, it's getting real

Hey loves I booked my flights! yayyyy
I'm leaving Sunday ,oct 4th and my surgery is on Tuesday. I will be staying 10 days post op, because I want to give myself time to drain and make sure everything is ok.
I'm really dreading the flight back home..I keep reading that it was hell flying back home..so please if any vets had a decent or even good ride back home, please give me advice on how to make it as comfy as possible..

I got most of my supplies, I'm going to buy more chux in Miami and other things I'd need .i won't have enough room in my suitcase lol.
I also gained all the weight I need for surgery. I have a biga** tummy, arms and chin.. My thighs also got huge and it's so uncomfy to walk when my thighs rub together:( I feel fat, but I don't feel like I have enough fat for the results I want. If that makes sense lol. Oh well, dr fisher will have to work with what I have, I can't gain anymore!! I won't be happy lol
On a positive note, my endocrinologist told me she'd clear me for all the blood tests I need for surgery!
I'm only 40 days away from my dream body! Keep me in your prayers, girls (:

Do any vets recommend for me to buy Bromelain? Is it important to take?
Do I have to wait after my period to get my blood tests needed for surgery?If I do ,how long?
How can I make the plane ride back home as comfy as possible?

Lab results (13 days away)

Hey loves, so I got my labs done 2 weeks ago I got a clearance letter from my doctor.. I sent it over to vanity and vanity told me everything is perfect, except my aptt is a 37...4 points above the normal range..they want me to retake the test on the 28th, and I'll find out im cleared on the 29th. 5 days before I fly to Miami!! I'm trying not to dwell on this or be stressed, but I'm Very methodical,I want everything organized and done, not do anything last minute..Or else I get anxiety lol.. I've read that if you take too much vitamin C it can cause a high aptt,So to be safe, I'm just going to stop all the vitamins except bromelain and iron. If anybody has any suggestions on what I can do to try to make sure my aptt comes out normal please let me know!! ..Im just praying everything turns out okay because I have everything set up,and I just want my video vixen body already lol
just a side note..my hemoglobin without taking any iron is naturally 13,I took iron for 1 month and hemaplex for about two months in advance, and my hemo is only a 14 now ..so it only raised one point. I was expecting it to be a 15 at least-_-

YESSS IM CLEARED ((: 6 Days until surgery!!

My ptt results came back perfectly normal! Thank GOD !I'm now cleared and ready to go to Miami in FOUR days! I can't believe this time next week I will be in surgery! I'm excited not even nervous I believe God will allow me to have great results and everything will be ok. I got all my supplies ready ,questions, wish pics and I'm just gonna be packing this week! Only thing I have to do is get a pregnancy test at vanity, but I just finished my period so I know im not preggers, and I won't have to worry about getting my period during the first stage of recovery! :D I prepared myself the best I can so there's nothing else to do but wait !
I'm now 178 lbs my stomach is big and my back lol but that's gonna be my new booty so idc lol also I'm thinking about just doing my chin instead of arms, I don't want lose too much blood..im happy and excited (:


I know we have to stop all vitamins a week before surgery which I did, But does that include iron? Can I continue it until the day of surgery? Thankss

In miami

Hey dolls I got to Miami yesterday and went to vanity today I just got done finishing the paperwork. Very repetitive, I didn't read all of the risks because I already know them and I was freaking out reading them again -.- I'm gonna have my surgery tomorrow not sure what time yet.I'm more excited then nervous
Keep me in ur prayers please

I made it

Thanks ladies for all your well wishes I made it. My surgery was 6 am I been sleeping and drinking a lot of water .Just in pain now I'll update later

Update !!!

Hi ladies! I'm back! I took a break from realself because I was kind of disappointed about my results, I already had a butt soo I was expecting to get a aloooot bigger one. Well dr fisher told me he fit all the fat he could into my butt and my skin was tight I guess, he also said if I wanna have a round 2 that I'd have to gain 10-30 lbs since he took out almost all the fat from my waist and back ,which at 178 lbs that ain't happening lol. they "told" me they transferred 1550 ccs per cheek but they didn't give me like a document saying that, so I'm not sure if they really did. Well anyways I'm just gonna be positive now and focus on healing, and Thank God I had no complications but I did get a seroma ,which I'm having drained /: I'll tell you all about my experience on the surgery day and the recovery house in my next post. Thanks sooooo much for your well wishes and for your nice comments(: and here's some pics I took today , tell me what u all think!

Surgery day review

Ok so my surgery was at 6 am I was the first, I didn't get to meet dr fisher until the day of the surgery, he was friendly and made a lot of jokes, he looks just like his pictures ..He told me I gained too much weight and asked why I did, I told him my coordinator told me he said to,he told me "no I didn't, that coordinator needs to be fired" so ladies that just goes to show when we do our online consults, fisher doesn't actually see our pictures, which I thought so but that instance just validates it..The coordinators just tell you what they think smh. Anyway,he said I would still have a little fat left on my rib cage which id be able to lose if I lost some weight. He told me I had a good amount of projection already and I had good skin, and a nice shape already. He also told me my hemo is really good, most people are just borderline 12 .When I showed him my wish pics he said he would be able to give me projection but "not as much" as my wish pic he said I already had a better body then my wish pic lollll! Then he took pics of me and I met with the anesthesiologist, who I followed to the surgery room & laid on the actual table you have surgery on!! I was expecting to be wheeled there lol..anyway he put the ig in my arm and I asked him to tell fisher not to give me any burns and to make sure I live!he said not to worry and I knocked out, I woke up hearing people call my name, I tried to get up but I fainted twice, they made me smell rubbing alcohol and that woke me up but I just wanted to lay down, I was so weak. Very thirsty too, they give u the tiniest little cups to drink from, I wanted to drink a whole gallon of water lol so I kept asking for more and more water ..I stayed in the recovery room for about 2 hours..the nurse told me to sit on the wheelchair but I refused and told her I'll sit on my knees backwards I'm not deflating my new booty lol. I was wheeled to Mayda she helped me to her car which already had Chux and a pillow waiting for me. Btw, vanity didn't call Mayda until I was like 30 mins out of surgery which is ridiculous smh. so she came as soon as she could and waited for me but I was in too much pain to leave right then and there..

More pics

Plane ride home & how i used the restroom without sitting

hello loves, i just wanted to post this to hopefully help some of you..
plane ride home- it wasn't too bad at all.. i really suggest getting a letter from fisher saying you had surgery for the plane so you can get preflight boarding pass . when I checked my bags i told the lady i had surgery and she gave me a preflight pass which was really helpful. i had the sweetest flight attendant ever, i chose the seat in the very back and told the flight attendant i had back surgery and he made sure nobody sat near me so i could have all three seats! i only "sat" during take off and landing, i used the booty buddy and a pillow i bought from walmart for behind my back, and i used both arm rests to put all the weight in my arms so i was only putting pressure on my thighs.. my butt never touched the seat, it was very uncomfy but i wasn't about to deflate my ass lol. the rest of the flight i kneeled on the seat and laid across the seats, the people near me were staring but i didn't care lol.

how i used the bathroom- i used the peez urinal, standing up of course, and its easy since the faja vanity gave me (diane poittiere) had a hole in it so i didn't have to take the whole thing off.
when i had to do number 2, i put a bench in front of the toilet and leaned my upper body on it and just sat on my thighs, no pressure on my butt at all. if u don't have a bench I'm sure a chair will work,it felt waaaaay more comfy then using the foam roller.
i hope this helps u ladies and if u have any questions feel free to ask

Almost 4 weeks post op! Need the vets advice helppp

Hi dolls! I'll be 4 weeks post op tomorrow. I haven't been sitting at all . I haven't lost any volume and don't believe I will (: I also feel really swollen on my back..Im going to start lymphatic massages next week. I've been wearing my garment and foams like 22 hours a day & I'm gonna get my 2nd stage this week, I'm going to faja stores around me since I want to try the faja on.
a couple questions for the vets:
How do I know what size stage 2 garment to get? Should it be snug or super tight?
when should I start wearing a waist cincher for a smaller waist? Do I wear it under the garment and foams/board or over the garment? How long should I wear it everyday? Did anyone else's waist go down more after 4 weeks post op?
Also I get lines from the garment and ab boards/: can these lines become permanent? Help! Thank uuuu

Vets? Is this normal?

Ihave sharp pains when I bend down and the area where I got the seroma (don't have it anymore) looks swollen a little? My skin isn't red or anything. And no fever. Any thoughts?

Recovery home + massage therapist review

I stayed with Mayda for 10 days, she was nice and very helpful .There's one thing I didn't like , her assistant Olga telling me if I hired her for the first night she would be able to help me with everything. Of course charging a additional 100$ a night. She was supposed to stay the first night anyway without me paying her but she and Mayda weren't getting along so Mayda didn't want to pay her for that night smh.. I was very weak so I thought I needed it..but she barely did anything! She just gave me my Medicine and helped me take one quick, rushed shower smh. Was not worth 100$ at all! I felt like she deceived me..
so ladies I didn't like that there was drama especially after my first day out of surgery and I was so weak.
Anyway the good side of it is Mayda feeds you..ALOT she cooks and she's very generous with her portions. I barely used any of my supples cuz She has all the supplies you'll ever need at her recovery house! everything is clean and she makes you feel at home, she washes your garment everyday and any dirty clothes you'll have,She'll help you with everything with a good consistent attitude, she even drained my drain a couple times and fixed my hair when I was too weak lol
Her condo is in the heart of Miami and has a beautiful view, there's a mall nearby and its in a safe neighborhood. She does have a small Chihuahua who is very sweet (: My experience with Mayda was a very good one, she's sweet and helpful and is very close to having your mother take care of you! she is prolly the best choice for ladies who want to stay a week or so at a recovery home, she's real..her attitude doesn't change as the days go by like ive read some caregivers do lol she's helpful even until the last day. She even helped me pack to go home (: I really like her so I do think I made the right choice picking her recovery home. Soo I definitely recommend her!

Elsie the massage therapist: I got 9 massages with her, she's very sweet, always on time and is really worth the 60$ she charges..she gives hour long massages, and she helps you put on ur garment afterwards, she's also very knowledgeable, she was a dr in Puerto Rico I believe..after her massages I would feel 10000 times better. She also uses ultrasound..I definitely recommend her!

Mayda ~ (786) 234-3069
Elsie ~ (786) 237-7566

best faja?

hey dolls can any of you recommend a good faja for when i don't have to wear my foams and board? i need one with a lot of compression on the waist since its getting smaller. any suggestions?
i already am in stage 2 , i just got my faja altered.

7 weeks 2 days post op

Hey dolls,Happy thanksgiving!
I'm 7 weeks & 2 days post op , I'll be able to sit next week :D everything is getting better ,I'm starting to feel like my normal self again,I just want my waist to shrink a couple more inches. Is there any good waist trainer y'all can recommend? Maybe one that's non latex?
Anyway the attention is crazy now. I had a ass before so I was used to ppl staring at it but now they're more agressive ! guys looking at me and licking their lips eww I've had one lady ask me if I got ass shots to another asking me if I got butt implants to guys mumbling things while looking at me smh & I was not alone when I went out,so I can't imagine how it'd be if I was alone!
I went food shopping & felt kind of uncomfy with everyone looking at me so I didn't leave my mans side except for a couple seconds to get something & a random lesbo looking chick asks me if I squat and if "is all that all you" lmao but girls be prepared because the attention is real!
I attached before/ after pics tell me what you think ((:

Follow me on ig

Hi dolls I might delete my pics on here only because it's not private. I made a ig princessc93_fisherdoll


More pics

Hey dolls I started sitting a little today and my tummy looked wrinkly/:? Did any of the vets have that problem? Do any of u know when it'll start looking normal? Thx

Big booty problems -.-

Hey dolls I'm kind of stressed out bc I Can't find a faja that fits! If it fits my waist I can't even get it over my Ass
I ended up just taking in a 3xl at the waist so it could fit my ass but it was taken in so much that the garment was wrinkling up& leaving lines on my tummy . I also tried on a thong faja that fit my waist perfect, but it was cutting into my hips like crazy & I was thinking to cut slits in it, but the lady that was helping me told me that I would lose compression if I did.
I bought a vest faja yesterday, thinking my troubles were over but Juliet told me not to wear those until 3 months smh
I really don't know what to do ! If anybody has any suggestions please tell me ! Im spending waaaaay too much money on these garments -.-

10 weeks post op

Hey dolls. I'm 10 weeks post op, I still wear my ab board and triangle in the daytime& my butts still hard , so I'm still waiting to fluff ..my waist is now 28" & butts about 48" . Im expecting my waist to drop another inch ..I look a lot better in clothes..I sleep on my sides now & sit sometimes but on my boppy pillow & not too much. I'm thinking about doing a rd 2 in late 2017


hey dolls, ill be 3 months post op tomorrow & my butts still hard in the middle /; does anybody know when it'll start getting softer ? also,I still have a lump on my tummy on the right side , I'm kind of worried, bc I've read (correct me if I'm wrong)that your tummy is supposed to be healed by month 3. did any vet have significant improvement regarding the lumpy areas after month 3 ? thanks dolls

3 months post op

Hey loves I'm 3 months today, I haven't lost any volume since day one, thank God lol my butt measures 48" still waiting for the softening and fluffing ..here's some pics tell me what u think !

Info for dolls who haven't had surgery yet

I was kind of excessive when I bought supplies for surgery lol if I'm not prepared I get anxiety /:
I stood at a recovery home so mayda already had a lot of supplies and I really didn't need to buy guaze , medical tape etc
But this is what I used that she didn't have.
•Arnica gel ..used 3 tubes during my stay in Miami, it was used for my back and tummy during massages
•antibacterial soap
•iron...after surgery you lose a lot of blood so you'll want to take iron after to keep your hemo up
•pee easy
•2-3 maxi dresses ..I bought 10 and only used 3 lol you'll be recovering and in your faja ,you won't care to look cute
•stool softener
•cotton panties
•Chux ..if ur going to a dr who uses drains you won't need as many of these
•big cotton panties
•slip on shoes
•ab board and foams
•gold bond lotion or something strong ..my skin was a little dry after sx...
I got my garment from vanity I didn't want to play the guessing game and buy a faja online that was too small or big..waste of money
If u read my review my ptt was too high when I took labs for sx .. I was taking wayy too much vitamin c..from what I read vitamin c thins out your blood..I had to take another blood test like 5 days before my surgery ! I just stopped taking the vitamin c and the 2nd blood test,my ptt was normal . Just Keep in mind not to overdo the vitamin c

Be realistic with your surgery results!! If you're not you might be very disappointed once you're out of surgery. I wanted a huge butt, and I thought I was being realistic since I had a booty before surgery. But I didn't keep in mind that I'm young, so my skin is tight and I might not be able to get a huge amount put in. I was so disappointed for a few weeks after sx

Expect bipolar moments after surgery ..you love your results, the next moment you wish u never did the surgery ..for me it was worst during the first month of recovery .. I'm sure vets can relate to this lol
So that's it ..hope this was helpful (:

3 1/2 months post op

Hey dolls.. I'm still getting professional massages done and I'm sitting normally now lol..I feel like my bootys dropping I liked the shelf look -.- it's getting softer so I'm hoping it'll "fluff" soon. I still have that annoying lumpy area on my tummy on my right side. If any dolls know what I can do to make it go away faster please let me know !! Anyways here's some pics I took in lingerie I'm gonna wear for my bf on Valentine's Day lol (; tell me what u think (:
Miami Plastic Surgeon

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