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Hey there dolls! so ive been researching this site...

Hey there dolls! so ive been researching this site like crazy trying to make a decision on whether to have bbl or butt implants. Ive always had a big bottom but since my weight has always flucuated so ive lost projection and volume. Anywho... i have my consultation with Dr. Cortes this coming saturday and im so nervous already ahhhh... im choosing dr cortes bcas i live in houston and im much more comfortble being near my doc just in case anything goes wrong. Im looking to have surgery with dr cortes this coming june... ill be sure to post what doc decides this coming saturday ?

Conult tomorrow Morning :)

Im seeing Dr Cortes tomorrow morning.. making a list of questions for him and i hope I dont leave anything out... any advice from you ladies would be greatly appreciated.. thx ?

butt implants it is...

Ok so just got seen by the doc and im going with butt implants. He says i have enough fat to conceal the implants and i should have the projection and volume im seeking. Doc did say im gonna eventually need a tt since i have loose skin and lipo wont really make a difference. Im not too happy about that but oh well it is what it is. So ill be having lipo to my tummy, arms, flanks, and under my chin. Im also gonna have my lips filled in a bit since my top lip is smaller than my bottom lip. So here i am waiting for lucy to come and give me a quote! Keep you dolls posted!

surgery date locked... june 26th :)

Total cost for surgery is 14,995... i wanted to rollover and die but hey you get what you pay for. So this is what i will be getting....
Butt implants with fat grafting to hips and butt
Lipo of the stomach flanks, back, arms, and chin.
Fat transfer to lips.
Im super excited!!! I cant wait.

Mixed emotions :/

Im looking for some words of inspiration... everybody has had nothing but negative comments about my decision to get butt implants. Now im sitting here questioning and doubting my decision. Ive wanted butt implants for the longest time since i lost all projection after my pregnancies. Im terrified i wont like the feel of tue implant or that you will be able to see the implant... can somebody please tell me how the feel and look in person? I want to be 100% sure this is for me.

round vs oval implants?

Can someone please tell me the difference between round or oval implants? My doctor says he only does round implants and he dosent recommend the oval ones. Ive read plenty of woman say that they prefer the oval implant. Why is that?

Phone call made to Dr. Cortes

Ok so i just got off the phone with lucy and said dr cortes does not do oval implants. I expressed my concern about my bottom being long and she says he transfered alot of fat around the implant to conceal the implant and give it a more natural look. The only downfall is that i have to maintain my weight which im not cool with bcas i wanted to drop at least 15 lbs bcas my face i fat and my arms are huge! Uggh this is by far such an emotional rollercoaster ride. Im holding on cas this is Something i really want..


So lately all i do is dream about booty all day! Lol this is crazy... im even checking out every girls a** that walks past me... oh lord!


My sx is months away but im always sitting here praying away. Asking the lord up above for a smooth recovery and great results. This is very hard for me bcas my husband is not supporting me on this. He is totally against me having this done so if something goes wrong i will never hear the end of it!! I have a couple of ladies on here who had great work done by doctor cortes and ive seen some that arent happy with his work. Im praying that my end result will be what im looking for. Sorry ladies just needed to vent alittle.

4 weeks off work cleared!

So i asked for 4 weeks off work and it got approved! I do pediatric nursing so im hoping that 4 weeks off is enough for me to recover.

pre op pics! 6 weeks to go!

Ok so here are my pre op pics and omg i cant believe im about to post them lol... i feel like a fat pig ugghh... its so depressing :( june 26 cant get here fast enough!

Pre op done... bbl it is!

My pre op appt went well. Finally decided on getting bbl instead of implants. Dr Cortes says i have enough fat to get the results I want. Keeping my fingers crossed that all goes well.

beyond pissed! sx date changed

Omg im beyond pissed i feel like someone lit a fire in my ass! I already had my sx date scheduled for june 26th for butt implants but since i changed my procedure to bbl im being told that they dont have anything open until august wtf! Mind u i was at the office yesterday for pre op and at no time was i told that i was going to have to change my sx date. My husband already requested time off work.

Paid in full! 2 more weeks!!!

So paid everything in full today! Its finally sinking in and im getting major anxiety!!! Im not scared of the surgery but scared of the recovery process. Saw dr cortes today and he said no sitting for 3 months holy crap thats not gonna be fun! Plus the thought of having to wear a damn garment for 3 months is driving my anxiety thru the roof lol! Im extremely claustrophobic so i cant stand to have anything on so tight. Oh well no pain no gain. I felt really at ease when i saw dr cortes today. He assured me that he was going to sculpt my body the way i want it so im super excited about that. Just counting down the days now.

5 more day! need help!

Ok so im trying to gather up everything i need for post op care. Im wondering wth do u wear coming home from hospital?? I want something comfortable. Anywho, im going to get my meds filled today and will be running around picking up a few things. Any advice/help on supplies would be great! I already bought some maxi dresses but they are sleeveless and since im getting my arms lipo'd im going to have wear compression sleeves. Im not looking foward to that since its hot as hell here in houston! Sorry if it seems like im being a big baby but omg girlys im super excited and scared all at once!!

Surgery in 12 hrs!!!

Surgery is scheduled for 6:30 am but i have to be at the hospital by 5 am. Strangely all the anxiety i had is all gone and im only left with excitement! Ive been wanting this for so long and i cant believe its finally happening! Luckily ive met some pretty great people on here who have been so supportive. I couldnt be more greatful for all your kind words!! I will updated once im out of surgery.

made it... officially cortes'd

So i made it thru surgery. I remeber waking up feeling like my body was on fire so i began to cry. The nurses here are so sweet and always helping out. The hardest part of all this is having to lay on ur stomach. My back really hurts so im constantly getting up to walk around. That does seem to help alot. The garments arent as bad as i thought. Now im just waiting for dr cortes to come in and discharge me. I will update once im home.

1 day post op

first shower

I took my garments off to take a shower and omg it was so good. I snapped a couple of pics so here they are. Still very swollen and bruised.

forgot one pic

getting through the day

So today has been way better. Ive been up and walking around but i have to keep reminding myself that i cant sit. Pain is very minimal to none. Just feel really sore. I havent had to take my pain meds except for night time bcas they help me sleep. Im hardly draining so im hoping i can get this drain removed this friday. I know its too early to see results but im really not liking my stomach. Its very lumpy and uneven. The bottom of my stomach hangs a bit. Dr cortes did tell me i was going to need a tummy tuck so it will be in the near future. Other than that everything is good. Just taking it a day at a time.

feeling emotional :(

Today has not been a good day. Im feeling so down and so trapped in my house. This not being able to sit really sucks. I try to walk as much as i can but quickly have to lay back down bcas my back is just killing me. Last night i couldn't sleep as i was itching like crazy. I wanted to just take all these garments off and say the hell with it!!! But i didnt. Uggh this recovery is no joke but im trying to hang in there.

cant sleep!

Well its 3:30am and i cant sleep so why not update. I went grocery shopping earlier today which was great cas i finally got out the house. Half way thru groceries i felt so tired and out of breath! I had to lay down for a while once i got home. I was able to take a shower and put the garments back on myself. Man, that was no fun! I havent posted any pics bcas when i look in the mirror i dont like what i see. I know its too early to tell but i feel like i look wide and fat. My butt has a weird shape i dont know if its just my mind playing tricks on me but its really depressing. Im trying to stay positive and remind myself that its only been 1 week since i had surgery so i cant expect too much! Anywho, i have an appt with dr cortes this friday so hopefully i can get this drain taken out. I will post some pics after that.

post op appointment

Just got back from my post op appointment. Maria the nurse removed my drain and all my sutures. Omgggee it was painful! I shed a few tears phew so glad thats over with. When i arrived at dr cortes office i took off my old garments and omg i couldnt believe how my body is turning out!! My waist is slimming up and my hips are shaping nicely. My butt look awesome too! I wanted to snap a pic so bad but i felt alittle uncomfortable taking selfies with the nurse in the room so i didnt get a chance to lol. Anyway, they put me in a size large garment with the butt cut out and all i can say is this is officially hell! This thing is so damn tight and the middle part of the butt (thong) is riding so far up my ass its insane! I said how the heck do i poop with this and maria said oh just move it to side... there is no way i can even move this thing to the side its so embedded in my crack! I havent moved my bowels in 9 days so i know its coming so i need to think of a plan lol... so things are getting so much better. No pain, only slight stiffness and soreness.

more pics

Its hard to take pics of your own ass lol

My first bowel movement

Well I hadn't had a bm in 9 days! With just my luck it decided to come today when I got put this tight new garment on! Oh lord the urge came and I felt like I couldn't get this damn thing off fast enough before I crapped myself! Let me just say that this thing is the hardest thing I've ever had to take off. Lucky old me was home alone so I had no help Fml!!!! Anyway made it to the bathroom and was able to finally have a bm hallelujah! Never been so happy to poop in my life. I know it's sad smh. Then I put the garment on by myself and it took about 10 min cas this thing is TIGHT!!!! Only to realize I put the damn thing on backwards but I said fk it! I'm not about to take this off and redo the thing so here I am rocking this thing on backwards lol. Anyways how do u not mess up any fat cells when ur pulling and tugging to get this thing over your butt and off your butt? Dr says don't put any pressure there but that was a whole lot of pressure to the hips and butt just to take off/put on this thing!

pics :)

Ok trying to take selfies of your own butt is not easy but i tried lol!

2 Weeks Post of Dr. Cortes Houston, Tx

Im 2 weeks post op with Dr. Cortes. I can say that as of now im very happy with my results. I see an improvement day by day. Recovery is coming along. First week was really tough. The hardest part is adjusting to not being able to sit. It does get better by week 2. I see dr. Cortes next monday so i will be able to ask how many cc's was transferred. Overall im pleased.

some pics

Here are some pics. I feel like my butt is getting a bit softer. I do notice im loosing a bit of projection. I hope it dosent go down anymore.

post opt appt

Had my post op appointment this morning with dr cortes. He said im healing nicely. He did say my back is still very swollen so they put me in a size medium garment. Omg this damn garment sucks. I was barely getting used to the other one. Anyways, dr. Cortes put 1,100 cc in each butt cheek and 450 cc in each hip. My butt measures 46.5 inches!! Whoop whoop! Im feeling pretty content now. Of course the booty greed creeps up on me every now and then but i can see a major difference in my body. Dr cortes really did shape my body nicely.

3 weeks post op

Im 3 weeks post op today and feeling way better. Still have some tender areas... mainly my back. The garment makes it feel worse so i had to take it off. Here are some pics of progress.

Before and after pics

I finally did a side by side before and after pic. This is where I finally saw the transformation dr Cortes did on me. Granted my waist is still a bit swollen so it's not what I would like it to be. Its ok tho bcas I wasn't expecting for Lipo to give me a flat tight stomach. Tummy tuck coming soon. Anyway let me know what yall think ????

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