Lumps in Lips After Permanent Filler Injections

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Not researching or reading clearly, i had artefill...

Not researching or reading clearly, i had artefill injected into my lips.

I already had full lips, but wanted a small lift, which i should have used juvederm, but lesson learned.
Actually you cant even tell that i had my lips injected, but ONLY when I smile I see small lumps under my top lip. My BF doesnt know I had my lips injected, so he doesnt know cant even tell. My friends dont know either, i wanted to see if anyone noticed, no one did, but i do and im ok with my lips MINUS the lumps, which i see and my BF actually asked me if i had a cold sore. LOL
I went to see PS to get 1st, 2nd and waiting on my 3rd opinion.

1st PS, sd that he would perform surgery on my lips to remove the artefill and scar tissue that woudl have formed around the beads (artefill). Then he would perfrom a fat transfer in lips.

I was a bit sceptical of course, i have never had an issue with anything and the first thing i go out and is get permanent lips injections. I only have dont facials or laser hair removal, but again lesson learned.

2nd PS - I seen Dr. Perlman, he stated that he would not suggest lip surgery. Seen my lips, stated that the lumps arent too bad, and suggested a small amount of kenalog for those lumps since it hasnt been a long time since the procedure was done, there is a good chance kenlog would help with those lumps. I received a comfort, also told me that if i would get granuloma, i would have already started to get those, so i am very lucky at this point. And that Artefill will never leave my body but that it isnt as noticeable into the lips. Being that my lips were already full and seems that a small amount of artefill was injected i should not have an issue. On another note as we get older our lips thin, so in this case my lips having artefill will have some type of fullness to it.
So thank you Dr. Perlman, but i forgot to write down if kenalog is injected will i have dents in my lips? Im waiting on the reply, so i can decide what will i do.

3rd opinion - im waiting on the PS to give me a call and let me know when i can see Personique and get a consult on what the doctor opinion is on my lumps as well.

Lumps in Lips After Permanent Filler Injections

Has anyone had a lip correction done with success? If so who was your doctor, please help me.
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