Bracioplasty - Houston, TX

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Had bracioplasty on 5-1-13. I am now 4 months out...

Had bracioplasty on 5-1-13. I am now 4 months out and still pretty sensitive. The scar goes from armpit to elbow and have to Say takes some getting use to. I still wear the compressions whenI know I will be over using (ie: cleaning house) to help with swelling. The scars are still red and raised, but my PS assures me when they turn white they will not even be noticed. So I wait for that day. Until then I wear 3/4 sleeves. I think its a mental thing for me.

Arm Lift Scar

Does anyone feel self concious about their scar in short sleeves? Im generally very confident, but its been 9 months and my scar is still very red. I dont want people to see the scar and question me about what happened. its nobodys business. How can i hide the scar (besides makeup)? i tried that and it just gets all over my clothes. Thank You in advance for any suggestions

arm lift update

I had my arms done 1 year ago and I am happy for the most part. The only issue I have is with this banding that occurs when i bend my elbows (see pics). The scars are still very pink, but my body takes a good 2+ years to turn any scar so I'm not to freaked out about that. I am a little surprised about the sensitivity along the scar line though. I guess just like everything else, it just needs more time too.
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