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In 2009 I had a tummy tuck & the doctor who...

In 2009 I had a tummy tuck & the doctor who performed it (not Dr. Newall) did not Lipo my flanks like she was suppose to, so I had a boxy look to my body. In 2012, I moved to Texas & gained weight because I didn't have time to work out, my eating habits were not the best, especially at night and truthfully, I was depressed as I had moved away from my friends & family in Illinois. I had also developed scar tissue at my tummy tuck that gave me back problems. I was very depressed on how I was looking cause I was not the confident & sexy person I once was prior to moving to Texas.

I decided to research an arm lift & whole body lipo. I consulted with a few doctors in Dallas but was not satisfied with their answers & intuitively I did not feel comfortable with them. I then came across Dr. Newall in Houston Texas, I had to travel to Houston, but well worth it! My consultation went very well with Dr. Newall, he made his recommendations & you could tell he could visualize his work on your body. I then looked at actual pictures of his work & his patient coordinator Patty went over the charges. His price for all the work & quality was well worth it!

I set my date for May 24, 2013 - two weeks before my procedure, I had to go in for an pre-op appointment, a coordinator went over all expectations & paperwork. She also gave me a large bag with all items for not only after surgery but also Vitamedica supplements & all prescriptions! Wow...never got all of this before from my previous doctor!

On May 23, I flew into Houston & checked into my hotel room, excited about the next day! I showered with the soap they gave me in the bag the night before. Then went to bed. I went to the surgery center & the receptionist checked me in & informed me to go back through the double doors into a waiting room. I waited & then my nurse called my name. I was thrilled & exhausted at the same time. I went into a room where I would be staying over night because of all the work that I was having done. Dr. Newall came in & drew all over my body, then the anesthesiologist came me & got my IV started.

I went into the surgery room & was bathed asked to lay down & I was out. I woke up in my room & my nurses were so kind to me & took great care of me.

I went home the next morning & I didn't have a lot of pain, however, I was leaking quite a bit, so had to change the pads that was not fun & my bedding got soiled, so the bedding liners are very important.

My face is swollen on the right side & I have been icing it, I had the nurse come today again to help me after my shower & she told me to ice it. I am also drinking tons of water daily. I'm still leaking from my lower extremities (knees & lower ab area), but feeling better. I've not been sleeping all through the night & it's because I'm away from home & miss my boys. I will have to wear the body garment for 6 weeks, I put a t-shirt on between my garment & skin, so it feels better. Right now, I also have to wrap my arms in gauze, I am hoping I can get a garment vest, so i can dress comfortably in my suits. Tomorrow I see Dr. Newall for my post-op & hope everything checks out well, then I fly back to Dallas on Friday.

Dr. Newall is the very best plastic surgeon & I highly recommend him, his staff & surgery center!

So I made it a goal to get whole Lipo and an arm lift this year AND I AM EXCITED TO SAY THAT on May 24th, I GOT MY WHOLE BODY LIPO, ARM LIFT, NECK & CHIN LIPO, BUCCAL FAT REMOVAL!!

So far so good, I am so happy I choose Dr. Newall, I did a ton of research & he was the best out of all the doctors I researched & consulted with.

My arms turned out great - No fat hanging down. I got my feminine shape back - I have a waist again! My face is a bit swollen from the buccal fat removal, however, my chin & neck are slimmer. Overall, I am swollen & over time I know my swelling will go down. I am extremely happy!

Post-Op visit & all is well thus far!

I went in today for my post-op visit & everything is healing well.

Dr. informed me that I had a lot of scar tissue from my previous procedure of Smart Lipo, and he was able to get out as much as possible. Everything is healing very well, including my arm lift incisions.

I am so happy that I did this procedure with a well known & Board Certified Plastic Surgeon. I feel like a new person, my curves are back & I am confident once again!

Feeling fabulous!

Today is post op day number 10 and I feel Fabulous! I went to work at the office today & did not drink nearly as much water as I drank when I was off from work. Plus sitting all day versus moving around, I feel a bit more bloated than usual. However, I'm not worried, I'll drink my water tonight & I understand that part of healing will sometimes mean some bloating. All worth it in the long run.

I am not in any pain whatsoever, which is rather delightful since I had such great pain with Smartlipo & it was a longer period of time.

I have limited movement in my arms right now, however, that's due to it being an "arm lift" & the stitches are the cause of the limited movement. Nothing unbearable.

I'm still taking my vitamins & recovery pills, and no pain meds.

I totally feel like a new person, getting all that scar tissue out with traditional liposuction by a board certified Plastic Surgeon with years of experience is totally worth it. The Smartlipo cause such an issue for me, it was almost crippling due to all the scar tissue it created inside my body. I was in constant pain, depressed & fatigue all the time!
So please beware!'


Hi Everyone -

Tomorrow will be 2 weeks since my Lipo and my feet, ankles & calves are swollen!!

I'm back to work, so I haven't been drinking my normal "gallon" of water a day, so I'm sure this is why I've swelled up! Sleeping with my feet elevated & wearing compression knee highs and compression garment. Trying to drink, drink, drink my water!!!

Called the doctor's office & they informed me to continue what I'm doing & this is normal as he was very aggressive with the Lipo removal. And to expect further swelling.

I'm not upset, just doing what I'm suppose to & embracing this as part of my journey to a sexy new me ;)

Drinking my water & wearing my compression

Hi! Drinking my water today & wearing my compression garment! I travel for work & I am managing! I can't wait until I'm passed this stage (wearing garment & swelling) and onto the benefits of the Lipo & arm lift! Ugh! Must keep my eye on the prize!

Feeling really good today!

I am feeling really good today, my arms are comfy & my compression garment on my body feels comfortable. I see my doctor on Thursday. I believe he is removing some of the stitches on my arms.

Will check in after my appointment :)

4 weeks since my arm lift!

Hi everyone - 4 weeks since my arm lift & I'm still healing. My left arm looks beautiful with the stitches/incision healing extremely well! My right arm is healing well in the incision part along, however, in my arm pit, the stitches had dissolved but the wound didn't heal, so I have a hole in my arm pit. I called the doctor's office & since I live far away, I sent them pictures. They prescribed me antibiotics & the doctor wants me to do a drying technique with sodium chloride, 2 times per day. Getting it done!

Overall, I am still very happy I did it! I'm love my whole body Lipo too! I'm healing nicely & it's only been 4 weeks!

Here are pictures of my arms 1 day after surgery

Here is a photo of my right arm, 1 day after surgery


Tomorrow is 5 weeks since I have had my armlift surgery & whole body Lipo. My arms are healing well,the hole in my arm pit is drying up & will need to be stitched back up.

I'm not wearing my full body garment during the day, but as soon as I get home, I'm putting it on!

I added a few more updated pictures of my arm lift scars.

Healing very well & happy!

My arms are healing well! I saw the doctor yesterday & he said the hole in my arm is healing well & to continue the drying technique. I'm very pleased with everything including my whole body Lipo. I just need to take care of myself, eat well & workout. I started my cardio routine today. 60 minutes on the elliptical! Felt awesome! Tomorrow will be 6 weeks since my surgery!

Left arm at 6 weeks

Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Newall and his staff are remarkable! I was well taken care of from my consultation, to pre-op & surgery day. I spent the night at the surgery center & the nurses were incredibly kind & caring! His office even sends a nurse as a follow up the day after your surgery! I highly recommend Dr. Newall, plastic surgeon, in Houston Texas!

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