Age 60 - Is This Too Old for a Mommy Makeover - Houston, TX

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I am considering a mommy makeover and would like...

I am considering a mommy makeover and would like any comments regarding the procedure from anyone my age. I am concern that this might be too much for my body to handle all at once.

I am 5'7" and weigh 170 lbs and am currently a size 38G and have had shoulder, back and next problems for years and definitely need a breast reduction, but I would also benefit from the tummy tuck and liposuction. I am concerned if this is too much to put myself through during surgery which would be 7-9 hours and questions the pain and recovery time.

Any advise???????????

3 doctors consulted

I have consulted 3 doctors:

1) Recommended a breast reduction/lift and liposuction to the stomach - which he indicated would leave some flabby skin. The procedure would take 4 1/2 hrs
2) Recommended a mommy makeover with liposuction - which includes a breast reduction/lift; tummy tuck and 1 hour of liposuction to my sides. The procedure would take 7-8 hours.
3) Recommended 2 procedures - 1st breast reduction, lift and lipsuction of sides as well as stomach area to prep for the tummy tuck. This procedure would take 5 1/2 hrs. Then once I recover from this surgery having the 2nd procedure, which would be the actual tummy tuck, which would take 4 hours.

I am concerned that I do not want to endure more than I can handle, but I also keep thinking would it just be as beneficial to do it all at once and get it over with. But I keep questioning what to do at my age.
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