45 Yr Old Mother of 2, Pre/Post Tummy Tuck - Houston, TX

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I am very nervous about my upcoming TT. I have...

I am very nervous about my upcoming TT. I have wanted this procedure for 5 yrs and I have finally saved enough money to have it... And now I am having doubts. I have read several success stories, but for every success thee are two or three unhappy patients. My surgery is scheduled for July 30..... Please comment some encouraging words. I need it!

12 days Pre-Op

I am really nervous about my upcoming procedure.. almost to the point of depression.... I have never undergone a surgery as serious as this..... However when I look in the mirror I know that this is something that I have to do.... For Me!!! There's No Turning Back!!

7 days til SURGERY!!

I think my nervousness has subsided, thanks to all of you here on the site.... I have stopped reading other websites (there are a lot of negative stories or BOTCHED stories) on this site everyone is so positive, uplifting and supportive. My TT is in 7 days and I have started packing my overnight bag.... Please share some "MUST-HAVES" to pack and take along with me.... I will stay in the hospital for 2 or 3 nights.....I meet with my PS in 4 days and I am sure that they will supply some type of list, but I would like to hear from you.... I TRUST YOU ALL!!! Thanks.... Talk to you ALL Soon!

6 days Pre-Op

Can't wait to say Good-Bye to this Horrible Muffin Top!!

Pre-Op Visit Tomorrow

I am so excited to be meeting with my PS tomorrow to get the final directives for my TT on Wednesday.... When I joined RS a few weeks ago, I was extremely nervous and could have easily been talked out of having my TT.. however since joining... I have read such powerful and positive stories that I am as Excited as a kid at Christmas..... I can't wait to look on the outside the way I feel on the inside.... I am 5'8, with thin legs... but my mid-section is large... which makes me feel disproportionate..... I am looking forward to looking and feeling normal.... My husband, mother and sister are being Super Supportive and arguing over who's house I will recover at... That makes me feel special... I have been very busy this week... I am preparing to be out of commission for a while.... I have never had any surgeries of this magnitude and I am uncertain as to how I will handle the pain.... I hope I can get some sleep tonight... 5 DAYS TO GO!!!!

Less than 24 hours to go....

This time tomorrow I will be in recovery.... My emotions have been all over the place today.... I woke up excited... by lunch I was nervous.... and now I am little scared of the upcoming pain.... I did my pre-op meeting 2 days ago and my PS told me everything looked good... all my levels were good and I had lost a lil weight... very little...lol! But he was proud of me anyway!

I tried to do all of my mother/wifely duties for the next week so that I won't have to work to hard when I get home.... Daughter's clothes are prepared for a week.(Saturday church trip and Sunday church clothes)..Meals are pre-cooked and in the freezer for my hubby and daughter.... checks for bills are all written and in envelopes ready to be mailed out on their mail out dates...all laundry is done.... I think I took care of everything..... My cousin is having a western party tonight and my husband and I are going to make an appearance.... My Last "Hoe-Down" before I'm down for the rest of the Summer... I'm planning on drinking...But I am going to have a Great Time!!! Talk to you guys soon!

12 hrs Pre-Op

One Week Post-Op

This past week was Super Hard for me.... Incision pain, Back Pain, nausea, constipation, dizziness, discomfort, helplessness..., but all in all I am happy with my results.... I will post pictures soon.

1 week post op

My New Tummy!!

9 days Post Op

My back has been killing me..... My husband thought it was due to the recliner and he tried to put me in the bed earlier..... That was a No-Go!!!! I felt like my incision was ripping apart..... So I'm back in my recliner.... Eating like a pig!!!!! Bordem really makes you eat!!!!

I have my first post-op appt with my PS tomorrow..... Not sure what all going to happen, since he has ready advised me that my drains will not come out this week... Do anyone know what he's going to be checking for? I hope understands that I will be using my walker..... I am nowhere near strong enough to walk without it.,,,

Well RS... I will post after my appointment..... Maybe he will give me some back relief meds....

One Week Post Op Appt...

My PS gave me two thumbs up on my healing process.... Still have my tubes but they should come out on my next visit Aug. 23.... I feel tight all the time... But I guess that is the swelling..... Quick question..... Today I am 12 days post op..... When can I drive? I am no longer taking my prescribed pain meds... Only Aleve when needed....

18 days Post Op

3 weeks Post-Op

Still very swollen and I get tired quickly.... All in all.... I'm doing rather well... Tubes come out in two days.... My recovery will be so much better once they are gone! I can't wait!!!!

11 months post op...

I am so pleased with my surgery.... 11 months later I still can not lay completely on my stomach.... and at times I feel discomfort when stretching or twisting my body.... There is still numbness near my incision and belly button.... Other than that I and So Happy that I finally did something for Me!!
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