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So let me just start by saying - Im a pretty...

So let me just start by saying - Im a pretty private person also due to many insecurities . However I feel I need to contribute to this site because all the beautiful people on here ( inside and out) have helped me and made me feel confident about my surgery coming up......So thank you ! you have saved many tears and bottles of wine !lol...... I will say I work in healthcare and hate needles , blood, etc so I am fearing this so badly - I have had severe allergies, exposure to dangerous mold, and chronic sinus issues from when I was little and here I am almost 40 still suffering and its affected my lifestyle ( cant breath, workout , smell, taste, headaches, tinnitus, etc etc.... So finally I decided lets do this - I have the best ENT/allergist - Dr Randall Brauchle , pulmonologist - Dr minh Tran, and Dr Funk ENT /Facial Plastic Surgeon . Let me save you the years and ll the time I spent looking for the best - I highly recommend them ! And yes I have other specialists too if needed rec just PM me ....
So lets get the cosmetic part - I am doing the rhinoplasty only due to all the other fixs I need . I figure if they are going to open that all up might as well! Same healing time! Yes I have been teased sooooo badly in Elementary through highschool - man kids can be soooo cruel! Not only did they tease me about my nose , it was also my race. These things /insults really never die ! I already had a tough upbringing then I had to deal with that . As I got older yes I had plenty of rude people comment out about my nose ! I get it - its big ! I didnt choose it ! Ive lived in every part of the US and let me tell you there are rude people as well as good people everywhere. I still work with patients from 4 yrs old to 102 yrs old and it amazes how bold people can be with nose comments. The funny thing is , as my name shows I am a world traveler - so passionate about other countries and cultures, I have not had comments about my nose outside the states.....Beauty is so different culture to culture. Regardless, the mean comments have won and I am doing the rhinoplasty as well.....
Yes I rambled on there - but Ive read about how others have gone through teasing as well, maybe it will help someone?
So I started " nose shopping " a year ago - I went to see 3 plastic surgeon / double board ENT surgeons, by far I loved how caring Dr Etai Funk is . He could have easily done the surgery last year - however he referred me to ENT specialist for the sinus part , since Its complex......He really cares ! hes honest and hes also adorable (just saying ) . I have surgery in a few days and I am freaaaaaaking out ! so any words of encouragement I will take.

terrible first few post op days !!!

Well I am finally feeling somewhat okay 5 days post op. I am going to be completely honest about what happened with me, hopefully it doesnt scare you guys but this is just MY experience. I feel this has nothing to do with the Drs, etc just my healing /health issues are complex and this has been ALOT worse than expected.
So I dont remember coming home from my sinus surgery ( 4-5 procedures plus rhino/septoplasty) it was around 5 hrs long and my sister had flown in beforehand to help me thank gawd! At some point after being home a few hours I projectile vomited blood- dark blood tinted watery stuff at least 5-6 times. It was alot ! I didnt even know I had that much in me since the "no eating /drinking guidelines" before surgery . I was in an insane amount of pain because I could not keep any pain pills, antibiotics, or fluids down. My face and head were killing me to the point I was balling and I was almost passing out several times. My chest and back felt like someone threw me up in the air, dropped me, and then ran me over with a truck! My sister was right by me 24/7 the first few days helping me through the torture and on phone with the drs trying to figure out what to do. My meds were changed up and by day 3 I was no longer vomiting or in severe pain. I feel like day 1 and day 2 were major set backs being so ill and thought I would end up in ER...but I wanted to stay home and avoid being put on IVs and such. Days 3, 4 , and today are better however my BP keeps dropping and I have been really dizzy. As far as the pain - yes its there but not severe. I am just doing the extra strength tylenol. My nose is sore and numb at the tip, my sis has been helping me do the cleanings :) Well lets hope tomorrow is good

first post op , cast off /stitches out , suctioned

So a week after I went to see Dr Funk , still feeling pretty dizzy , light headed , low blood pressure , however not much pain. I had stopped the tyl w codeine probably day 5. He took off the cast , which that part did not hurt . Then came the stitches , he was gentle however it still stung a bit in certain areas(inside the nostrils and outside) . Then came the suctioning , it was definitely uncomfortable. I was able to see my nose , but I kind of freaked out a bit inside , didn't say much to the dr.... I looked so different so weird. I put the mirror away quickly and let him finish taping my nose.

second post op - tape off and suctioned

My second post op was 4 days after my first ( when I had the cast off ). Dr Funk had already told me to take a couple tylenol before the visit; what he should have said was a couple of shots of vodka and a tranquilizer!!!!First he took the remaining stitches out which was tolerable. He took the tape off which was fine, but then he sprayed some lidocaine in my nostrils and then suctioned me. It was sooo extremely painful!! My mom had come to this visit with me and she told me I was shaking the whole time. I cant even explain the feeling as he suctioned some of the dissolvable packing out from my sinus surgery and pulled out the scabs . I was still in pain later that night. It was terrible !!!!! Remember though my situation is going to be different from just a rhinoplasty - since I had 4 sinus procedures, turbinates removed, septoplasty, and alarplasty as well. I was so in pain I didnt even really stare at my new nose til later. Im trying to remember its still really swollen and as Dr Funk explained it will be 1 1/2 yrs before I see final results. He was very happy with how it looked. I am just hoping it gets alot smaller. This whole process is not just physical but emotional as well. Im still not feeling great and having good days and days where my blood pressure is really low and Im dizzy/weak and so I apologize for not updating much sooner.

2 weeks post op

After my appointment with Dr Funk , later that night I saw there was still a stitch left , I already had been given the okay by Leah to let Dr Brauchle , the sinus specialist surgeon take it out. I was already worried about this appointment being as painful as the last one, however I didnt a bottle of wine like I wanted; I thought this might make me bleed or swell up. Dr Brauchle removed the leftover stitch and then applied lidocaine soaked cotton in my nose and let it sit there a while. He did suction as well but it was not nearly as bad. I would describe this as more of an uncomfortable feeling. He also said my nose looked great and sinuses were looking clear, which is wonderful considering how bad off I was. I am able to taste food and smell pretty well already. I am off the hourly saline sprays now and doing a twice a day antibiotic spray. I am still self conscious of my whole face :( The scars are pretty visible but I just feel I look strange. Im hoping with time I will look better because I am not adjusting well to my 'new face ' .
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon

So far -- I loved how caring Dr Etai Funk is . He could have easily done the surgery last year - however he referred me to ENT specialist for the sinus part , since Its complex......He really cares ! hes honest and hes also adorable (just saying ) . His office staff are also really super sweet and help you feel comfortable.

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