36, Breast Reduction - Houston, TX

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Currently, I wear a 44H bra; however, Dr. said I...

Currently, I wear a 44H bra; however, Dr. said I was much larger than that. I forgot what he quoted me and will update when I ask him tomorrow. He will be completing pre-op markings tomorrow and I go in for surgery first thing Wednesday morning.

My goal is to get enough weight off my chest so that I can exercise and walk comfortably without back and shoulder aches. My PS is awesome, he takes so much time trying to make you feel comfortable and answering questions. I will admit I am nervous because I have never had any type of surgery before.

Day 3

Feeling really good. Hate the way Vicodin makes me feel. Only taking Tylenol today.

Day 4

Really felt like good when I got up this morning. I feel like I could go run or exercise. Haven't had any Vicodin since bedtime last night. My friend Melissa seems to think I have really high pain tolerance. Maybe?! But I feel really good today. M is going to take me home for a while. I don't know if I'll post pictures. I'm worried about having them online. I'm a teacher at a very conservative school and don't want them construed as porn. I may take pictures when I put on normal clothes.


I have one spot that opened up and honestly I think its because I've been trying to do much. I'm sore. Feels like someone hit me in the chest. Occasionally, I get these sharp pains, like a pin prick in the boob. I've been sleeping A LOT lately. Yesterday, I took 2 naps--each at least an hour long.

I tried to go back to work last week--Tuesday. By noon, I was in the nurses office crying because I was tired and cranky and uncomfortable. She took me home and pretty much I have been in the bed for the last 5 days.

My last check up with my PS went well. He told me to continue to treat the spot with antibiotic and cover with gauze. He removed the stitches. Didn't hurt as much as I expected. I go back to work this Tuesday and I'm a little nervous. I don't want a repeat of last week.

Even with a few issues: This surgery was so worth it. I feel better about myself and my back doesn't ache when I walk.
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