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I went back and forth about getting a rhinoplasty...

I went back and forth about getting a rhinoplasty for a long time. I had a deviated septum on my left side which altered my breathing, a hump, and a droopy tip. I finally went through with it on December 19, 2014. I'm almost 3 weeks post op and I have mixed feelings. Dr Siegel and his staff are professional and attentive. I had my surgery on a Friday and he went out of his way to meet me on a Saturday for my 1st post op appointment. Everything before and during surgery went great. My only concern now is the most important thing, the results. I fully understand it takes approximately a year to fully recover and see the end results however I can't help but feel the insecurity of it being more uneven than before. My insecurities before was my profile, and now it's front face. I will definitely keep my hopes up as I do know there is still a lot of swelling. Dr Michel Siegels explanation is that since the left side had more work done it is causing more swelling on one side. I still trust his expertise so by no means is this a bad review, just an impatient patient sharing an experience. I will continue to update.

3 weeks post op

Don't really have much to update since I posted just 2 days ago. I tried contouring my nose to look straight. I thought I did a great job until I took a picture :( I did want to mention that for about a week I was really depressed. Like really really depressed. You definitely have to be emotionally ready. I didn't feel like myself nor did I look like myself. That was honestly the toughest part of the recovery.

1 month post op

So it's definitely still crooked. Swelling is getting better. My tip is still numb and just yesterday I noticed there's a pointy feeling on the right side of the tip. I have a follow up on Monday, but I'm almost certain I will get the answer of swelling. I'm getting used to it but At the same time I've been avoiding those friends that are dying to see the results only because I'm not completely happy with them. Nothing I can do now but just wait.

7 weeks post op

I went to see dr Siegel on Monday and expressed my concerns. He clearly recognized my issue (only a blind person wouldn't). Basically it's a waiting game. Since there is still swelling more on the deviated septum side he couldn't tell how much is due to swelling and how much is really asymmetrical. It's bitter sweet because I really do love the profile. Either way all I can do it wait, hope, pray and contour! I went to sephora today to get educated on contouring and buy some products. It sure made a difference.

2 months post op

Truth is, I am not happy with my results. Hate the thought of going through this again but a revision is definitely going to be needed to fix it.

6 months post op

Haven't been on here in a while, had to take a break from obsessing about my nose. Still crooked and will remain this way until a revision is done to try and correct it. Saw my dr at 4 months who said we would talk about a revision after 10 months post op. Can't imagine doing this all over again. Swelling it pretty much gone. The tip is still really hard.

10 months post op- revision

So I had to stay away from real self for a while. I noticed I was way to obsessed and depressed after my results. I have to say that the emotional part that comes with plastic surgery was by far the worst. Nothing could have ever prepared me for that 1st 12 months. My insecurities were at an all time high. I would even avoid seeing my friends. So anyways, I thought I should update.
-- I went in for a revision with this same Doctor in December (12 months after my 1st rhinoplasty) and although my nose isn't perfect it's much better than the first go around. I wasn't expecting perfection, I was just desperate for improvement. He didn't address all the things we had talked about but it's definitely far better now. My only real complaint is the scar. I'm certain I will need to get some scar correction done????. I started this journey almost 2 years ago and although I am content with the results, I would tell my old self not to go through with it. I had several people message me privately about their experience with Dr. Siegel and how unsatisfied they were. I did question if majority of his reviews were rigged but honestly there's something about Dr. Siegel that just made me want to start and finish with him. He is very polite and easy to talk to. When I expressed how unsatisfied I was he was also unsatisfied. Sure I could look in the mirror and pick out all the imperfections, but as a whole it's "beautifully imperfect."
I never went in with unrealistic expectations. I just wanted to be a better version of myself.
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