23, 143lbs, 5'9 Mommy Makeover :) Houston, TX

Hello! This site has been such a help in my...

Hello! This site has been such a help in my research! Therefore, I hope my journey helps as many as possible!

I originally loved the work of Dr. Miami in Florida but I am not willing to travel. :(
I then looked up best plastic surgeons in Houston where I live and came across Dr. Cortes. I am sooo ready to have this surgery done, I am just trying to get my tubes tied prior to the surgury! Scheduled for March 2017 but I applied for care credit today and got approved for 11,000! Exactly the rest I need to get it done ASAP! I'm thinking early to mid Oct2016.

I am fairly tall at almost 5'9. I have been a 32b steadily after losing the "baby weight" from my two children. I weigh 143 pounds.
I have diastasis recti and a small umbilical hernia from having children. I am currently at my goal weight but I look 4-5 months pregnant with no VS bombshell bra on. :'( SAD! I cannot wait for my muscles to be sewn back together!! My abs are 4 finger witdhts apart at the widestpart of the diastasis. Ugh sooo ready!

Procedures I'm getting:
- full tummy tuck
- lipo and fat transfer to hips
- chin lipo
- breast augmentation (silicone)

32DD in the breasts. Tiny snatched waist. Smaller belly button(mine is now huge!). Wider hips to create an hourglass proportion. These love handles gone!!! Chin fat gone and sculpted jaw :)

the pre op pictures

So ready I have a n appointment this Thursday to talk about tieing tubes, then I can set a closer date for surgury!

Questions!!!! mommy Makeover!

1. How long till I can return to work, I am a hairstylist and on my feet for 6 hours a day that's all, part time. But how many weeks will I Need off? Some of my co-workers are telling me I will need 4-6 weeks! I don't think I can do that! :0

1. Doctor suggested 450cc silicone high profile implants, do any other doctors or girla with implants out there have any reccomrndations for my body type??

Sizers 475cc and 500cc

I made an official surgury date! It's in exactly 3 weeks though! I feel so unprepared! So tonight I tried on rice sizers for my BA!

obgyn won't tie my tubes :(

Sadly even thought I told him I'm paying thousands to get surgury, I am 23 and said no way. So I'm getting some BC pills then. Havnt taken those in about 7 years ugh oh well. 17 days left till surgury though, so that's creeping up on me fast :). I don't know about anyone else as a mom but I'm almost looking forward to being in bed for a full week after surgery! Lol!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

So far, I have only been to the consultation $65. Only bad thing I can say is there is a long wait time. I waited 1 hour and 15 mins and the waiting room is way too small for his volume of clientele. I ended up sitting on the floor along with two others so that elders could sit. It does say in the email and texts they send to you before you go that there is limited seating in the waiting room so try to come alone. I watch him on Snapchat and have looked through many photos on his site. I am really impressed and hope to have wonderful results! Anywho, I have put down my deposit which was $500 to hold a surgery date. It's really happening, finally!

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