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Hi, I am an 18 year old going into college at...

I am an 18 year old going into college at the end of the summer. I want to get this done before then because I will be meeting a whole new set of people and first impressions are so important when entering a new community. Most people make this more of a blog than a review, so I'll just follow in their steps. When I was in junior high I was bullied because of my nose. This was because I was around pre-teens and it was very disproportionate to my growing face. As the years went by and the people around me matured, the bullying began to end. Even though it doesn't happen anymore, I find myself constantly bothered by my profile when I walk by mirrors. I try to keep people on my side I feel looks best and I feel very self-conscious when in front of new people. I don't want my nose to be the first thing I'm "judged" for in college. I feel that if I don't get this done I will regret it and worry that my life could've gone in a different direction. I want to make sure I live my life the way I want to and looking like the best me possible will help that.


I live in the Houston area, so I am very lucky to have a wide selection of Plastic Surgeons. So far I've scheduled a consultation with Dr. Harirchian for March 15 and one with Dr. Funk for March 28. I'm planning on scheduling a third one just to be sure I go with the best option. Here are some photos to show the "situation."

Some noses I like

Morphed photos

I morphed some of my own photos to try to show the doctors what I want done to my nose. I brought the nostril down along with the bridge and upturned the tip. I also brought the tip in a little and from the front my nose would be straight and a bit more narrow.


I consulted with both doctors and I've decided to go with Dr. Funk. Dr. Harirchian had a different perspective than me when it came to my tip, she would've done a great job other than that. Dr. Funk understood I didn't want a very defined tip, but I still wanted it to look small. The processes were very similar. First there's an examination, then they take pictures of you from different angles, and finally you go into their office to look at them and morph them. I loved Dr. Harirchian's frontal view but the side view just isn't appealing to me. Dr. Funk is more open to my opinion and is willing to adjust his view to mine, while she was pretty set in how she was going to operate on my nose. Here are pictures from both consultations. I scheduled my surgery for August 4th!!!! I'm crazy excited for the process and results!

The wait comences...

Since my surgery is scheduled for August 4th, I have the pre-op check up the night before. They let me know that the surgery is approximately 3 hours long, and that I'll need someone to drive me home because of the anesthesia. I'm contemplating telling my parents about it but I've read so many reviews about how people don't notice as much of a difference as you do, they kind of just accept the change. That depends on wether it's a small or drastic change. My surgery won't change my appearance that much, it'll just fix a few issues I see in my nose. My parents are going out of town the week before my surgery and they'll be back about 3 days after. That day I'll be getting my cast/tape removed so I hope with makeup they won't see too much of a difference if I do encounter them at all. I'm moving into my new place in San Antonio early August as well so if it's too hard to cover the side effects of surgery, I'll have a place to stay meanwhile. In between now than then I'm going to pick up everything I need to make sure I heal in the best way possible. Lots of Icing!! I'm picking up extra shifts to make sure I can pay the surgery in full during the pre-op appointment. I'm so anxious to get this done! Really can't wait! ????

Hiccups ????

I was so excited about my surgery day getting closer. On Friday, I got into a car accident. Sadly, it was my fault and it's going to cost me. I'm trying my best to look on the bright side and this is what I've been working so hard for. I know once I'm out of surgery, get my cast off, get the tape removed, and once that swelling goes down that I'll look into the mirror and say it was all worth it. Every extra shift I picked up. It will all be worth it. I got a third job to ensure I'll have enough to pay the $7,500. $1.5k to go. If everything else goes wrong, I'll still have this. Even if it means not driving for a year.

My Quote

I thought this might help explain the cost. This quote is personalized to the work he has to do to MY nose, the price for a rhinoplasty has been going up though!

Doctor Harirchian's Quote

Her quote was a lot less than Dr. Funk's because of her promotion(10% off her surgery cost) I found her to be a great surgeon with a good eye for noses but her view of a nose for me was different than what I wanted.

Before selfies

SURGERY IS 15 DAYS AWAY!!! I'll try to take some photos that show my really bad side before the surgery so you guys can see the improvement but here are the few selfies I didn't modify.... I normally morph them a little so that my nose doesn't look completely horrible. I'm looking forward to being able to take a good nose pic!!! One of my friends got her nose done and recently came back to work. Her coworkers didn't notice a difference. She didn't tell me about the procedure prior so me seeing the results but since I've been looking at noses my whole life I noticed right away. It's improved her beauty so much, I'm so happy for her. I gave her this website and I hope she posts pictures and reviews her doctor. You could not believe how excited I am to go through this journey. My mom and sister are leaving on a trip and coming back two days before my surgery so I'm hoping to break the news to, at least my mom, at that point. I have $837 left to earn!!!!!! Getting paid in 6 days so I will update soon on what I'm buying to prepare for the healing/recovery process. :)

Healing Products

I went out and bought some things that will help me during the recovery process. Other than the ones in the photo, I bought a refillable Ice Pack like the ones in cartoons, hard candy, lots of juice, and chocolates. You can't really eat solid food for a while without it hurting like hell. I bought an Oral Anesthetic to help with the throat pain, a laxative just in case the prescriptions they give me have side effects on my digestive system(from what I've read it can happen). Also some things to help me clean and maintain my incisions like cleaning cloths and Iodine. I also got some post surgery tape in case I want to keep taping my nose or to keep the gauze in place under it if my doc doesn't give me any extra. TWO WEEKS LEFT!

Bad angle, bad hair XD

I tried to take some bad photos, success! I have 11 days till surgery! $300 to go! My dad is starting to ask questions on why I'm taking 10 days off before I leave to college /: I'm not ready to tell them yet... I don't know if I will be when it gets closer. I'm still in shock when I look at all the money I'm spending on this but I know it's all I've wanted and I'll regret it if I start college without it. I'll always think, "If I had a nose job things would be different." I know it's not necessarily true. Some people look at these little details in your face and cast you off, some don't even notice and claim your beautiful just the way you are. If I hadn't been bullied as a child by both my friends and my mom I wouldn't even be thinking about this and I'd have so much saved for tuition... I read this post on tumblr about self image and its affect on how other people treat you. It really is all about attitude, if you don't let it bother you then it won't bother others. But I need that extra step to correct it in order for me to change how I see myself. This is a lot longer than I expected it to be, seriously excited though!!!

Pre-op check up is tomorrow!

My surgery is on the 4th at 7am! I am $40.11 dollars short :( so I have to borrow from my mom... It's not too much but it sucks because I've made a lot more money I just haven't gotten paid for my last two-three weeks' work. I'm telling them tomorrow... Really scared. You basically pay the rest of the surgeons fee on the pre-op date and then on surgery day you pay the hospital's fee, in my case $2,200. I kinda wish my nose was more deviated so that insurance could help cover that but this is purely cosmetic. My family is going to freak out. Can't sleep...

Pre-Op check up

We went over everything once more, all the medications I'll be on, how to clean the wounds, when the cast will be removed, etc. I told my parents and they weren't happy about it. They're mad about having to drive me there tomorrow morning at 6am. My mom hates that I'm spending this money on this rather than school. I want to do it now though... Before I start. I took my pre-op pill. So much medication!

Day One

So I woke up with a bad headache, they gave me morphine for it and it got a little better. I was able to dress myself and walk to the wheel chair then put of it to the car. Once I got home I moved around a lot, getting water, the medicine, changing my drip pad often. I'm bleeding so much! The morphine wore off and everything started to hurt again. I felt reaaaallyyy bad and was regretting getting it but I kept telling myself it was worth it even though I'm in pain and my bank account is at $0. I took Tylenol 3, prescribed, but two didn't do the trick so I took a third and now I feel much better. I wasn't able to sleep because of my SUPER dry mouth, I don't snore but with my mouth open I get a snore here or there and it wakes me up. I'm also paranoid of dripping blood all over my bed do I'm getting up to change it every 10-15 minutes eating was impossible at first but now I have a little more appetite. Swallowing is THE HARDEST THING EVER, well aside from sleeping.

Day Two

Really bad bruising, it's still hard to sleep but my mom has been helping me out. I keep accidentally sliding down in my bed /: the blood flow is slowing though! Still super stuffed. I look horrible!

Day Three

I woke up with a killer headache and a bit of nausea. I can't wait to be able to breathe through my nose again! The bruising keeps expanding, plus I'm crazy swollen. Is there a fast forward button for this???

Day four

Bruising and swelling are pretty bad but they are starting to change color. I'm going to really focus on getting this down today. I don't need the drip pad anymore as long as I keep cleaning my nostrils. Still look horrible though! I feel like I'd scare the shit out of someone who wasn't expecting this. My lips are super swollen as well. I took a bath yesterday and managed to wash my hair without wetting my cast. I'm so ready for this to end!

Day Four Continued

So bleeding has appeared in my eyes.... Aka subconjunctival hemorrhage. Has anyone experienced this?? If so what can I do to help it heal faster??

Day Five

Getting really frustrated. I look like an alien. The blood in my eye is expanding and my nose won't stop bleeding. My bruises are turning green which is good but the blood in my eye is going to be there for a few weeks and UGH! I have horrible luck. The worst most unexpected thing that can happen always happens to me. I can't wait till this cast comes off, I need something good to happen. I don't want to start college yet :(

Day Five

Day Six

Bruises are going away, day by day. The blood in my eyes is still expanding. I'm going to see Dr. Funk tomorrow so I hope he tells me something good... Cast off tomorrow!!!! I can't let this dumb thing shadow the big picture. My nose probably looks great and that's all that matters! I've been looking into white sclera contacts but they're too expensive... I'm just going to have to deal with demon eyes /:

One Week Post Op

I got the cast off today and man, I'm in disbelief. It's swollen but it's perfect. Dr. Funk listened to everything I said and gave me just what I wanted. I highly recommend him as a surgeon. So they said the bleeding only happens to 1 in like 40 cases and it goes away within a few weeks, like I thought. I'm not too worried about that right now. What I will say is immediately after surgery, once you get home, throw out those Gel Pads they give you because they do not prevent bruising whatsoever. Go straight to icing your eyes with crushed ice in sandwich bags. The gel pads weren't cold enough and the hospital staff asked us to put them in the refrigerator while Dr. Funk asked us to ice right away. Listen to Funk. I did what the hospital asked and used the gel pads for the first two days and my eyes paid for it, they swelled up like crazy, bruised so much, and even bled because I didn't start icing right away. I recovered pretty fast once I started icing and using.... Mouthwash... On my bruising. Yeah. Well I was desperately trying to get rid of it and I tried all sorts of things like butter. Butter and meat work if you put it on before the bruise appears but mouthwash really helps after its settled. Ice helped bring down the swelling. After the third day I started using Heat on the bruises to bring them down, help circulation, and flush them out. I used rice in socks, heated that up in the microwave and placed them on my eyes until the heat ran out then repeated... After applying mouthwash. Make sure you sleep sitting up! That was the hardest part for me, and my bleeding eyes show that. They kept getting worse because I kept sliding down while I slept. I bought some Arnica Cream because the mouthwash has done the most it can... Maybe try this first, haha. I took arnica pills the first 4 days but they didn't seem to do much. I still have some bruising but the main thing is my eyes!

Tape Gone!

Eyes will keep being bloody but I love my nose!

Three Weeks Post Op

Things are going well, loving my nose. The few things I'm worried about is the tip dropping more... It's a little bigger than I wanted and I see crookedness in the tip from the front as well, it's definitely a huge improvement but it's not perfect. The incision site is noticeable. If you were looking you could tell I had surgery because the columella is thicker than the bottom and it looks like it was cut, shortened, and sewn together. It's nothing to worry about, I just noticed small imperfections. It's still healing but I've gotten a lot of the feeling back in my tip so that means most of the swelling has gone down. I hope it evens out a little more, but it wouldn't be horrible if it didn't. I'm very happy with it :)

Eyes Update (Subconjectival Hemorrhage)

I started school this week and it's been hard approaching people because of my eyes. I feel like they see pink eye or some other disease but it's much more embarrassing to explain it so I've just kept to myself. I'm normally a very outspoken person but my insecurities hold me back a lot. My eyes are almost cleared up though and I'll get back to being more forward! Well here's a pictures of the whole experience so we can see it shrink! Or grow if you swipe the other way.

Two Month Post-Op Update

So... My tip keeps dropping. Now I've got a weird side profile that really focuses on my bulbous tip. The slope just isn't right, I feel like he make it right for an upturned tip and now that it's changed it doesn't fit quite right. I'm nervous that it'll keep dropping, I can make it look great if I contour it but it's a lot of work to do every time I put on make up... I've been told I look familiar, and that I look like a cat... I don't know how to take that. My confidence has not gone up. I'm really stuck on my cheeks now and I considered getting buccal fat pad removal but I really don't want to need it. Someone told me I had chubby cheeks. I don't get people. I guess everyone disregards the "if you don't have anything nice to say don't say anything", Then again I'm really over sensitive about my appearance. Well here are some photos!

8 months post op

I love my nose. There's barely any swelling left on the upper/sides of my tip. I can feel the extra skin from where my bump used to be. Here are some current before & afters
Houston Facial Plastic Surgeon

Dr. Funk listens to how you envision your procedure's results and takes every step he can to get you those results. His attitude towards patients is great, and his staff is spectacular and loving. He has a great eye for noses! I'm very glad I chose him as my surgeon, you can't go wrong with Dr. Funk.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
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5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
5 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
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