I Had my Tummy Tuck Revised–-Houston, TX

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I am a 26yr old mother of 3 and three years ago i...

I am a 26yr old mother of 3 and three years ago i had a breast reduction & tummy tuck. My breast reduction i was pleased with but I did not receive the results i expected on my TT. My scar line was extreamly off and one side of my stomach was alot fuller then the other side, not to mention i did not get a pubic lift or any lipo to my hips as i expected to.

Well besides not being happy with my TT i kept receiving bad infections in my belly button and my plastic surgeon at the time kept blowing me off, so after all these years i finally found an amazing doctor that corrected this issue for me.

please note in my pics below that i do have stretch marks but i had really bad stretch marks from gaining so much baby weight, & also note i have a really short torso so i look alittle fuller in my waist area only cause the way i took my pics.

Ok so 3 wks post op and i am feeling great but the...

ok so 3 wks post op and i am feeling great but the swelling does have it's good and bad days.....when it is at it's low point i feel like trying on all kinds of new clothes but when the swelling is pretty excessive i feel like i am not happy with it even though i know the healing process takes time.

Ok so it's 5 wks & 2 days post op and i...

ok so it's 5 wks & 2 days post op and i havent taken anymore pics cause it seems that i am in swell hell apparently......so i thought everything was doing better and i guess it was cause my lump finally went down completely but now my stomach is swollen and it looks like it did at 2wks post op........blahh.......well i guess i can't complain cause i know the end result will be more then i expected and i just need to be patient with the healing process, but it's just hard for me cause i'm very impatient.....HEHEHE.....so i'll update next week and if i look like a model then i'll put the pics up.

Ok so 9wks & 4days post op and i actually have...

ok so 9wks & 4days post op and i actually have gained 14lbs & i have no clue where it came from......literally this weight popped up in 10days.....i hope its all water weight cause i am pretty swollen latey but i havent been able to wear my binder due to my right hip trying to heal from a stitch that got infected......well i feel great besides having this bloated feeling and honestly in person when my swelling is down i can see the difference in my body but on pictures i cant tell i even look different!!

Im going to my doc. on the 19th of nov. for my...

im going to my doc. on the 19th of nov. for my 3mth f/up and im really excited cause alot of my swelling has gone down and i feel really good about my results .....the only thing i even though i may not be seeing it on a daily basis i still do have swelling and at times my swelling is horrible, but like i said i'm only 3mth post op and the healing process could take up to 1yr. so as of now i think im fdoing pretty good....LOL

Finally got my pics to upload so go ck them out......

finally got my pics to upload so go ck them out.....10wk post op pics.

Houston Plastic Surgeon

Dr. is a very patient and informative doctor. He is very good with responding to any e-mail that is sent directly to him and he is the one that actually respondes back to you not his assistant. This doctor take the time to listen to what you have to say and takes everything into consideration and doesn't just ignore the issue. The staff is very friendly and are very promt with returning any phone calls. Not to mention after surgery his nurse will call you everyday to check up and just to make sure you do not need anything.

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