Less swollen today, roll coaster best to describe

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Hi, I'm 30 year old female with 5 kiddos ages...

Hi, I'm 30 year old female with 5 kiddos ages 12,10, 6, 5, and 3..I.had them all by c section yes all 5 of them, I been over weigh all my life, I'll post pictures soon...I'm ready for a new change, I seen two surgeons Dr.Bob Basu and Dr.Gill, and I'm so delightfil with both surgeons, I'm undecided with who to go with, can any one help me decide by their experience

I'm going to chose Dr.Bob Basu, I hope I'm making...

I'm going to chose Dr.Bob Basu, I hope I'm making the right choice, in few days I'll book my day which I think will be 4/24 or 4/25...My current weight is 180 I was originally weighing 208, I lost 40 pds but I gain 20 pds within 2 months :( Stress is what I blame I'm ready for a new change, I want to feel attractive, I want to feel pretty, I want to feel happy, and having this done will change my entire life will I hope.....my plans are starting tomorrow start a strict diet and start exercising, hopefully I could keep it up, and I need to make appointment to see my dr to run blood work, I'm a diabetic, so my surgeon is requesting some lab work....will soon my count down will begin I can't wait...***sorry I forgot to mention I'm getting extended tummy tick, lipo on my flanks, mr, and lipo on my back****

Ok ladies I'm posting before pictures hopefully I...

ok ladies I'm posting before pictures hopefully I could join the flate side soon...not pretty pictures at all:/

I need some advices ladies, I'm stressing myself...

I need some advices ladies, I'm stressing myself out, take a good look at my pictures,is their anyone that have done a tummy tuck with my body figure?...I'm so afraid in going into the processor and not getting the results I want, I'm not able to control my eating habit because of my stress, I know I need to diet but my stress has over come me, how do I snap out of this, I don't want to gain weight I want to lose :/ I don't want to do my tummy tuck intil I get myself together, any advices??????

Sorry so many misspelled word I'm so sorry but I...

Sorry so many misspelled word I'm so sorry but I hope y'all could still understand me

I'm certain I want to do this I'm just afraid to...

I'm certain I want to do this I'm just afraid to waist so much money 13,000 and not get good result, i have gone to two suergon and one of them told me to be realistic and I honestly was lost I didn't know what he meant my question to him was am I going to stay flat or have a pouch, he didn't answer either or just be realistic you see a big difference, ok, the other one was yes, you wil be flat and you will love your result, of course I'm going to him, but hes more expensive, and I do have a dought am I going to stay flat or bloated?...Should I tried to lose more weight or just do it?...both suergon didn't take my weight they just look at my body whch ladies im 5'3 180

Just a small update to my beautiful tt ladies........

Just a small update to my beautiful tt ladies.......
My father still in the hospital its been 9 weeks already , my plans were cancel because of my father situation, I'm the one coming and going to care for him, and its been tough....I spoke to my brother who's the one helping me pay for my surgery that I'm ready I'm gaining weight because I'm so stress, I know its no exuse but its the reality , I was in a roll from 220 to 165, now I'm back between180 and 185 that sadden me, I so dislikes with myself, I hate the way I look, I'm stressing for my father but now with my own self, I have few tt friends that tell me to go for it, and guess what ladies my brothers agree!!!!!....so Monday I'm calling my surgeon and booking my day, I hope I'm making the right choice, any feedback ladies????

Hi ladies just a very small update Tomorrow...

Hi ladies just a very small update

Tomorrow I'll be going to see my doctor so.he could run blood work please pray for me my level must be below 7 if that goes well I'll be clear for surgery for may 9.......

I'm on my way to the dr office to pick up my blood...

I'm on my way to the dr office to pick up my blood work result, I'm so nervous , I'm praying to God that I'm able to get a clearance for my Dr to get my surgery done....I have a odd feeling not sure if its a good or bad thing I'm so scared, if I don't get a clearance I must wait few months :/ will update in few hours

I got my results everything look good however Dr...

I got my results everything look good however Dr forgot to order one blood work, bummer, he called it in and told me he should have the result by tomorrow, but he'll be close so he told me don't worry by the looks of your results I'm sure I'll be writing your clearance by Saturday, everything look good.....I'm waiting on my suger level of three months back, thats all....I'll have to wait til Saturday, will update as soon as I get my clearance@!@!@@

I got my medical clearance, everything look good,...

I got my medical clearance, everything look good, now it time to start planning and preparing for the big day omg I'm so happy right about now :-)

Will update my new surgery daye once its confirm

Will update my new surgery daye once its confirm

it's really happening on june 6

Ladies everything is set for June 6 Thursday 13 more days to go....omg I'm so scared then before, but I'm so really to start a new life, I'm hoping I'm making the right choice, I feel guilty spending so much money on me 13,000 knowing it could be use in my kids ,my home or other things please tell me ladies its ok.....I'm on my owe only support is my husband and my kids , which are very young 12, 11, 7, 6, and 3, they want their mommy to be happy and skinnny lol I hope I get good results so I won't disappoint them can any lovely ladies give me a list I might need for after care I will really appreciate, oh yea I went for my pre op Tuesday everything is paid off thanks to my wonderful caring brother I love you bro :)

I'm so excited for next week 6/6

Helloladies just update
Today is Friday already wow will I finally got few summer dresses , and fews thing for after surgery care
here's my list
All purpose first aid kit
First aid instruments
Hydrogen peroxide
Benadryl itch stopping cream
Hubby gloves
Betadine solution
First aid spraay fast acting pain relief and kills germs
Gauze pads

Ladies I will pick up my prescriptions tomorrow from Walmart, is there anything I'm missing help help will be nice
I wish I had someone by my side whom would be excited for me and would help me out with this thing but I don't my hubby is the only one but he's always working so thats when y'all fine ladies come in lol love this website


Will ladies tomorrow is my day I need to be in the faculty by 8 am operation start at 9....pray for me ladies

in my way to the hospital

Ok ladies I'm on my way to the hospital, I'm so nervous, did I sleep last night oh yes like a baby, but as soon as I woke up dam did my nerves kill in, I'm sitting bin the back sit while my lovely sis talking to my hhusband and I'm quite likeva mice why because I'm really scared :( must snap out of it, beauty is coming my way, please have me in your prayers ?????

I'm in the flat side yay!

Ladies I'm finally in the flate side it was the greatest experience I have ever had I'm not sure how the future look like meaning how my pain will be tomorrow but today I don't feel no pain , I paid extra for the experal, ladies its so worth it pay the extra 300 if u have it you won't regret it...

My experience
I got there 7:30 am, Elizabeth and the nurse introduced them self to my husband and my sister, finally nurse called me to the back, she ran my vitals, give me my scrubs, finally put on my iv, omg by that time I teared up I was thinking so much about my kids....will finally the dr that put me to sleep sorry ladies I forgot how to spell the name came in and chated with me, she said she was going to put something in the iv for anxieties to calm me down I said ok, I sat down in a wheel chair, next thing I knew, I was back in the same room sitting down with my love ones, wtf happen i don't know I was done and no pain, omg no more hanging belly yea, I'm relaxing with no pain isn't it something. ..now its time to heal wish me luck my beautiful ladies

I'm in pain oh lord

Today my back is killing omg its bad, oh lord help me take this pain :(

I'm flate but my upper look the same why

What's going my ladies I feel sad my upper stomach is the size as before is that normal will that go down help me, I don't even have a curve shape like he promise help me my beautiful ladies...I have a blinder on not a garment why help :(

sad sad :'(

I haven't yet seen my stomach but I see myself with the blinder omg I look the same before going in surgery fat fat.....why not flat:(

Help me ladies why dont I look flat like the other beautiful ladies with my blinder on......need help

not to happy take it look at my pictures

My upper stomach is huge, I hate the way I look, Friday I have a Dr appointment and I will definitely speak what's on my mind

I need lipo done on my upper stomach
And lipo on my waist

Ladies take a look and let me know what y'all think

I'm so upset

It make it 5 day today and I'm very swollen I'm not happy at all, I have a friend who works with a surgeon and she told me straight up your dr didn't do a good job you look very swollen with no shape, omg I hate the fact that its true what she's saying, I email my coordinator Elizabeth telling her I wasn't happy and I wanted to see the surgeon asap today, I need a lipo on my waist and my upper stomach if I pay 13000 I should be happy with my result and I'm not, it seem as day pass my stomach get bigger and bigger and its the upper stomach. ....I honestly think it was goimg to happen to me I chose Dr.Basu because I trusted him I hope he fix me up

I'm crying out loud I hate the way I look

Sorry I ment I didn't think it was going to happen to me

I'm swollen and my mind is playing games with me

Ladies I understand I'm just swollen, and I'll get better results within weeks please don't think I'm judging my surgeon, I'm not, I was just expecting more that's all, I was explain by my nurse I'll see a differences in weeks she even promise me, Dr.Basu and his staff are one of the best crews out there .

Will I'm off to a nap I'm in pain :(

8th day op

Will my swollenes is still there,my pain is well control if I'm on top of my medications, I'm moving more, doing more on my owe, still feeling down I wish my swollenes could go down so I could see my results, hubby is a big support, he does everything for me, I need to cheer up but I just can't I need to see results oh lord give me patience

not a good day yesterday

On top of ever thing I'm going thou yesterday wasn't my day , I went with my 5 kids and hubby to pick up to eat when hubby decided to stop at the park so my lil ones could play, which I stay in the car waiting....not even three minutes later my 6 year old son fell off the monkey bars and hurt himself.....we rushed him to Texas children hospital, they ran xrays and sure enough with my luck he broke his arm bone :( we stayed til 5am, my poor baby was in pain, and so was I with no medication on me y'all could imagen.....I need healing and prayers my way...I'm emotionally a mess :(

10th day po

Happy Father's Day to all

MY Day will be laying here resting praying for my swollenes of nightmare heal some, hubby will spend the day with the kids will update later to tell you all my body reaction by the end of the night...happy healing

11th day swollen still there no change

I'm feel better yes but still very swollen, I have a Dr . appointment tomorrow, my swollenes is all ove my belly especially upper tummy hubby now tell me it look like fat more than swollenes that sucks, let see que pasa tomorrow, not feeling to happy :(

spoke to my surgeon Dr

Hi ladies, I had a follow up appointment I'm on my 12th days po, spoke to the doctor and he answered all my questions and concern.....being a diabetic my process is way way slower than other , another words my swollenes will last for 4 to 6 months, he told me everything look good, not to worry. He explain the reason why I had so much swollenes not to worry to stay calm, just in case my upper stomach doesn't go down by 6 months, we will talk about upper lipo which he droughts that will happen..
He was being very honest and sweet. I'll wait 4 to 6 months and I ll see my final result, he made me feel so happy, I believe ever word he told me and my hubby. ....Dr.Baus is the best no regret at all can't wait for my final results

14 days today swollen still

Feeling much better, thinking more positive, healing but slowly, I'm liking what I'm seeing even though it's not close to the body of my tummy tucks ladies which I wish I had but I'm diabetic I must understand my healing process will be slower I will definitely be more swollen than other here's few pictures

I just had to do this for myself

I'm uploading before and after pictures I'm just 14 days po keep in mimd I'm very swollen, positive thoughts, there's a differences now, I need to stop being so hard on myself and listen to my real friends which are y'all beautiful ladies, I promise I will try my bed to rest and think positive

Time and patience is what I need

17 op today feeling tired not to good but better than other days, still swollen but its going down, slowly I could tell on my summer dresses, don't have the body I dream of yet but with time I strongly believe I'll get there.....still have my drains both of them which are getting very painful, they're bothering me so much, I'm eating much more than before so I won't feel so weak, but I'm still limiting myself, I want this swollenes to go down so I could see my final result. ...I want to feel myself again...I miss going out, I miss hanging out with my friends, If I do visit I need to leave right away because I can't hang :/ huh with time I understand with time I need patience that's all....have a great Sunday ???????

one tube remove yay! !!!!!! 19 day op

Hello ladies will I had my 2nd visit, it went great all the ladies especially Elizabeth and the nurses are so sweet and very nices they made feel so comfortable, Dr.Basu team are just awesome I highly recommend him and his team....will nurse called me in and told me she was going to pull one tube out she made me change and get comfy, will she explain to me the process and I told her I was getting nervous she said not to worry she'll count to three and on three she'll pull, she counted and it was over....lol werid feeling that's all I scream but of nerves, Friday if I drain less than 30 second second drain will be pull out yepie.....nurse told me everything look great cut healing perfectly, I ask about my swollenes she said not to worry its swollen but its going down slowly but surely and I agree.....will ladies I'm feeling better, stomach is getting flatter , still swollen but with time I know it'll go down , I can't wait for the weeks to pass...I was X large or 1x now I could fit in middle to size large in dresses very happy can't wait to try on my jeans this weekend I'm praying they fit not sure if they will, will cross my figures they do :) great day beautiful tt friends :)

few pictures


Feeling tired and very swollen but thinking positive, I have few months still to get my final result I'm a diabetic and healing for me is longer than a normal person, trying to have patience....have a safe weekend my beautiful tt ladies

Not happy just yet

Hi my tummy tuck ladies will I'm actually a month today and still not happy with my results however swollenes has gone down a lot but my upper area I'm just not please with I'm losing patience, my bb area is red and hurting so much bummer and my left cut open up a little not good, I'm under antibiotics which has me drain, I been very moody, honestly emotionally a wreak, I see so many beautiful ladies that started off with my body type and ended up like a model, even my diabetic friend she look so beautiful no lie, why does my body have to react this way l, sorry my beautiful tummy tuck friends my journey has been tough, and I'm just venting, how I wish I had done things so differently , posting pictures up

one month updated fotos

One month today need a long way to go :/

Feeling less swollen today, roll coaster !!!

This weekend has been awful for me, I've not been feeling good for the past two days,burning pain in my stomach, throwing up, and lose bowl movements, oh lord if it's not one thing its another, only good thing Is I woke up less swollen then other days not sure if its because I'm not able to hold anything in or what but I'm starting to like :) lol, I wish I just felt better but I don't :/ .....
I didn't think having a tummy tuck done was going to be so hard for me, I'm able to take the pain isn't that emotionally I mean it's a roll coaster, some days I'm happy some days I'm moody or sick, I want to feel myself again, I miss my owe me not physically but emotionally....I want time to fly I wasn't one of the lucky ladies who's feeling great in a month I wish.....Good day my beautiful ladies????????

Don't compare yourself to others

My journey so far hasn't been as great as other I was expecting more than I received but I'm just 5 weeks I still have a long way to go, I'm still very swollen but in my mind I see nothing but fat, ladies who haven't had a tt done but are about to do your research, learn about what it is to have it done just don't see the before and after pictures please, we all have different body and we will all turn out differently, that was my mistake now I'm paying for it, I'm flat but my upper area is hug my waist line was done from my upper area so I see a shape in my back but not in the front I'm square which I wasn't expecting that I was wanted a curvy look which surgeon said he was going to do, I'm guessing I'm still swollen, so I'll update in few month on that, ladies don't get me wrong all my jean fit which are size 10 and no more gutt sticking out as much, I do way better than before but I was jyst expecting more :/ hopefully when I turn 2 months my update will be different but for now I feel the same for the past two weeks, will update in 2 months ladies be safe and take care ?????????

just a picture update that's all

Ladies I won't update much just upload a picture will update on my second month 8/6
Take care of beautiful ladies

7 weeks picture

7 weeks pictures

Back on track

Hi ladies sorry I haven't been able to update for the month of August, honestly it wasn't a good month for me , I hated the way I look, I wasn't please with my results, I felt very down especially when my surgery told me I had to se my pc Dr because the anxieties I was having wasn't normal and I was probably gaining weight, that could be the reason why my stomach look that huge, I disagree and I was disappointed when he said that because I had same size of stomach before I had surgery , but I listen has he speak he mention if I lose 3 pounds per month he'll liposuction on my upper area for free, I then got very happy because it made me realize he really cares to get me the body I want it just not the money , will I agree and I did what I was told and I went to go see my pc, will he strongly believe I was in a deep depression and he put me on depression pills, its been three weeks since then and guess what ladies, I feel like I'm out of the darkness, I'm thinking straight now, I'm still not 100% happy with my results for 13000 I spend I was expecting way more but I'm not about to miss up my tummy tuck and I'm working my butt off by exercising to lose some weight so Dr.Basu could liposuction my upper body and hopefully I'll get the results i was expecting the first time..
ladies ladies I'm saving up for a breast implants that's my next processor , I wanted to stick with Dr.Basu but I'm not 100% sure it all depends how he treat me when I return in. 2 months, will my ladies I'm posting few pictures. ......

Back on track

sorry for all the misspell words, hopefully you all understood what I was trying to say I was updating late at night while my kids were asleep and the light were turn off lol once again I'm so sorry...

Dr.Basu will be my surgeon not turning back anymore Elizabeth was the best of the best she explain everything in detail and she answered all my email even after hours..... Love. the nurse and Elizabeth Anesthesiologist omg she was the best !

3 out of 5 stars Overall rating
3 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
3 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
3 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
3 out of 5 stars Wait times
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