55 After 100 Lb Weight Loss - Houston, TX

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I have never been a skinny person. I have always...

I have never been a skinny person. I have always been a big girl. After my weight loss I have a lot of excess flesh. The MD office is going to see if insurance will help with the cost. I will have to have an extended tummy tuck because of all the excess flesh.
I sure hope insurance helps with covering the expense.

MD consult

So I had a consult today with Dr. Eisemann. I can't do front and back at the same time. So I will go for the front. I have to have a stress test, echo and EKG before I can schedule. I have my cards appointment. Would love to have my surgery the week of October 10. Will keep you posted. Pics to come later.


So I was so looking forward to having my abdominoplasty this year. However, I don't think the surgeon I chose is really interested in performing the surgery or should I say his staff is fining me the run around.
With my weight loss I wanted to see what insurance would cover. They said they would submit to my insurance 2 months ago and never did. I called the insurance company and they. NEVER turned in anything. I called the physician office as well as emailed them and it has been a couple of weeks but they haven't returned my call. I should have not even bothered with them as I could have gone to someone else since I already met
my insurance deductible for the year. I am so let down!


So I did some doctor shopping to see who I would like to do my procedure.
Doctor 1: was ready to go immediately no preop work ups or anything. Said they would contact my insurance and let me know if they would cover. She wanted to do the extended tummy tuck and send me home the same day.
Doc #2 : wanted me to have a full cardiac work up since I never had one and was ready to schedule. His office staff said they work with insurance to see if they would pay. They called my insurance and gave the codes but never requested a medical review well of course it was denied. They appeared put off because I didn't just want to pay cash...... they said they would ask for medical review. A month went by and no word. Several calls and emails but never received a response from the MD office so I called BCBS and nothing had ever been submitted for medical review. I called them and once again no call back. 3 weeks later I received a call saying it was denied and I could appeal it with insurance. This left me thinking about if this is how I would be treated post op.
Doc# 3: I need to lose 40-60more pounds as army present weight I will be high risk. I think I will go with him.
All docs were in the Houston area so be careful who you choose. Needless to say I started this in July 2016 and wanted to have my procedure in October. Will plan for July 2017 now.
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