55 After 100 Lb Weight Loss - Houston, TX

I have never been a skinny person. I have always...

I have never been a skinny person. I have always been a big girl. After my weight loss I have a lot of excess flesh. The MD office is going to see if insurance will help with the cost. I will have to have an extended tummy tuck because of all the excess flesh.
I sure hope insurance helps with covering the expense.

MD consult

So I had a consult today with Dr. Eisemann. I can't do front and back at the same time. So I will go for the front. I have to have a stress test, echo and EKG before I can schedule. I have my cards appointment. Would love to have my surgery the week of October 10. Will keep you posted. Pics to come later.


So I was so looking forward to having my abdominoplasty this year. However, I don't think the surgeon I chose is really interested in performing the surgery or should I say his staff is fining me the run around.
With my weight loss I wanted to see what insurance would cover. They said they would submit to my insurance 2 months ago and never did. I called the insurance company and they. NEVER turned in anything. I called the physician office as well as emailed them and it has been a couple of weeks but they haven't returned my call. I should have not even bothered with them as I could have gone to someone else since I already met
my insurance deductible for the year. I am so let down!
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