28 Year-old, 2 Kids and Needed a TT to Fix Saggy Belly - Houston, TX

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So after having 2 beautiful children, and then...

So after having 2 beautiful children, and then losing about 80lbs, I have been in dire need of a tummy tuck in order to get my flat abdomen back and help me feel sexy again. I have been browsing RS site for a few months now, and I decided on staying local and going to Dr. Do at the Aesthetic Surgery Institute which is right here in Houston. And I would recommend him to anyone who wants a skilled and caring plastic surgeon. I just had my full TT with lipo on 7/6/15 and I am now on day 4 post-op. I love the results so far, and the surgeon who performed the TT is the best! Both the surgeon and his staff are amazing and really made me feel safe and comfortable, and from what I can see so far they gave me the results that I wanted. Although it is too soon to see the final results due to swelling, I will post my after pic as soon as I can :)
I go back tomorrow to see the doctor and hopefully get my drain removed- it looks like it's ready since there isn't much fluid draining and it is now a slight yellow clear color.
As of now the pain has been tolerable and all is well. My only concern is passing a BM, I am fearful to strain and risk hurting myself, or the sutures. But I've started taking MOM and staying hydrated while only eating soups, veggies, yogurt and fruit in hopes that this will help me soon. Anyway, I will keep you all posted!

Worked Like A Charm!

Okay, so I might go into a bit of TMI for some, but I am updating my post with this particular info in hopes of helping women that might have the same issue as me. I always have issues with straining a bit whiling going #2, and it sucks, and is even worse if you've just had surgery and have to deal with this issue
Anyway, I have had a couple of past surgeries that all required post-op pain meds (which are known to cause constipation) and for the past surgeries I had taken over the counter stool softeners to aid in not having constipation. Well, they never worked completely, and after one of the surgeries where I had my thyroid removed, I had been taking them religiously and when the time came for me to have a BM, I thought I was going to die and pass out on the toilet. It was the worst constipation I have ever had in my life! I finally got some relief after over what seemed like an eternity straining and then resorting to just using an enema. My point here is that after I had my TT a couple of days ago, I started to worry that I would have the same issue, and thus ruin my new sutures.
I came across the advice of using Milk of Magnesia as directed on the bottle ( 2 tablespoons twice a day) along with a clean diet filled with lots of fruits, veggies and water. I also added a cup or two of prune juice into my diet for good luck.
It has worked like a charm!!! I started the MOM on day 2 post-op and I woke up on day 4 post-op at 3am with the softest BM ever. It was a great feeling and such a relief that I wouldn't have to strain after all. Needless to say, I am ecstatic and I didn't know that such a small event could cause me such happiness, but it did! lol
My whole TT experience has been a breeze and I wish you all the same experience!

had my drain taken out yesterday :)

So, I had surgery on Monday and I have just gotten my drain taken out on Friday :)
It was quick and painless when the surgeon removed my drain and he also removed the stitches that were around my belly button (also pain-less)
I was able to snap a quick picture of my new flat abdomen whilst at his office. It's still swollen, but looks fabulous. I can only imagine how great it is going to look in a couple of months!!! I'm so happy that I was finally able to get this procedure done, and honestly it isn't as painful of a recovery as I had imagined it to be.
The only issue I've had so far happened today was while my mom was driving me back home from my appt.
She drove over a huge hump in the road going about 40mph and I felt my body jolt up and back down into my seat. I'm not sure if it was the impact that did it, or the tension in my abdomen; but I felt a slight pain and a "pop" in my upper abdomen area :(((
It's now Saturday morning, and I am not in any pain, just a bit tender in that area, and everything still looks the same, so I am hopeful that no real damage was done. I immediately called my PS and let him know what happened, but it's seems that all is well, however I will be following up with him anyway.
I will be seeing my PS on Tuesday so I am sure he will assess my abdomen and put my worries at ease. I think I should be fine though since he put a ton of sutures in so if one happened to tear I don't think it will make any noticeable difference, but I will keep you gals updated :)

Follow-Up Appt

Hi Dolls!
So I went for my 3rd follow-up appt with Dr. Do today. I like that he follows up with his patients so well, and his office staff makes me feel welcome each time I visit :)

So the Doctor put my worries at ease today and let me know that my abdomen looks like it's healing great, and no damage was done during last week's car incident. And it was such a relief to hear that since I love my results and don't want anything to mess it up. Lol

I am now on week 2 and I am feeling better this week with much more energy to get up and move around. I have also discontinued my pain meds since I have no real pain, just a bit of soreness at times. However, my back has been sore due to hunching over all day and the muscles feel tight, so I am continuing the muscle relaxers for now.

I have added some more pics below and I have an appt next week to get my incision tape removed so I will be updating with more pics of the incision scar ( which is SUPER low :)))
Ttyl lovelies!

Swell Hell

Hey ladies!

So I believe that today will be exactly 11 days post-tummy tuck, and I have been feeling super swollen! :(
I know that my PS said swelling is normal and can take up to about 3 months to completely subside, but I feel like I'm about to pop. This swelling is uncomfortable and makes me a bit depressed when I look at my pouch in the mirror :/
I have also started to feel little pinching sensations around my abdomen and I think that may be due to the nerves awakening or re-attaching themselves. I am going to start taking notes as to what I will be asking my PS when I see him next week... I feel like I am going to have so many questions, and I don't want to forget anything important. Lol

Have any of you ladies experienced the same swelling around 2 weeks post-op with similar sensations?
I swear I felt slimmer during my first week post-op :/ I'm still walking hunched over so this might be accentuating the pouch that I am seeing, but the swelling is definitely cumbersome. Fingers crossed that it subsides soon!!!

I'll keep ya'll posted soon


Hi Ladies!
I just got back home from my follow-up appt and I also had my incision tape removed today :)
So far, all is well and my incision looks fabulous- it's very low and I barely notice it! (I've provided pics of my incision, and with the silicone sheet on top of it that my doctor recommended for reducing the scar appearance)
I'm so happy that I chose Dr. Do as my PS, since his work is phenomenal and I don't think I would have gotten the same results from anyone else :) I really can't say enough good things about him since he has exceeded all of my expectations from start to finish. I highly recommend him!

As far as my belly is doing- I am still swollen, but thankfully, I can see a noticeable improvement since last week. I have been cleared to start back on my regular supplements today, so I will start taking Turmeric again in hopes that it will help reduce all of the extra swelling. I also drink shakeology and Vega shakes, so I am very happy to start drinking my yummy shakes again for faster recovery, and maybe even some extra weight loss!
Being on my recliner for the past 2 weeks doing the bare minimum and eating normally makes me nervous that I will gain weight; and I can't have that! Not after all of the recovery time and money that I have invested in myself. Lol

But I am not in a rush to move around a lot because I want my body to heal as much as possible. So I will need to reduce my caloric intake for awhile, especially since I take thyroid replacement hormones due to not having my thyroid anymore. For all the women who rely on thyroid meds I'm sure you know that it can get challenging to lose/maintain weight when you have thyroid issues. Eating right and exercising really help, but without exercise I will have to work double time on my eating habits :/
Maybe I will start a smoothie/ juice cleanse and see how much that helps during my down-time. Has anyone else tried this plan post tummy tuck? If so, how did it work for you?
Thanks for any feedback (sorry for such a long post) and I will update soon :)

Swelling is getting better

Hi Ladies!
I just wanted to post a quick update and say that my swelling has been decreasing, and I love how my hourglass figure is showing up:)
Also, I have been using a marble in my belly button and its looking more pushed in now, so I'm hopeful that it looks more like an "innie" BB soon.
I'll post more pics around month 2, happy healing everyone!

5 week picture update


Hi Ladies!

So I went for another follow-up appt this past Wednesday and I am coming along great!
My swelling had increased for about a week due to my menstrual cycle which had even caused me to gain 5 lbs! :(
BUT, the swelling and weight gain went away once I finished my cycle. It's weird how much we bloat, isn't it?
So yeah, my belly button is much prettier now that I have been using the marble in my belly button every night while I sleep.
I will be 8 weeks post-op in a week so I'm excited about that! My PS says I can jog now, but I want to wait until I'm 8 weeks post-op to Run, and feel comfortable that my body is ready for all the movement. Lol
I tried on some of my cute clothes today so I will post the pictures... I gotta say that I really love the way my flat abdomen is starting to look and the feminine shape that it's evolving into :)

Happy Healing Dolls!!
Houston General Surgeon

Very intelligent, caring and skilled surgeon. Dr. Do never made me feel rushed and was always just a phone call away if I had any questions post- op. He even calls his patients to make sure they are doing well the night after the procedure, and explained the procedure to me very thoroughly as well as post-op instructions. I would recommend him to anyone who wants a great procedure, and a caring surgeon :)

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