Say Goodbye to the Waddle with Thermi RF - Houston, TX

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After much research, decided to do ThermiTight w...

After much research, decided to do ThermiTight w Renee Arriaga, FNP. Considered Ulthera, Thermage and ThermiTight. Met with 3 different providers and ultimately chose Thermi RF w Renee because of her transparency and before & after photos of her own patients. Treatment was not as painful as I anticipated. 1 day out and I have no swelling. Some bruising under chin. Too early to say if it was "worth it" but I am very optimistic about results. Will post "after" photos in a few weeks.

2 days post treatment

Changed the bandage today and snapped a photo. I can already see a difference. A little swelling from where the compression bandage was and some bruising but otherwise, I think I am going to be happy!

Before photos

A few of you have asked for more before photos. So here they are. Will post more after as soon as all swelling subsides.

1 week post tx photos

Benefits of therapeautic massage

Had a massage with Lilly today and it definately helped with swelling. Thank you Lilly!

2 weeks post tx

Do you see a difference at 2 weeks post tx?

3 week update

Photos 3 weeks post tx

4 week post tx

View of scar under chin

A few of you have asked for a good view of the scar under the chin. Here it is 4 weeks post tx. Very small and pink. Expect it'll be completely gone in a few months.

6 weeks post tx

Here are photos at almost 6 weeks post tx (5 weeks and 6 days to be exact). All swelling has subsided. Most of the numbness has too. Just a tiny bit numb along jawline. Still massaging daily. I can definately see improvement! Can YOU see improvement? Would love objective opinions.

7 week update

Continues to improve. Numbness/tingling almost gone. A little remains along jawline. Skin texture on neck still a bit crepey but improved from where I started.

10 weeks post tx

Renee Arriaga, FNP

Renee was great. Took her time and explained everything to me as she was doing the treatment. Her before/after photos of her own real patients were impressive...not just Thermi RF promotional photos. She even called to check up on me one day after treatment to see if I needed anything. So glad I did this. Even more, so glad that I chose Renee.

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