Help! Getting Implants Removed and Have Blood Clotting Disorder -Houston, Texas

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I am so disappointed! Due to my blood clotting...

I am so disappointed! Due to my blood clotting disorder, I can only have the implants drained and removed, and the capsules will have to stay in me. I have already been diagnosed with lupus and may have to go on chemo soon for it.,..I am so scared that I won't be able to fully recover due to not having everything removed. Has anyone else had the same situation? Has anyone left the capsules in and recovered? Please pray that I can make a full recovery, I have lost my career and years of being a healthy mommy to my 3 kids... I want to get better so bad.

Surgery scheduled for the 24th! At the same time, going through more lupus testing

Well, I am excited, even though I will only have the implants removed due to my blood clotting disorder, I am still excited to begin a new, healthier life in only 14 more days. I am still wondering if there are any of you out there who did not have the capsules removed, but still experienced improved health. Have any of you been diagnosed with lupus?

2 days post op

Am feeling better, my head feels a lot more clear. Today was the first day that I got to really see my new ( or natural) breasts. They look kind of sunken in, I find that imam still not comfortable feeling them too much..still a
Little sore. All in all, I am pleased, still hoping that they fluff a little.
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