Smart Lipo on Thighs, Flanks, Back and Full Stomach

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I am one full week into recovery and I do have to...

I am one full week into recovery and I do have to say it is getting much better.. I didnt really have the full idea of how much of a process this is.. which in the long run will be really benificial, I believe.

I saw my dr( she is really great), yesterday for my follow up and she was very pleased with my results. Even with all the swelling still on my flanks, back and stomach, i can still see a difference. And she said it will only get much better. I just really didnt think or fully understand it is a commitment to your body after the procedure. You dont go in, they suck it out, and you look great... its not that simple. Im wrapped up like a mummy and have to wear this compression garment for 2 week, 24/7. Then for 4 more weeks at least 10 hours a day. But as the swelling goes down it is much more comfortable. At first I felt like I was hit by a mack truck. With the swelling, bruising, the pains. The first week is pretty tough.. If you have to go back to the usual routine. I do have to say, i didnt take any of the pain meds after the first night ( i get really sick) I just took 3-4 tylenol.. and managed ( i felt like i my butt kicked), i got back into the routine of taking care of my kids. you have to massage everything.. VERY IMPORTANT! You wil feel lumpy swollen and it doesnt look pretty. but everyday i would unwrap to a little suprise of a shrinking waist and legs. I did also completely alter my diet, and I am required to eat lots of protiens, LOW FAT, and 90 oz of water a day, and walk atleast 1-4 miles. for a quicker healing time and much better results. So i would say its not only a surgery to fix problems, but a lifestyle change too, it you really want to see great results. I dont think you can get this done and not do exactly what the dr says. Your results wont be as good. period!

I would recommend it.. I had a mommy stomach and some extra fat and skin.. looks really great so far, cloths fit better. I hope to post befor and after pics soon. I do recommend, like others say HAVE SOMEONE THERE to help you the first couple days after... Its awful to do on your on, you need help.

Im 5'5 and weighed in at 143.8 going in and still swollen only a week out I weigh 139.

I am excited to see my body in a few months. I am on the high end of pricing.. but i loved my dr and I think it will be well worth it. Oh yes, i also got 4 free vela shape treatments with it to smooth out my skin and even any bumps. which im excited about too.

Dr.Barbara Marino, Tomball, Tx

Very knowlegable and has a great reputation and was very nice and easy to talk to. Felt really comfortable.

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