Resolve One Issue, New Issues Created - Houston, TX

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Well, I picked a 'top doc,' but he...

Well, I picked a 'top doc,' but he doesn't really like when you ask him questions... Kinda his way or the highway it seems. Anyway, I had a projected nose with a bump... Got rid of that, but now there is

1. A huge indention at the base of my left nostril.

2. Seems like the tip is elevated (piggish)

3. Seems swooped up

4. Has gotten wide/fat from the front. Many celebrities go under the knife just to get rid of this problem.

The reason I'm saying 'Undecided' instead of 'Not Worth it' is because my old nose was not good at all... So, I've gone from a nose that was a 0 out of 10 to a nose that is a 3 out of 10. Do not expect a perfect result. Also, the isolation period of recovery is horrific as see massive swelling and wonder if you'll ever look good. Then, there is the issue of wondering what everyone will think. So, if you are going to do this, understand that none of this is a perfect science. 78% of people were happy with their rhinoplasties... I'm in the 22% at the moment of 'not happy.' I was going to get a chin implant, too, but since that's only 51% happy, I'm too scared for that now.

Also, notice how many people get revision rhinoplasties??? There's a reason for that... new, strange issues pop up... Get rid of your current issue and create another. Also, swelling is persistent... Don't let them say it'll be gone in 2 weeks.. Maybe 70% gone in 2 weeks... Then 30% after that.
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