Depressed... I Want my Gap Back!

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Please help me... What should I do? I'm 21...

Please help me... What should I do? I'm 21 years old and just spent all my money (literally) on this. I don't even want to smile anymore.

I wanted to get veneers because my teeth had several baby teeth on it, I had one small gap between my front teeth, and I had a gummy smile. Now I regret having anything done.

The veneers that will be made and placed on my teeth are made from polymer refinforced porcelain (composites?) Before I agreed to get them done, I expressed my concerns to him about the material and the mass research I did on this, but he ensured me that they won't stain and will look natural. So, he drilled all my 6 front tooth, which 4 of them didn't even need to be drilled.

I had decent and very healthy teeth to begin with, just wanted nicer-looking teeth. Now my teeth are all ruined and I can't reverse it! I'm on my temporaries, but they look soooo fake and not me.

It's hard to tell in the pictures because I used my laptop's webcam. But they are bulky, too big, and too white.

He said he used bonding material for the temporaries... but isn't that the same material as composites?

What should I do? Are temporaries supposed to look like this? I have no money left and my I don't even want to go out in public anymore.

Pros: If you go to an EXPERIENCED COSMETIC...


If you go to an EXPERIENCED COSMETIC dentist, you will have perfect teeth and a smile you always wanted. Only the porcelain veneers look excellent. Don't settle for less when it comes to YOUR PERMANENT SMILE.


If you don't go to a regular dentist, the results may not be as nice. If you get the composite resin veneers, you will regret you didn't opt for the porcelain veneers. Also, it's not reversible. I miss my old smile and teeth, and been regretting this decision. People aren't informed on how veneers can really have a great impact-- for better or for worse... My advice is: If you have other conservative options (bonding, etc.), do those instead.

Why I did it:

I had pretty healthy looking teeth to begin with. But I had a small gap between my two front teeth. I also still had 2-4 baby teeth that never fell out. So my teeth were small. He had to drill 6 of my top teeth (I only got them on my top 6 front teeth). So, I cannot undo veneers.

Before deciding to get veneers:

-Find an EXCELLENT and EXPERIENCE COSMETIC dentist. Ask questions, meet old patients, look at pictures, etc.

-Make sure you can afford them--- Not just presently, but in the future where you will need to replace them. Because you WILL need to replace them a fewl times in your life.

-Get porcelain veneers. Don't get composite. I got the composite kind, and now regret my decision. If you can't afford to get porcelain veneers right now, wait until you can. I'm 21 years old and going to school, and just spent all my money on veneers. Now I'm stuck and don't know what I will do if I need to replace them in the future.

-Discuss to your cosmetic dentist exactly what you want. Don't be afraid to articulate what you like and don't like.

Please help me... What should I do? I'm 21 years old and just spent all my money (literally) on this. I don't even want to smile anymore.

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