32 Year Old- Mother of Teenager. Houston, TX

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I was a teenage mom and never really had the perky...

I was a teenage mom and never really had the perky body, excluding my younger teenage years. My daughter was almost 11 pounds and did a number on my breast and stomach. I hid my imperfections well over the years and with clothes one would say I have a pretty decent body.
I work out regularly to maintain my weight although I could lose 10 lbs from holiday feasting :)
Last year I became really serious about becoming leaner and I lost a lot of fat but made my breast saggier and stomach looser. :(
I've researched MMO's for a while but never had the time to actually heal. I'm finally at a place in my life where I've done all that I can do to look great and I'm leaving the rest to the gifted hands of a plastic surgeon.
I consulted with Dr. Basu almost three years ago and I'm scheduled for another consultation February 27th.
I have a surgery date of April 23rd in mind but of course, this is dependent on Dr. Basu's availability. Anxious, excited, and nervous are just a few of the feelings I experience when I think about going under but I'm ready to get it done!

16 Days Pre-Op

The grass is not greener on this side, for now...

Still hard to believe I actually went through the procedure as in the past, I would continually push my surgery day out.
I have not had the opportunity to see my stomach and boobs but my doctor and nurse said I had fantastic results. I'll hold off on peeking until my 1st post op appointment. Not to mention, I'm scared to touch anything at this point!
As far as the pain is concerned, it's been manageable except for this searing pain I intermittently feel which literally takes my breath away. Has anyone else experienced this?
I have very little appetite as well. Not sure if it's my binder being too tight or my stomach not being able to expand like it use to. I'm perfectly ok with that as I could stand to lose 10 pounds or so. Regardless of me not having an appetite, I did have 2 BM's after sipping on prune juice for an hour. Worked like a charm :)
The drains, oh these drains...I have read plenty of RS'ers comment on these nuisances and they were exactly right!! I'm really praying they are removed next week.

4 Day Post Op Pictures

Took a wipe down and was able to get a couple of selfies in...In love with the new me!!

Binder Bruising Near TT Incision

Did anyone experience similar markings such as these from their binder? Almost had a melt down this morning thinking my skin was compromised. I was reassured by my nurse the markings were caused by the binder.
I have 6.5 weeks left to go in this thing and I need to do a better job of ensuring it's not near my incision.

Time Flies...

My days are all a blur but it's hard to believe I'm almost two weeks post-op!
My healing journey is as expected and other than the binder abrasions, there has been no surprises. My TT scar is scabby in some places but healthy pink skin is starting to show :)
My breasts are healing nicely but boy are they ugly during this phase. My nipples look like like they belong on Frankenstein's wife with all the stitching. My doctor performed an inverted T breast lift so this is very common. Quite a bit of scabbing wear the horizontal and vertical scar meet and an area that I'm keeping a close eye on as from what I've read online it's the area that can be easily compromised once the stitches are removed due to the tension.
I received lipo on my flanks but there is so much discomfort in my lower back I couldn't tell you where exactly fat was removed. Not to mention, I believe this binder is causing additional discomfort because of its tightness and the 24x7 wearing. When I say 6 weeks can't get here fast enough for me to burn this thing! It's absolutely dreadful!
I'll post a few pictures shortly of my healing areas.

Two- Week Post Op Appt a Success!

It's been a couple of days since my two week post op appointment but all is great!! My second drain was removed along with the sutures from my BL and TT incisions.
Healing is coming along nicely and I am counting down the weeks (four more) I have remaining in my binder. I will post some pictures in the coming days.

Split Pic of Breast Lift

Behold, I will never have the need to readjust my breast in another bikini top/swimsuit!

When do scabs fall off?

Understanding that everyone heals differently, please share your experience with TT and/or BL/BA scabbing.
Wednesday I will be 3 weeks PO but I have a considerable amount of scabs on my TT incision, around my areola, and underneath my breast (underwent an inverted T lift).
Today was the 1st day since surgery I've taken a full frontal shower and my scabs did loosen up quite a bit from the water and fall off. I'm hoping this is all that's needed for these scabs to fall off but I will be interested in hearing your experiences.

Because I'm HAPPY!

Almost six weeks post op and I'm beyond thrilled with my results! Began using biocorneum two weeks ago and my scars are progressively healing. Quite a bit of swelling, specifically in the afternoon but nothing too unbearable. As much as I hate the abdominal binder it's been a lifesaver for swell hell days...


Wow, can't believe I'm 12 weeks post op already! I'm healing nicely and still undergoing the BioCorneum scar treatment to minimize the appearance of my scars. Not really concerned about the TT incision as I remember from my c-section it will take time for the scar to lighten up. My stomach is still quite numb in a few areas but this will diminish in time. I wear a compression garment throughout the day (Spanx) which helps with the abdominal tightness that flares up occasionally. I couldn't wait to get out of the binder early on but it's a lifesaver, especially at night. Even at 12 weeks post-op, I can't sleep without it. Lol, it helps with making my waist look extra tiny in the morning too :)
My breast lift scars are healing well but I still have quite a bit of scar tissue that formed around the outside of my areola. I've been told that this to will take some time to heal. I underwent an inverted t-lift procedure so the scars are pretty extensive but I love the way my breast look with/without a bra. :)
Houston Plastic Surgeon

I met Dr. Basu via consultation three years ago and knew he would be the doctor to perform my procedure. I pushed my dates back a couple of times (and paid the $500 rescheduling fee) because the time was never right for me. Dr. Basu is very knowledgeable and has a great level of patience as I had every question imaginable. The day of my surgery, I was his only patient for the day and received his undivided attention. His staff is very accommodating and patient friendly. Sasha was my nurse and she was absolutely AWEsome! I'm a bit of a worry wart, especially when it comes to my body and she was always responsive, reassuring and extremely sweet! Understanding that I was nervous about my healing, she was always available, day or night to answer my questions. She was an absolute gem throughout my entire recovery process. In comparison to other doctor's the area, Dr. Basu is a bit on the pricier side but you get what you pay for and I'm extremely happy with my final results. I don't anticipate having any future procedures, as extensive as a MM, but if I do, Dr. Basu is my PS of choice!

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