26 Yr Old Mother of Two boys 4"9 Ft 120 Lbs - Houston, TX

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I am going to have liposuction to my flanks,...

I am going to have liposuction to my flanks, abdomen, inner thigs and knees. I hope I end up with great results. I do not enjoy shopping for clothes since I don't like the way I look with fat rolls everywhere. I am trying to eat healthier and exercise more. There is just a great amount of fat that once removed should push me to be where I want to be. I am also getting fat transferred to my lower legs. I don't feel proportionate due to large thighs. I avoid everything that shows my legs. The beach, water parks an even parties where I would have to wear a dress. This year should be the year that my life changes for the better and I have the confidence a young women should have.

10 more days

So I'm also getting my inner thighs liposuction as well. As you can see my lower legs are very small compare to my huge thighs. No matter how much I work out on my legs I don't lose weight in my thighs and my calves don't get bigger. I just want a more proportionate look. I feel discouraged because nobody understands what I'm feeling. They think it's funny that I have this insecurity and it's something not relatable like other procedures. I have never wore skirts, short dresses or shorts. Well, I hope my expectations are met by my doctor.
I am putting my faith on Dr.Newall. I know this is a cosmetic procedure and vanity is what is pushing me to do this. I could just accept how I look but how long would I have to live unhappy with my body. I am a single mother of 2 boys who I work hard for and take care of every single day. So I look forward for this transformation and hopefully I am satisfied with my results.

Home from surgery!

I'm glad I got this done. I was hesitant at some point. But gotten it over I'm glad I did it. From the doctor, staff, nurses, anestheologist and everyone THANK YOU! Great experience and I highly recommend them. They even got a bouquet of roses. I'm leaking like crazy though. I hope I don't swell up very much. I'm pretty healthy so I hope that helps. My birthday is next week and this is the best gift I could of given myself.As far as pain it's a 3 from 10 being the highest. My lower legs look good and I'm excited to take off the garment and see what's underneath all of this. It's tight but I guess that's the idea.

Pre op pictures from today and post op pictures from today.

Here are pictures before I left my house and now at my house. All the big bumps are pads underneath my garment. Feeling nausea a now. Need to take my pills but pain is minimum.

2nd day of lipo!

So I'm in no pain whatsoever! Well perhaps because I've been taking Vicodin every four hours so pain so doesn't creep in. I return to work on Monday and that was my biggest concern since I was going to be on my feet for a couple of hours but I think I will doing fine. Already feel pretty good. I have one big regret now! I should of done my arms! I didn't know recuperating was going to be so fast. Well I guess everybody's body type is different but my healing proceed has been fast. I took my vitamins pre op religously! Ny fat transfer looks good. I'm so excite to take my kids to the zoo, park or a party where I can wear dresses and shorts. This is what I needed to love my body and have more confidence. I had only had told my mom and dad so if somebody says anything I'm going to be like it was all diet and exercise. Lol Which I did but even when I did I couldn't loose those flanks and my calves did not get bigger. Lol by the wag I am wearing a diaper because my mom bought be done after surgery. First I thought it was unnecessary but there great. There the slide ins do they stay on pretty good and it's perfect because there comfortable and I'm leaking Thr mist from the back. I HIGHLY recommend them. I gave my garment on which stops at my upper stomach and I thought I needed a lil bit of more support so I put on a spankx top. So I am wearing my garment', the spankx top and a soft furry robe on top. When I want to use the restroom I just pull down my diaper. Lol I'm super comfy and my garment is not TOO tight, it feels comfortable. Well I'll keep updating this journey. If you are considering I say go for it and don't feel guilty like I was feeling at the beginning because I felt that k could of used that money on a vacation or something for my kids and I. But it wouldn't have matter if we went to the best vacation place ever if I didn't feel comfortable in my skin and self conscious about my body.

2nd day.

So I'm still feeling great! Woke up and changed my diaper. Lol just waiting now for a complimentary visit from a nurse from Dr.Newalls office. She will check everything is ok, that I start on my prescriptions and help me shower and change into my second garment given to me by them.

Horrible experience!

So my nurse just left and she was not comforting at all. She looked upset she was at my house or something like that. Everybody was so nice and compassionate at the hospital and I thought she would have been the same. She looked like she was in a hurry and not in a happy mood. When I asked her something she kept saying, "it's all here you need to read." Aside that she took forever to get there so I was leaking all over my floor and didn't have a garment for at least 45 min. I didn't feel comfortable with her and I wanted to ask her about some concerns i had. I had told the surgery center before that nobody in my house knew besides my mom and to pass the message for the nurse tomorrow so they could of kept everything private when they got to my house. But when she got there she was unaware and at the end while she kept saying liposuction I told her nobody in my house knows besides my mom she just said "oh". Like the title says horrible experience. Sorry but I had to vent out this. I was glad that I was getting this aftercare from my doctor but it was a disaster. Well after all of that I took some pictures without my garment. I felt a little sore when I removed it and my skin was lumpy and wrinkled. Ideally I wanted a tummy tuck but it wasn't an option at my job at this moment but I can live like this for now. Lol Overall I like my new body.

Side by side pictures

Here is a comparison of my before and after. See the difference and it's only the 2nd day today. Yay!

Flowers given to me in the day of surgery

Late update but wanted to share this thoughtful gift

No bowel movement :(

So I haven't had s bowel movement and today is my third day post op. I took laxatives given to by my doctor last night and I should expect one in the morning but noting yet. Iveb been drinking lots of water and I'm not taking any more Vicodin since yesterday at 9pm. I can take pain and being off pain mess on the 2nd day is pretty good I think. What do u guys RECCOMMEND for a vowel movement? Do I take another pill or just let my body do its own thing and wait? I just want to make sure all my body parts are doing there job. Lol

3rd day post op

So I'm still feeling pretty good, no pain medicine all day. I can handle the minimum pain there is. I'm pretty bruised up though and I'm not surprise because I bruise easily. I cant wait to go shopping. I go back to work tomorrow and I think I'll be fine. I just had no bowel movement. That's the only thing that concerns me. Other then that I've been continuing to take me vitamins and prescriptions. As far as my fat transfer to my calves, I think fat is dying off more everyday. I wish I had more fat grafted so whatever died I would still have some left in there. I don't feel pain on my lower legs and my ankles have not gotten swollen. I can walk normally.


Take all 3 everyday with my arnica

Officially 3rd day post op!

So I don't know why I put 3rd day yesterday but anyways... today it's the official 3rd day. I had my first bowel movement today. Yay! That's the only thing that my body needed to do to be back to somewhat normal. So I'm at work already and I am in discomfort but I'll manage. I learned that I have a high tolerance for pain because I think that every situatuation we put ourselves in, we have to deal with it. WE HAVE TO ALWAYS TAKE RESPONSIBILITY for our actions. I decided to have cosmetic surgery and know I have to deal with the side effects. But yeah i have a high tolerance because when i had my boys naturally, right after I was ready to go back to my normal lifestyle. Clean, cook and wash. lol

4rd day post op

I don't know what happened today but I feel sore and fatter then the other days. I feel somewhat sad and question the procedure. I don't know if this a normal emotion. I just woke up today feeling blue. I felt emotionally happy the first days but sore and today I woke up sore and sad/disappointed. I also feel way fatter. IS that normal? The first 3 days I felt the tiniest waist and today I feel like I got bigger. I eat healthy foods and walk but I just don't know what happened today. I will keep my faja on for this 6 weeks on continuously so I can't say that I didn't follow doctor orders. But I just don't feel satisfied with my results today.

5 day post op

So I have my post op appointment tomorrow. I'm feeling better then yesterday emotionally speaking. I hate my arms now. I need to work on them to get them slimmer and I want to get toned. I have set goals and I plan to achieve them. I want to work physically for my body too. I also would love to get breast implants. This was my first surgery ever and idk if it's being too vain by wanting to get breast augmentation. In the picture that I will post with clothes on, I am wearing my padded bra. I am wearing my full body garment underneath which feels ok. It's not that uncomfortable. I want the six weeks to be over so I can see my final results. I feel very bloated and hopefully I get smaller.

Some more pictures of my 5th day post op

Will try to work hard to maintain a small waist. I guess everything is coming along. Yay!

6th day post op

I had my post op appointment today and the doctor said everything looks good. I've been off the pain medicine for a while and just been taking in the soreness. I don't want any constipation problems so I don't take the hydrocodone. I'm feeling ok, I know I'm still swollen and I have realistic expectations. I can only dream of a tummy tuck but that's in the future. I like my shape in clothes but underneath I'm all bruised up and it doesn't look pretty. Look forward to healing ASAP.

2 weeks post op

In still sore from my inner thighs and some days are worst then others. But I love my results I just don't want to lose my butt! Lol I love how I look in clothes and I'm eating healtthy everyday. It was my birthday a couple of days ago and this surgery was the best birthday gift ever. I'm excited for my final results.

Without my garment

I'm still pretty bruised up. My whole legs are still very purple. I just wanted to show how my waist looks but I feel like the lower back is somewhat swollen. I've always been very curvy but with my small waist now my butt looks bigger. I just want it to stay like that and not go down when I continue exercising and loose more weight. I hope anybody that decides to get surgery can follow thru sucessfully and heals soon. I am happy with my results and I want everybody to feel the way I do.

4 weeks Post Op

So I had my post op and a massage. They scheduled me late for the massage but thankfully I don't think I have lots of lumps. My massage felt great as I still feel kind of numb in some areas. Also my inner thighs hurt the most.,I do feel sharp pain from time to time from the incision sites. It's horrible! My inner thighs are getting better but there still darker than my natural skin color. My feet also swell up sometimes and my lower back as well. The worst is when I sit for a long time and when I get up, my inner thighs get stiff and hurt. For that I have to massage them so it can stop feeling so tense. This is no walk in the park but I'm hanging in there. So at doctors appointment I told him I was considering breast augmentation and I told him I wanted something natural looking. That I just wanted to fill in the upper part of my breast For that fullness look. He said "I wish you would've told me sooner so we could've done transfer to the breast." I think that would've been perfect for me since I'm debating getting augmentation because I don't want implants. I disn't want anything over 250cc so transfer would've been perfect but I might not have enough fat now. He told me he took 5 LITERS!!!! He could've probably taken more but since I wasn't staying overnight he had reach his limit. So that makes a little sad but oh well it wasn't meant to be at that time. I'm eating very healthy and exercise whenever I can and with the surgery I lost 10 lbs. I was 117.5 on the day of surgery and right now I weight 107.5 lbs. Yay!!!! So I thought 6 weeks was when I could stop wearing my gRnent but my masseuuist said she RECCOMMENDs I wear for THREE MONTHS!!!!! She said I can achieve maximum results like that so I think I'll try to do it. She said on the says I have somewhere to go and I don't wear it to just make sure I wear it that night because that's when I'll be the most swollen. So I'll try and see for how long I can keep it but it's so annoying now and I was really looking forward to not wearing it but I do want to get the best results so I will hang in there little bit longer. So far I'm happy with my decision and love my results.


I also want to add that my doc gave me a complimenrary Botox injections and will also get complimentary Dermabrasion. I also got my first massage complimentary. I don't know how true that is since I almost paid 11 grand! Lol but I got Botox and the results are great. I'm looking forward for the dermabrasion. I'm happy that I'm pampering myself after just focusing on my kids since they were born. I'm a happy mommy.

7 weeks Update

So I've been dying in my garment but they said if I wear it longer then the 6 weeks I will get better results and since im willing to go thru it I will keep wearing it. I do take it off when I'm going somewhere special and it doesn't go with the clothes I'm wearing. But I do wear it every night. I'm proud of my results because I've been exercising and eating healthier to not gain the weight I lost. This has pushed me to be healthier and have more confident. I do still tingly sensations at times from the wounds healing and I have a lot of them. Mostly the sharp pain is from my sides and back. My inner thighs look better but there still bruised. :( my feet do get very swollen still if I'm on my feet a lot and I'm a single busy mom so I don't have time to rest. I can't complain because I feel good about myself and look forward to getting dressed everyday. I wish in the future I can get a tummy tuck but for now I'm ok with my not so flat tummy.

4 Months Post Op

So it's been 4 months since my surgery and I'm very happy with my results. I love getting ready every morning since I'm single but even on days that I don't dress up what ever I throw on I still feel sexy because I'm confortable in my skin. I am dedicated to exercising but sometimes eating unhealthy gets to me. I enjoy shopping and before nobody had seen me in a dress for 10 years!!! But now I wear a dress any opportunity I get. This was really a confidence booster since now Ive been more successful in my life and feel very accomplished. Looks are not everything and the love of my two boys fills my heart with joy but as a women we deserve to feel beautiful. Hopefully anybody that is looking into surgery get the results they are looking for. I would like to have bigger boobs but I can't have it all. I do wear my garment at night for the most part because I feel like it molds me. Lol So good luck to anyone looking into Lipo. There are pro and cons to everything and I think I have more pros then cons but I do feel like one leg is bigger then the other. I also have flabby skin in my midsection. Also from time to time I still feel some sharp sudden pain in my incisions. They are not 100% healed. You can still lightly see them. The worst part for me is that I feel my arms really fat compare to my whole body. Overall there's little details that I would like to improve. Like I had said earlier I wish my boobs were bigger. But oh well I'll be ok. Lol Life has been good throught this journey and we all deserve to be happy. :)

10 months post op!

So it's been 10 months and I'm happy with my results. I never wore a dress in my life because I was so selfconcious about my body. But now half of my clothes are dresses! I don't regret my decision and I'm fortunate that I love my results. I maintain myself active and eat healthier. I am now even a vegetarian. Here are some pics. For all the women out there the price on the surgery will be a couple of thousands of dollars but the results are priceless.

Love you and your staff Dr.Newall! You understood my concerns. I am skinny now but still have my curves. You told me everything was going to be okay and it was. I would highly recommend this doctor and if I was to get something else done, I know where to go. Thanks again Dr.Newall and continue transforming lifes.

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