I Am Happy with my Implantable Contact Lens

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I had ICL surgery in 2000 through an FDA clinical...

I had ICL surgery in 2000 through an FDA clinical trial. I was nearsighted -8 to -9 and wasn't a candidate for lasik so this was a great solution for me. The procedure required more follow up visits than lasik but I did reach 20/20 vision after each contact was implanted. (The Dr. wouldn't do both eyes at the same time.)

I did notice starbursts for the first 6-12 months but eventually they got better or I got used to them. My vision has changed slightly in 10 years and now I use glasses to drive and read but after wearing corrective lenses for 30 years I am okay with that. I am not a slave to contact lenses or glasses - which I love!

Mann Eye Clinic - Dr Caplan

Very thorough and didn't mind all of my questions.

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