My Facelift Was the BEST Money I Ever Spent! - Houston

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At age 54 I was tired looking and unable to halt...

At age 54 I was tired looking and unable to halt the rapid development of "jowls" on my chinline. I was starting to look like my mother (yow--not good!). I went for a facelift, chin implant (I had a really weak chin)and lower/upper bleph. (eyes). Surgery went flawlessly and my recovery was relatively quick and painless.

I wanted to look good. And my looks have definitely improved. Some remarks I received at a charity event I went to last night (where I hadn't seen most people for 6-8 months): "Wow, you look radiant" "Are you getting younger?" "You look like a million bucks" "So when do you want to elope?" Honestly, I look so much better, so much younger it's crazy. But not SO different that everyone immediately concludes-- "yes, that lady's had some "work" done." I changed my glasses and my hairstyle when I went back to work with my new face, and THOSE things got the credit for my improved appearance. Little did they know it was the hard work and artistry of Dr. L.

I would recommend Dr. L to anyone considering cosmetic work. He's the best. What he did for me has truly changed my life for the better.

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Dr. L very carefully explained what the various surgical and other procedures could do for me. There was no hard sell-- quite the opposite in fact. He worked with me on dates (I wanted to recover over Christmas vacation) and his staff was WONDERFUL.

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