325cc HP Sub-glandular, and capsular contracture. Not Happy. Eyelid surgery too.

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Hello all, I have contemplated writing a review...

Hello all, I have contemplated writing a review for quite a while. Since my roller coaster is still on full throttle I figured it's as good a time as any. I had my BA 6 months ago at age 47. I was a small 34B. I wanted a natural look, not too big, would be happy with a large C. The first and only doctor I visited explained the pros and cons of going over the muscle verses under, and that he did not want to go under. I am a fitness nut so it made sense to go sub-glandular.

At my first appointment with my PS, I never saw any implants, or discussed the different profiles available, I wasn’t measured. I explained what I wanted and he said 325cc would most likely be a good choice and he would make final decision during surgery. So I left it up to him. I considered visiting 2 other doctors but I really liked my doctor and just didn't see any reason to. He is very well known, the celebrity doctor in our area, and assured me he's done over 6000 BAs and knows what he's doing. Before leaving my first appointment I asked him if Botox would help some wrinkles under my eye. He answered "that's surgical" and explained the upper and lower eyelid surgery. I had considered doing my upper lids in the future, but I never realized lower lid surgery would smooth out wrinkles (it doesn't by the way). My quote included a discount to do all and I decided I may as well do it all at once.

This was my very first surgery and I was more nervous about the general anesthesia than anything. Everything went smoothly though. The pain wasn't too bad. I was very surprised however to see High Profile on my implant card. I said as much a few days later at a follow up appointment, and he answered that I won't have ripples with HP and that I can still expect that natural teardrop shape.
I massaged as instructed, and went back to the gym at 6 weeks doing legs only. At 7 weeks on Monday I did a couple of arm exercises with light weight during my workout. Wednesday morning my right implant wouldn't move in the pocket and was high. I developed capsular contracture in my right breast at 7 weeks.

That day my doctor performed a closed capsulotomy (he squeezed my implant until the capsule popped). It sort of felt like bubble wrap popping. It hurt. It was immediately softer though. The nurse wrapped me tight in a wrap that I wore for about 24+ hours.

By Monday it was high and tight again. I was feeling pretty low and figured going to the gym would probably help my spirits. I read online that lots of girls work out with capsular contracture, and my doctor didn't say to take it easy or anything. So I did some light weight at the gym Monday, went to the Rodeo Tuesday, just got back to life.

By Wednesday afternoon my right breast was extremely swollen. I already had an appointment to see my PS the upcoming Monday but wasn't sure if I should wait. I spoke to the nurse and she had me text her a photo. She showed it to my doctor and texted back "I showed him the photo he said come in Monday ". Thursday it was a little more swollen so I decided to post a photo to the doctors here. I knew my doctor was in surgery Thur/Fri so didn't know what to do. They assured me I needed to make contact again. He returned my call quickly, had me send him a photo, and called me several times that evening to check on me. He was going to meet me at the hospital that night but I felt comfortable waiting until Friday morning.

It was hematoma and seroma. My right implant was replaced at 8 weeks and he removed some of the capsule. I’m guessing I must have had some fluid building up then exercise made it worse. After surgery I was prescribed Singulair to help prevent cc from recurring. My PS was very compassionate, kept telling me how sorry he was and how rare this was. He actually had only seen one case similar to mine in 30 years, and that patient had contributing health issues.

One month after replacing my right implant, my left breast became firmer. It didn’t ride high like the right though. Then a couple weeks later righty got firm again and started aching. My right one stayed higher after the revision surgery. It was actually slightly lower before BA. My PS said it was due to scar tissue. I know they can’t predict how the scar tissue will heal so, it is what it is.

At my follow up appointment in May I expressed concern about how hard they both are, the shape (no slope), and the ache. I asked what my options were, what I would look like if I decide to explant, if we should consider going under the muscle since lower cc risk. He didn’t want to discuss going under and said he was concerned about explanting since I experienced so much seroma. He referred to how much better they looked now, comparing to how they looked at emergency surgery, and considering my experience, I should be satisfied with a little asymmetry. He appeared uncomfortable and rushed out saying, maybe you’ll get used to it, see you in 6-8 weeks.

I know they were not “twins” before and I am ok with a little asymmetry, but they are hard and my right one aches. I am embarrassed to wear a bathing suit because they look fake and are hard. I’m afraid to hug people, I can’t find a pretty bra that fits right, most bras hurt. My most comfortable bra doesn’t have a wire or lining and it’s a 34DDD, and still has a gap under the strap on right side. Top Drawer sold me a 32 F! At least it has a lining.

So I visited a few other surgeons last week and learned Strattice is being used for CC, with amazing results. I read a study that was done on 75 patients for CC, follow up was up to 4 years, with no recurrences. 2 of the doctors I met with said they have had no recurrences. It’s very expensive though.

I must say, I was impressed with the new patient process at 2 of the PS offices. I was shown implants, measured, examined and told I had Bakers Grade 3 at one, and the other PS said Grade 3 on left and 4 on right breast because I was in pain on that one.

I scheduled my follow up appointment with my PS last. He thought I looked great. He barely examined my breasts. Just a light squeeze mainly on my breast tissue, and said they aren’t that bad. I asked what Grade he thought they were and he said “2... maybe 2 ½”. I asked about Strattice. He said it’s used for padding/pocket repair, then changed the subject. I guess they shouldn’t discuss if they don’t have experience using it for CC. Understandable. I asked again about explanting and he said “I wouldn’t do anything. They look good, remember how they looked before?”

I didn’t have a melt down or anything, just smiled and asked, “So you wouldn’t do anything? But my right one aches.” He confirmed he wouldn’t do anything and didn’t acknowledge my pain comment. I’m somewhat a quite person, shy, so of course I’m not going to push the issue.

All 4 doctors agreed that I would be saggy if I explant. I’ve only had these for 6 months and I’m scared they may be right. I wasn’t saggy before and would be devastated to go through all this and end up smaller and saggy. I’m going to go for it. Remove capsule, replace with lower profile, under muscle, with Strattice. Wish me luck! I’ll probably start another review on the Revision side :-)

Here is a video, and there are a few before/after photos in my Q&A from 5 months ago.

Video showing firmness

Explicit - Click to view

The last few months I could only guess that they were not supposed to feel like this. It’s been very confusing trying to decide if I could live with the pain and firmness. They have never felt like a part of me but instead like 2 balls sitting on my chest. It pulls really tight along the bottom when I raise my arms above my head as well.

Just thinking about all the times my doctor disregarded my questions with "Don't worry about that."

During recovery I think most of us have concerns that we're healing as expected and occasionally question something that just doesnt look right. Sometimes it's really nothing and that reassurance is comforting. Sometimes we know something isnt right though, and need an explanation.

There were several instances during my recovery with the eyelid surgery and BA that I just couldnt get an answer.

Will try to post this one again... Only a paragraph & 1/2 posted above after I wrote this long review.

Just thinking about all the times my doctor disregarded my questions with "Don't worry about that."

During recovery I think most of us have concerns that we're healing as expected and occasionally question something that just doesn’t look right. Sometimes it's really nothing and that reassurance is comforting. Sometimes we know something isn’t right though, and need an explanation, just for peace of mind if anything.

There were several instances during my recovery with the eyelid surgery and BA that I just couldn’t get an answer. This caused unnecessary anguish. I came here to this site for all my answers, and of course you have to question... does that one really pertain to my issue or is it only in my mind. Am I just going through that after surgery depression I keep reading about? Or do I really have an issue?

After my first revision 8 weeks after original BA, when right implant was replaced, I pointed out an indention in my cleavage and asked if it was anything I should be concerned about. He answered not to worry about it, and things look really good. Again, comparing to my appearance prior to the emergency surgery (you’ve got to look at my photo in the Q&A emergency question... to compare to that, is ridiculous). Granted, his main concern at that time was not developing another seroma, but I still had a question that was very important to me that could have been answered. Even if that answer was, I’m not sure, let’s give it a few weeks and take another look. Instead it was just disregarded. That indention got tighter and eventually I could feel bumps that I thought was my bone. I only finally learned at my first consultation with my new PS that is was a ripple from my implant. So I spent the last 7 months thinking that he must have had to remove some of my breast tissue when he removed the capsule in my revision surgery. What else could have caused a dent? Why couldn’t he had just told me it was an implant ripple? I don’t have it now, so that’s obviously what it was.

I’ve already mentioned things about my BA results in prior posts. So to my BA pals, sorry but I’m going to include some details about my eyelid surgery on this review too. I’ve decided to add my doctor and don’t think it’s necessary to write 2 separate reviews.

During my initial consultation for the BA, I asked if I was a good candidate for Botox for the wrinkles under my eyes. He answered, that is surgical. When the eyelid surgery was recommended, I was told an incision would be made along the crease in upper lid, and just under the lash line. The scars would be hidden very well. Seemed simple enough. In all 3 meetings prior to my surgery Dr. Rose lifted the skin under my lid and made simple comments about just tightening that up a little. I researched photos and found that the scars are indeed hidden very well in the upper lid surgery as well as under the lash line. At my pre-op I asked about some photos I had seen where the upper lid scar extended past the outer corner of the eye. Dr. Rose assured me mine would not. And it didn’t, but that was an opportune time to tell me the lower lid surgery would. Not once in the 3 meetings prior to my surgery was I told I would have a scar from the outer corner of each lid. Had I been told that, I wouldn’t have done the surgery. Between the BA, the upper lid, and lower lid procedures, it was the scar under lash line that I was most concerned about and took me weeks to decide whether or not to do it.

The day after surgery post-op appt, I said “I didn’t realize I would bruise so bad under my lids since we weren’t removing any fat.” Dr. Rose looked at his nurse then down, then went on to another subject. I had really bad dark bruising for 5 weeks by the way. I expressed distress at the stitches extending down from the outer corner of each lid, he responded “Oh, don’t worry about that.”

About 3 weeks later he was examining my eyes saying how great everything looked, and casually mentioned something about the fat removed. My knees got weak and my heart sank. I said, “But I didn’t have fat pockets. We never discussed removing fat”. I asked him to show me exactly where the fat was removed but he changed the subject, “Oh, don’t worry about that.”

They say you don’t get the final results from an eyelid surgery for about a year. I have spent the last 7 months comparing photos, praying, he didn’t remove what volume I did have under my eyes. If only he would have answered my question and showed me where the fat was removed, I may not have gone through the turmoil that I have. I haven’t a clue if that’s just part of this surgery and everyone does it, he didn’t discuss it. I do however plan to ask my new PS about it once I recover from the revision breast surgery I did last week. I honestly don’t see much of a difference, except one spot, where the darkest of my bruising was ironically. I’ve come to terms with it. Going to look into some fillers though.

About 5 weeks post op the outer corner of my eyelids became tight and created a vertical crease. He didn’t see it. “Oh, don’t worry about that. Massage and you may want to try some Botox to relax it.” At about 8 weeks I expressed concern about the raised white scars (that I was never told I would have) in outer corners, and his response “Don’t worry about that. You are only 2 months out and that will eventually fade into tiny white lines”. Not once in the 3 meetings prior to my surgery was I told I would have any, NO MATTER HOW TINY, white scars on the outer corners of my lids. I don’t wear much make up either. Just powder and mascara.

All the same wrinkles are still present under my lids. Dr. Rose never took any pre-op photos of my eyes, but of course I did. From the tightness in outer corners, a crease has formed under my lid. So I actually have more wrinkles now. It’s mostly just noticeable when I smile and/or look to the right or left. I’ll upload photos of the vertical crease, that I don’t think is quite bad enough to call webbing, but I’m not sure. It’s the first thing I see each time I look in the mirror though.

I 100% percent regret doing the lower lid surgery. It was unnecessary. I did not need it. I can only guess if I had gotten a couple other consultations, someone would have told me not to do it. Try Botox or fillers before letting someone cut on your face. I feel absolutely stupid for doing the lower lids.

I do however love my upper lid surgery. It was well done. My father did it at age 74, his lids were so heavy he could barely see, and I wanted to do it early in life when no one could really tell I had work done. The scar on inner half of each lid is white, but I have read here on this site (not told by my doctor), that can happen and is normal.

As far as my breast implants, most doctors will agree that a high profile implant placed over the muscle does not give you a natural result. I have thought about doing a BA for 20 years, but my biggest fear was it appearing fake, or something going wrong. Both happened. I expressed strongly that I wanted a natural slope, not rounded on top, “I want my breast to look like they do now, but bigger.” That surely didn’t happen. Capsular contracture is a risk and I do not blame my doctor for that, but the outcome was obviously a fake look regardless. Even Dr. Rose said I looked great 2 weeks before I had them redone. That’s his idea of how boobs are supposed to look I guess?

For anyone that didn’t read my very long first post, I went to a follow up appointment in May and expressed concern about the shelf, instead of slope, how hard they were and how odd my bathing suit and bra straps appear with a huge gap under the strap, and that I’ve spent hundreds of dollars trying to find a comfortable bra. It hurt to lay on my stomach. I actually did try to get a massage 2 months ago, and it was so painful, but I was embarrassed to have him stop. I’m a quite person, a professional type, I own a business, not someone that would show anger or have a meltdown. I reached out to my doctor for help and asked him for options, but Dr. Rose basically walked out on me and said maybe I’ll get used to them, see you in 6-8 weeks.

I went to my final follow up appointment end of July, mainly to see if he had a different outlook, now that he realized I was not going to “get used to them”. By this point, my right implant has become quite painful, especially after being active. Dr. Rose didn’t want to remove my implants because he was concerned about how bad the seroma was prior to emergency surgery (after he performed a closed capsulectomy), and there is a risk of seroma when explanting. I asked about the Strattice, and he said it’s only used for padding/pocket repair. I suppose if he doesn’t have experience using it for cc, then he shouldn’t discuss it. Understandable. He said he “wouldn’t do anything, they look good”. I said, “You wouldn’t do anything? But my right one aches.”. He disregarded my pain comment and confirmed he wouldn’t do anything.

Hopefully if Dr. Rose actually ever reads my review, he will look into doing revisions with Strattice for cc. There are many doctors doing this with great success. I truly hope I will be one of those successful statistics. I’ll start a 2nd review in the Breast Revision category and we’ll see!

I've uploaded a few photos of the eyelid surgery.

Glad this nightmare if finally over!

It's now been 8 months since I had a different doctor (Vitenas) redo what Dr. Rose could not fix. I have a 2nd review in the Breast Revision category with a couple of photos showing before and after. I finally got the natural shape and soft breasts that Dr. Rose could not give me.

It's odd that Dr. Rose only had a few reviews in over 3 years before mine, and I just noticed there were 3 generic ones posted within 5 days just recently. Anyone else think that's strange?

He's an old school doctor still doing things other doctors don't recommend. For example, my new doctor and another one I considered, told me they would only do a lower bleph surgery on patients over 70 years old. And even then be very selective because there are too many risks involved. Both other doctors were baffled that he recommended the surgery for my wrinkles.

I'm still living in daily turmoil over my decision to allow Dr. Rose to do the lower lid surgery, and not get a 2nd opinion. I was never told I would have scars extending from outer corners and scar tissue developed a vertical crease. It didn't do a damn thing for my wrinkles but make them deeper from removing fat.

I suspect Dr. Rose must deal with a higher percentage of patients developing capsular contracture. It's apparently a regular thing for patients to come in and have him pop the capsule (closed capsulectomy). When I first suspected I had it, the nurse explained what he would do over the phone. Then at my office visit a different nurse thought I had already been in once to do it, mistaking me for someone else, then going on to explain he may have to pop it a few times. I've since learned this procedure is frowned upon in the medical industry - just do a search on it, you'll see what I mean. It left me with hematoma and seroma, and emergency surgery. Of course I no longer have any feeling in my right breast.

Anyway, I just wanted to update and let everyone know my revision with Dr. Vitenas went very well. The nightmare if finally over!
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Most of my experience during this year of recovery was full of confusion and anguish due to my doctor not taking the time to fully explain what I can expect in the outcome. Like a scar in outer corners of eyelids (I would not have done that surgery had I known he would make an incision extending from outer corners). Dr. Rose is very sweet and showed compassion at the worst of times - emergency surgery to replace breast implant due to hematoma/seroma (after performing a closed capsulectomy), and was truly sorry for the way my capsule hardened so much. However once he realizes things have gone wrong, he abandons you. You will need to read my full review in Realself to get the whole story. ******* In the end I just couldn't live with the hardness of my breasts, and he just let me go. I felt like he didn't care, there was nothing more he could or would do. He truly expected me to live like this and said they look good (totally disregarding my comment about the aching pain from the capsular contracture). (Update 1 year after initial surgery: I had a different doctor redo and am so relieved the nightmare is over.) ******* I'm not happy with the lower lid surgery results. When I asked if Botox would help the wrinkles under my eyes, I feel like he should have recommended I try it or fillers before recommending the lower lid surgery. I didn't need it. I know that now and totally regret doing it. It was by far the most difficult part of my recovery from the 3 procedures I had. There are so many risks with this surgery, which I now know about from this site. It's not worth the risks, and most doctors state this surgery is strictly to remove fat, NOT wrinkles. I was led to believe the skin would be tightened slightly, and an incision placed only under the lash line. After researching I thought he was doing what is called a skin pinch. I later learned fat was removed. Another doctor that examined me months later explained the details of a standard bleph, and that muscle is typically cut as well. The white scars extending from outer corners of each lid are extremely difficult to accept since I was never told I would have them. They are about 1/4 inch. I am so upset that I didn't get a 2nd opinion when Dr. Rose recommended this surgery. (Update 1 year after surgery: They say you don't get final results from eyelid surgery for at least 1 year. It's true. My wrinkles are now deeper and displaced due to fat being removed. I still have a purplish scar under left eye. The first thing I see when I look in the mirror every day are the creases in outer corners, the white scars are the 2nd. I once barely wore makeup and now I won't leave the house without it. I am extremely disappointed in my choice to do this surgery and even more so that it was recommended by Dr. Rose. ) ******** I am however pleased with the upper lid surgery. He was conservative, which gives you the most natural result. Although white, the scars are hidden perfectly in my crease. ******** I think if all goes well and as expected, Dr. Rose may be a good choice. Although I would never recommend him to my friends or family. However everyone heals differently and it's important to know that, and to fully understand all the details while making your decision to have plastic surgery. I feel that Dr. Rose rushed through my consultations, didn't feel it was necessary to explain everything. Expects his patients to just trust him and has a confidence about him that leaves you to do just that.

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