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I am obsessed with this site, it's been so helpful...

I am obsessed with this site, it's been so helpful to see the reality of it all. My surgery is February 24th and the days are creeping by so slowly but I know it will get here soon enough. I know my friends and family have heard me talk about getting a BBL for years but I think they all think I'm joking so I'm kinda struggling on how to tell them. I'm definitely waiting to do so tilting before the 24th.

I'm also trying to decide on how to discuss this with my 9 year old daughter in a way that she understands and doesn't start wondering about herself, she is so smart but very impressionable at her age.

Rescheduled with a new doctor!!!

So I decided to reschedule and decided to go with Dr. Newall and am very happy with my choice. I'm scheduled for March 23rd so only 26 days away.

Dr. Newall wants to try for 800-1000ccs per side but I nervous that is too big for my frame since all I'm looking for is some projection, a little bubbly to fill out my jeans. Obviously lipo will help me so much I really think that's the most important part. Based on my pics any advice?

Doctor update

Does anyone know how to edit my review to show my new Doctor?

Few more before pics yuck

I'm just adding a few before pics so I can compare after, I've got 15 days cannot wait!

So my surgery is 15 days away!!!

I'm getting multiple areas lipoed including my upper back of my arms and upper inner thighs but I've heard those areas can be tricky and sometimes not worth it. Ive got skinny little rinky dink legs but plan on beefing them up post op. My arms are prone to get huge since my mom and I have exact same body. Not 100% sure on those two areas

Pre op all done

I went to my pre op last night it was super quick and easy just blood pressure few things to sign went over procedures before and after care got my goodie bag and boom I was on my way home. I saw Dr. Newall again to see if I had any questions but I really didn't he said he would make me beautiful! He remembered that I wanted to be conservative on my BBL size and heart shaped so I'm ready Freddy!!! I started my vitamins a today thought I'd get sick to my tummy but nope all is good. However I am all if a sudden coming down with a cold, better now than surgery time

Less than a week to go!!!

I'm excited and nervous I'm back and forth but know that it's going to be just fine. My hubby is very supportive and knows I'm doing my best to make sure the burden on him is as accommodated as possible by me in advance. I'm big on planning and making sure things are taken care of. I almost feel like I'm nesting for a new baby it's crazy how much I'm cleaning and checking everything.

3 days to go!

I'm pretty much just counting down now. I'm more relaxed and have such a busy next 3 days that I really don't have time for the anxiety anyway. I made myself busy on purpose to pass the time. It's working I've hardly had time to worry. My friends and family are very supportive I'm a lucky girl.

I'm home from surgery!

Hi ladies I'm all done and home from surgery. My meds help but it does sting like hell. I don't need assistance getting out of bed which I'm surprised about thank goodness. My hubby is so awesome he's keeps checking on me taking care of his wifey I'm lucky! I use a cup to pee in no problem at all. No pics yet I'm padded up to the max and draining like crazy so give me a couple days for that.

Overall getting there at 6am surgery at 7am home by 10:30am yippee!

Post op draining

Hi ladies I'm only on day two and feeling pretty good but this draining sucks, how long do you typically drain for? I don't have drains in so I'm padded up but quite annoying yo constantly change the pad out and I swear I have like 10-12 holes CRAZY! He took out 4700cc and put 1000cc in each cheek like I wanted.

Lipo foam

Im getting itchy under my garment around my waist and have lipo foam to use but should I wait till I'm done draining first? How many days do you typically drain for?

Garment zippers suck

So last night the side zippers to my lower garment were driving me crazy I couldn't sleep so lipo foam from now on for sure. I might use a slightly lighter garment I already had for sleeping. I will take pics soon I've just been uncomfortable for the last day that I just couldn't. Day 3 was harder than day two I guess the meds from surgery finally wore off ????

Day 6 pics

So today I went for my first post op and it went just fine I took a few pics hubby will take more tonight. I'm please with my results so far. ???????? my pics look upside down not sure why. I know they could be better pics but it's not easy taking them yourself

Back to work...

So back to work today and I have to say it sucked! I have desk job and sitting and adjusting for 8 hours was not fun. The first half of the day was okay but by mid day I was ready to call it quits. I know I did this to myself so I will have to deal with it but I might try a lighter garment for work and the tighter one for home and sleep

Arms still draining?

Okay it's been 7 days now and my arms and right above my hoohaa are still draining all the time. Is this normal? I think the open wounds should have been healing by now I really cannot stand it anymore

New pics

So my girlfriends

New pics

My girlfriends wanted to take some pics!

Side by side

Here is a side by side comparison, I like my results however I feel he filled too much on top corners

Lipo lumps

Si I'm noticing more and more lipo lumps on my arms and stomach and I massage them a couple times a day. I had my first lymphatic massage yesterday and she said to have more and I needed more compression on my tummy and arms so I did so. I use a garment lipo foam and a cincher some times all together and I hemmed my sleeves tighter but I'm worried about the lumpiness. It's inly been 3 weeks and most post say they resolve after a while. I've also read a lot of Doctor reviews that say lymphatic massage is worthless and some who say you really need it I'm confused. There are not many places in Houston that offer them anywhere around me... I will post done pics tonight when I get home from work

Before and after

Okay so it's been a while since I've posted life is busy. I got my before and after pics today and geez it's so easy to forget what I looked like before. I'm very happy with my results!!!

At 7-8 weeks

I'm doing we'll still some soreness, it's hard to explain what feels uncomfortable or numb and itchy. I have a bit of lumpiness and unevenness, my thighs are a little uneven as well. Overall I am very happy with my waist and butt size but there are a Few spots that I must get touched up no biggie

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