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I have always been a thin person until I was...

I have always been a thin person until I was diagnosed with (Sarcoidosis). It's the illness Bernie Mac and Michael Clark Dunkin, Football star Reggie White died of. Anywho I was always thin until they started me on the devils tic-tacs (prednisone).. I'm am waiting on word from care credit to get my Brazilian butt lift/lipo.. so that I could feel good about my self again .. I'm like 5"5 and 178 lbs.


Hi dolls I hope and pray for everyone having surgery a blessed operation, recovery and results of your dreams.. what are all other credit options are there besides care credit ? Thanks in advance~

My wish pics

More wish pics !!! I want hips ????no Laterals ????????

I want this look ... I'm hoping I'm not being unrealistic.. because I do have a little to start with. I just need to be filled in. In the donk and hips , with a snatched waist of a size 26 at the least.. what y'all think ? Anyone having surgery today or has just had surgery recently I'm praying for you ????????????

I'm having problems with my realself app..... help !

I've been having this app for sometime now. When I get on it ; it's telling me let's get started, and is asking me to check treatments that I'm interested in. Ok so I check them all and click done and then it says there was and error and go back to it again. I cannot get into my newsfeed.. help Jill from realself plz.. thanks in advance

If only I could get the upside down heart bubble but.. I'd be satisfied ????????

This body needs work bad

I have a booty bra on

The real deal

Soooo the real me!! I have somewhat of a lil Donk but hate did I say HATE the shape of it.. it kinda got like a lil shelf then its flat at the bottom. Inverted azz is what I call it bcuz it has to much going on with it and nothing like the way I want it . Here goes and the stomach dear lord has to go.. it looks like saddle bags instead of love handles.. you guys could laugh bcuz I am.. I'm making a joke of it but serious as hell ????

Hoping to get these results...

Bless me sweet Jesus

Playin with the surgery app

Like this but maybe with a little more butt lol help !!!!

Quick question

For the ones who've had kids whether it be c-section or vaginal... would you say the post op pain is worse than this or nah?

Can anyone tell me if the post op pain is worse than having a bby ?

Just want an idea of how you all rate yur post op pain
Houston Plastic Surgeon

Haven't met him yet but wants dr. Wilberto Cortes

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