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I have always been a thin person until I was...

I have always been a thin person until I was diagnosed with (Sarcoidosis). It's the illness Bernie Mac and Michael Clark Dunkin, Football star Reggie White died of. Anywho I was always thin until they started me on the devils tic-tacs (prednisone).. I'm am waiting on word from care credit to get my Brazilian butt lift/lipo.. so that I could feel good about my self again .. I'm like 5"5 and 178 lbs.


Hi dolls I hope and pray for everyone having surgery a blessed operation, recovery and results of your dreams.. what are all other credit options are there besides care credit ? Thanks in advance~

My wish pics

More wish pics !!! I want hips ????no Laterals ????????

I want this look ... I'm hoping I'm not being unrealistic.. because I do have a little to start with. I just need to be filled in. In the donk and hips , with a snatched waist of a size 26 at the least.. what y'all think ? Anyone having surgery today or has just had surgery recently I'm praying for you ????????????

I'm having problems with my realself app..... help !

I've been having this app for sometime now. When I get on it ; it's telling me let's get started, and is asking me to check treatments that I'm interested in. Ok so I check them all and click done and then it says there was and error and go back to it again. I cannot get into my newsfeed.. help Jill from realself plz.. thanks in advance

If only I could get the upside down heart bubble but.. I'd be satisfied ????????

This body needs work bad

I have a booty bra on

The real deal

Soooo the real me!! I have somewhat of a lil Donk but hate did I say HATE the shape of it.. it kinda got like a lil shelf then its flat at the bottom. Inverted azz is what I call it bcuz it has to much going on with it and nothing like the way I want it . Here goes and the stomach dear lord has to go.. it looks like saddle bags instead of love handles.. you guys could laugh bcuz I am.. I'm making a joke of it but serious as hell ????

Hoping to get these results...

Bless me sweet Jesus

Playin with the surgery app

Like this but maybe with a little more butt lol help !!!!

Quick question

For the ones who've had kids whether it be c-section or vaginal... would you say the post op pain is worse than this or nah?

Can anyone tell me if the post op pain is worse than having a bby ?

Just want an idea of how you all rate yur post op pain

Need some serious help

Time to be under construction lol .. no seriously

Haven't met him yet but wants dr. Wilberto Cortes

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