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Hi Ladies! I'm ready to get my body back! Just put...

Hi Ladies! I'm ready to get my body back! Just put down my deposit with Dr. Cortes. Saying I'm excited is an understatement. As a nurse practitioner living in Dallas trust me when I tell you I've done my research & Dr. Cortes is one of the best there is. I'm 42 & have a 16 yr old son. Years of weight fluctuations & an emergency csection with a vertical & horizontal incision left my abd muscles shot. No amount of exercise will fix those muscles. Ive always wanted a bigger butt....It's wide but doesnt have any weight on it LOL.....Dr. Cortes do your magic!!! Anyone having any input on their experience is greatly appreciated. .....Lets take this journey together. Smooches :-)

Wish Pics

Countdown has begun!!!

Lets Go!!!

Countdown to July 8th has begun!!!! I'm so ready to get my body back. After 17 years, completing my Phd, taking care of everyone else- its my turn to turn it up LOL. My pre-op is June 17, post-op hotel booked for 10 days in Conroe (LaQuinta), hired a caregiver ( Only told one person about my surgery. No time for haters!!), Purchased all my post-op supplies. As a Nurse Practitioner trust me Dr. Cortes is the best of the best and the only one I would trust to do my surgery. 16 years ago I had an emergency c-section & ended up with vertical & lateral abdominal incisions :-( . I'm way past ready to get my body back!!! I've gained 25 lbs for this surgery & feel like Humpty Dumpty LOL. I want the kind of butt & hips you can sit a drank on ROTFL. I think we should do a Cortes Dolls cruise next summer. I'll be the one in the yellow 2 piece ;-)

So Ready!!!!

July 8th cant get here fast enough!!!! Im at 172 lbs- never been this big in my life. Can't fit any of my clothes & it feels like I'm walking in slow motion LOL. Thank God I wear scrubs all day- but its a hot mess underneath LOL. Dr. Cortes do your magic!!!!

14 day countdown

Preop done! Dr. Cortes says its a go, have enough fat to get the butt I want
:-) :-) :-) :-) . Counting down to July 8TH

One more week!!!

Excited beyond words!!! Can't wait to get to Houston next Monday & surgery Tuesday. Does anyone have the name & number of a caregiver? Ive been calling caregiver Sara for the last week to confirm- no response. I just need someone to drop me off at hospital & pick me up the next day. My friend is coming down from Dallas Tuesday night. Thanks dolls!!!!

Last Weekend

I hope everyone is enjoying their holiday weekend. This is the last weekend for me in this body LOL. I can't even sleep I'm so excited. Tuesday needs to get here!!!! Everything is all set. Found a great caregiver, suitcase & supplies packed. Will keep you all updated!

Big Butt LOL

Good morning dolls its 4am after my surgery. Feeling ok. Dr. Cortes put in 1500 in each butt cheek & 400 in each cheek. Can you say massive booty LOL. Pain isnt too bad just feels like bricks sitting on my butt. Toradol is helping. I'll have the nurse take a picture later. Back to sleep :-)

Day 2

Post op day 2. Feeling good. Minimal pain no nausea. Walking the hotel hall way every 3 hours. My butt is 49- with garment on. Cant wait get if off & whats underneath

Feeling great

Post op day 4

Just left Dr. Cortes's office. Drain removed & placed in a large one piece garment.....Baby can you say tight LOL....I had to hold on to the chair because I started seeing stars. Everuthing progressing well. He'll take the remainding sutures out on Wed. Until then walk & relax to let this bootie heal :-) If anyone needs a caregiver while in Houston please use Jane. She has been an angel to me & I couldnt have done this without her.

4 week appointment

Saw Dr. Cortes today. Recovery going well. Minimal shrinkage :-) :-) :-) :-) :-) :-)
Still swollen in lower back & inner thighs. Switched to corset & open butt lift panties- I found on Amazon.The stage 2 garment was beginning to cut into my skin. Much more comfortable now. Going back to work next week so Im going to order some thigh high compression stockings to help decrease swelling in my legs. Itching almost gone only seems to happen at night :-\ .Until next time dolls!
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