24 Yrs Old 5'2ish 145lbs Future Cortes Doll - Houston, TX

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Hi guys this is the first time posting about my...

Hi guys this is the first time posting about my procedures and I thought I would like to share my journey with you guys because I find it hard to fine anybody's baby else with Dr. Cortez on route south with implants. I am so most petit I feel that I'm thick but I did have Life though I year ago and since then I've gained a little bit more way so I think that he will still have enough fat to work on once you put the implants and he's going to chance for a fat from wherever he can find and put on top of my Implants to make it more look natural. Size. I have not figure out what size I want but I definitely will post some which pic so you can get an idea what I'm looking for I'm definitely looking to get more hips then ass and hopefully Dr. Cortez can make this happen.

II am following up from my last post and I want to...

II am following up from my last post and I want to show if you pics of what my body looks like. My procedure is July 14 i'm getting that our class with butt implants and my surgery is around the corner I'm excited I still haven't figured out what size at this point but I am still looking at other people's pictures

Surgery Date

I'm excited about my surgery. I am currently trying to gain weight I am 145 pounds and I'm trying to get to 155 160 if possible for my surgery. I am praying that his doctor does the kind of magic that Dr. Taranta has with all of her dolls

Gained 5 lbs

Today I decided to add arm lipo. Because if I'm going to maintain this weight I have to get rid of all this fat in my arms . it's made my shoulders/arms broader and my arms don't look as skinny as they used to

Butt implant size

So my doctor told me that he is going to give me size 2 butt implant which is I believe 400 cc. From the reviews that I've found on butt implant sizes I think 550 to 600 is the size I want to go to actually give me that look I'm looking for. Currently I'm 150 pounds hoping to keep it that wayand with my breast implants which are like 32 DDD I definately want to match my booty with my boobs.

Surgery Date

So guys I am extremely nervous I am leaving for Houston Texas from Washington DC July 12. My surgery will be July 14 with Dr Cortes. I will be getting liposection of the arm whole back stomach flanks andI definitely want him to lipo the hell out of my inner thighs because there's just too much friction going on down there LOL.

Two days before surgery

I am extremely excited and a little nervous. But definitely at this point I just want to get it over with and move on with my new booty. I will be seeing my doctor tomorrow Wednesday, July 13 to discuss the size of butt implant and pretty much the fat grafting that will be done over the implant to give it a more natural look. I was told that the implant most likely he would suggest would be 400 cc but I'm definitely looking for more dramatic lot and would love something 500 cc or more.

Post op. Day 1

Hey guys I promise that I would keep you posted on my journey. So Wednesday was my preop appointment and I must say that was tough because I had my boyfriend pay for my surgery and told the Cordinator that he will not be present with the surgery. So they process the money and when I got to the office mind you I was the second person in the office I arrived at 10:30 AM and didn't leave until it was 3:00 PM because I think they forgot about me. The manager which is also Dr Cortes his wife confronted me and told me that I might not be able to have surgery because they found out that he was not with me. And the money was coming out of his credit card not mine so I guess there has been issues with fraud in the past and wanted to make sure I wasn't doing tht. I ended up having my boyfriend sending a video message saying that he authorized everything. So I was in office preop all day and I still had to go to the hospital which is 40 min away from Dr Cortes office to get my blood work done and I had to rush before getting stuck in traffic. So that really discouraged me because I was already stressed out and nervous about the procedure and I wasnt really happy with the size I was getting which is 400cc I wanted something more dramatic like 550 cc but the nurse said that because of all the fat he's gonna put around the implant it will come out to be that much or more. So yesterday Thursday was the surgery Dr Cortes was very nice and welcoming and he made me feel comfortable with the procedure. When I woke up I felt like I just came back from a weeks worth of intense workout. He harvested the fat from my arms to my whole back stomach and waist inner thighs. And then transferred it to my implants. Right now I'm in a compressing suitso I will not be taking pictures because you can't see anything because I have this big foam cover my stomach because of the lipo. but Wednesday I'll be able to take pictures.

Postop day 2

Hey family keeping you updated on how things are going for me since this is the second day with the implants. I didn't have a bad sleep but I did keep waking up all throughout the night to pee Which I found that was a challenge for me but it's OK so far. The doctor told me that every couple hours I need to walk for at least 20 minutes or more depending on how comfortable I am. So today we went to the mall I am actually in the Galleria area of Houston so the mall is like a five minute drive away. I literally just climbed into the backseat of the car and laid on my stomach which I have to say was not a pleasant ride but it was doable. I'm not sure if it's the painkillers or not eating enough with the medication and drinking lots of water I have been getting lightheaded so we basically left the mall after 30 minutes of being there and I think I got a good walk so far. It feels pretty sore still. I feel my butt soreness a lot more than I did yesterday but that's probably because the medicine from the hospital or off and I'm now just relying on painkillers which probably isn't as strong but it deafly does a job. The drains haven't been a big pain in my butt I just didn't like that I have to record every time I empty out the drain and I am just hoping that when I see the doctor on Wednesdayit goes well. Apparently they're going to put me in a new body suit which will be the one to shape my body. right now I'm just wearing a foam like belt all wrapped around my stomach where he lipo and some compression pants

8 days postop with pics

Hey guys it is my eighth day postop and I'm sorry I did not keep you posted on how the week went . I was just miserable until now.so I feel a lot better today and I am finally going to be posting some pictures. I am very happy with my results I don't know how much the swelling will go down but I've done lymphatic massage and hopefully my hips and my butt swelling does not go down so much from what it is now. Because I am absolutely in love with the projection from my hips and butt. I have been using a compression suit until yesterday I decided to just wear the foam binder with a back support waste cincher Because it has been difficult to sleep at night and get thru normal day to day like eating because it's so tight and it's really humid down here in Texas. And on Saturday the doctor will put me in a new Faja so I thought wearing a waist cincher untill tomorrow wouldn't be a big deal.

I think that the pain was starting to become tolerable by day 5 and I completely stop taking painkillers day 6 and started doing lymphatic massages day 7. My doctor I need to be in a compression suit and continue lymphatic massage for 6 to 8 weeks minimum to keep my shape and also the scar tissue from building up. The butt implants still haven't settled but they arent feeling tight like they did the first few days. I can tell that my butt muscles around the implants have relaxed a little bit and it's made a tremendous difference in my comfort with walking. I still waddle little bit when I walk but it doesn't hurt like it was before. Oh and I forgot to tell you day 4 and 5 for some reason I started getting diarrhea issues I think it's because I was taking the painkillers and they recommended we take stool softeners twice a day because of constipation and it may have been too much for me so I have stop taking stool softener since I got better. the pressures of the compression suit . Wednesday which was day 5 I also had a follow-up with my doctor he said everything looked good my stitches look good I think that they are very discreet where he placed them. The drains have not been a pain in my butt but I must say that I hate how it looks underclothes and I pretty much taped them down so when I'm walking it doesn't move around and I worry about having an open wound with the drains coming out of me of getting an infection so I also wanted to cover them up for that reason. Saturday, which is tomorrow, he is going to take them out and I fly home later that night. I have heard that plane rides are the worst out of the whole recovery because of the different altitudes I will expect to swell up and I just hope I will be able to get some compression socks to keep the circulation going from preventing blood clots and since I have butt implants I really can't sit on my butt until the third week so they will be giving me a cushion to put under my thighs which will help me sit down but it's a three hour flight and every hour I'll probably need to get up and that's not so bad. The lymphatic massage is also supposed to help with my trip back home so I'll be doing another tomorrow morning before I leave. I really would like to get an opinion on how helpful it's been for other women. I find it relaxing but I've heard girls found it very painful so I makes me wonder if the lady that has been giving me the massages was actually worth the $90 each session. I did not notice a ton of drainage but did I feel better immediately afterward but she told me to expect to feel more sore when I wake up and I do. She told me I need to get 10 sessions and I think that's normal because my girlfriend had the bbl and that's what she did to help with the lumps in the hard spots after getting the Lipo from this procedure.

Help Me! Compression Nightmare

Hey everybody I have a little problem. I absolutely hate this compression part of recovery. I had liposuction of my flanks and abodomen 8 months ago and I have to say that right after the procedure when I saw my tiny little waist I stopped using the compression binder. And after 3 months went by I noticed that The tiny little waist I fell in love with was a little bigger and I'm still flat but I realize that I could have gotten way better results if I was using my compression binder religiously for the 3 month recovery process. So having done this BBL with butt implants and having Liposuction done again in my abdomen and flanks back area I really don't want to fuck it up this time around. I want to make all this pain worth it!! But I have to say I hate the compression suit it's so hot and humid and to wear the compression binder around my waist tight is sooooo uncomfortable and I'm top of that I have to lay on my stomach because my butt implants. It's so hard to drink any liquids and keep them down. All day yesterday I was like pretty much throwing up my food and water. I am dehydrated because I got tired of having to always throw it up I decided not to drink water. And that's stupid I need to drink water. So it's sooooo tempting to just rip off all this compression crap and just do all lymphatic massages and hope for the best results but it's hard to do that because I know so much more now and my body is just going to build up scar tissue more and more and I'm going to swell more and I will not end up with my beautiful tiny waist I have now. So I decided to post this review because I'm just trying to figure out the best way to wear my compression garments and be comfortable and survive the next 8 weeks because I have to do this 2 to 3 months and I'm already tired!!!

Butt Implants are not a joke. I did not know what I was signing myself up for when I got the procedure done. I thought it was going to be easy like my boob job but we have huge muscles in our glutes and he put them in between the muscles and he did a fantastic job but it is very difficult recovering from this I even wish I went bigger to a 500 - 550 cc implant but I don't even want to think about doing this again so I want to make it count this time around for sure and the only way I can do that is if I managed to keep my waist super tiny which will make my butt look big even though it's not very big. Does anybody have any helpful tips or can share what they did during their experience? I'm thinking that I'm going to spend more money getting aggressive massages to keep my scar tissue from building up so much. Another concern of mine is eating. I have to maintain this weight if not I will lose my amazing results. I cannot afford to lose weight!!!. I'm just praying that once I'm able to sit on my butt it will be easier for me. Open to any advise ????

Day 9 Post op

Hey guys it's 9 days postop for me and I must say that I had very difficult few days because of diarrhea and dehydration. I have to take the antibiotic so its dehydrating me even more after having problems with diarrhea. So yesterday I was drained of my energy I could not keep any food or liquid down so I threw up and I'm starting to believe that I didn't really have a problem with compression it was just the fact that I was starting to get sick. So I saw the doctor today he took the drains out and I'm very relieved I love my results so far but this is just the beginning of my journey so I know that right now how my body look I should not get too excited until the eighth week wearing my Faja which is supertight and amazing how it makes my curves look. Hopefully I can stay committed to this. He told me that I should stop taking my antibiotics for a day or so and I am so relieved to hear this so I am just working on getting myself back to normal within 24 hours so I can get back onto my medicine because I don't play around with infections and after surgery I know that I am supposed to take my and medicine. For my plane ride I was given a thigh pillow so I can sit on and keep me from sitting on my butt implants on the plane ride home. I'm going to be in the air for three hours I have a connection but I don't have a long layover. I am ecstatic to go home but honestly I think Houston is an awesome town especially where I am I was downtown it's a beautiful city. Anybody that's going down to see Dr Cortes I do recommend staying extra few days or coming a few days earlier before surgery to check it out. unfortunately I was unable to do this and next time actually I plan on coming back just to hang out. I'm going to take a few pictures of my Faja and after that I will wait to the 11th day when I remove my butt implant stitches and take more photos and post a review. Have a great weekend
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