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One week to go. Getting a little nervous anout my...

One week to go. Getting a little nervous anout my TT and Lipo.I wish I had been able to reach my desired weight but I didn't. I am 5.3 and150lbs I have never had children but have had multiple abdominal surgies to to endometriosis. I am having a full tt, smartlipo and lipo to flanks and back My surgeon did my breast reduction 2 years ago and I trust him. Very nervous about the pain, complucations, etc Preops and surgical clearance done.

One day to go

I am getting a bit nervous as surgery is on Monday. Send some prayers on my behalf please!

Feeling so much better!

Today I had my drains taken out and I feel so much better. They put my compression garment on me and my back feels so much better. Stull have lots of swelling but I am very happy with the results so far even though it is only a week. Had to take an hr nap afterwards because all of the walking tired me out.

Enkoying my compression Garment

Thie compression garment feels like a glove. My back definitely feels better! I like how flat it looks under clothes.

Not a good day

Today I am 2 weeks post op and I am extremely swollen and feel so bloated. My CH felt like it was cutting into me. My hubby wrapped me, loosely, in an ace bandage. I just took everything off because I felt lime I couldnt breathe. I hope tomorrow is a better day!

Things are coming along

Still dwelling

I am 3 weeks post op and have a daily battle with swelling. But, I am walking so much better. I started walking outdoors yesterday. 15 min in tbe morning and in the evening. It feels good! My Dr. Says the swelling is natural and I am more prone to it. On the right road to recovery! :)

I feel so fat!

So I am a bir depressed. I have been so swollen for two days and the thought of staying that way terrifies me! I am drinking plenty of wayer, eating 6 small meals a day with no salt, and am getting some walking in (4k steps). Ughh this is so depressing!

Yay! Smaller size

After staying put all weekend, my swelling went down a lot. I tried on some capris that did close and they today they fit (a little loose)! The best part is the lower abdomen no longer has that pouch!! I NEVER tucked in my blouses because of the pouch. Even with spanx you could still see the puch through clothes. Very happy!

Pregnant looking

Drove for the first time today, only about 5 miles rt and went to run an errand. This is what I look lime WITH the cg. Hurts

Hubby likes it

Although I am swollen, my hubby likes the way my tummy looks (and the boobs). I am happy with how different I look.

Happy 50thBday to me!

Today I am 50 and will be 6 weeks post op tomorrow and despite swelling, I like what I see!

Back to work

I went back to work yesterday for four hours. Was exhausted but happy. Was very swollen but its all good .

8 weeks and feeling happy

So today is 8 weeks and I woke up without any swelling and slept through most of the night. Happy because I weighed in at Weight Watchers and am 139 lbs. Ten lbs to go!! Feeling stronger each day, praise God!

Baths? When can I take one?

So, I called the Dr. Office to ask when I can soak in my tub. They must have been very busy today as I did not get a call back. Anyway, I am catching a cold and my muscles are achy. All of my incisions are closed. I am 9 weeks post op. Any suggestions???

No Spanx

Very happy in this dress! Best part, no Spanx!! Still swollen but liking what I see!

Swell hell!!

Have been very swollen for two days and am retaining a lot of water. Look at the hand print on my stomach. My stomach really hurts!????

3months post op and happy

Although my Dr. agrees that I still have quite a bit of swelling as my lymphatic system is taking its sweet time to get back into gear, I am still very happy with my results!!!! I really like the new me in clothes and lingerie and so does my hubby. He likes that I am so confident. Definetly worth it!

6 months

Just has my 6 month check up and everything is going well. I am really enjoying my new look. Have a happy New Year!

Enjoying my new body at 6 months

Enjoyed being on vacation wirh my new tummy at 5 months in this pic (boobies reduced and lifted two years ago).

8 months and enjoying my life

It has veen 8 months and I am doing well. Still have occasional swelling and some minor twinges of pain every now and then from the nerve endings. Overall, everything is well!
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