My Breast Augmentation Experience :)

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I'm 25 years old, weigh 96 pounds. pre-op I was a...

I'm 25 years old, weigh 96 pounds. pre-op I was a b cup and I'm not sure what I am now (I'm on day 2 post op), Went with 385 ccs, silicone under the muscle. Sientra brand and moderate profile. Here are my before pictures and I'll post some after pictures with an update soon! I'll update this as I progress

Wish pictures

Love the look!!

Reposting pictures from day of surgery

They weren't as sore as they are now but I really don't remember the first day so that's all I can really say :/

Day after surgery (so day 1 post op?)

I slept so much the first day after surgery that I didn't really feel much pain (the pain meds helped also lol) but the swelling started getting worse, I was getting shortness of breath when trying to walk around so I just took it easy.

2 days after surgery

Was given a breast band bc of how high my implants are. This thing hurts!!! You can see how much swelling has started at this point

Day 3 post op

In so much pain today! So many spasms even with medication and I put weight on my left arm getting into bed, straining my left breast and now I'm feeling sharp pains there all day. Will call PS Monday

Shouldn't I be massaging? Or stretching? Hmmm

I feel like my ps should've been a bit more available? She's a great surgeon and does amazing work, but my surgery was on Wednesday the 9th and I'd have expected a well being check up kinda call by now? Hopefully she calls on Monday or I'm gonna have to call her. I feel like I should be doing massage or stretches to try and bring these things down so they're not so far up into my clavicle. I have a breast band but wasn't really instructed on how to use it but I'm hoping it's working. I'm sure is uncomfortable so to be wearing it almost 24/7 for nothing would be a bit annoying lol.

Day 4

Woke up today and was able to sit up, put my hair in a pony tail and get out of bed with no pain. And then five mins later the morning boob cramps hit me and my back is seriously out of whack, probably from all this back sleeping (never once slept on my back until after surgery) They do feel a bit better today though, I'll post some pics later today

My before and after

After pic is from 1 day post op

Day 4 post op pictures

Feeling super tight and heavy chested. It's to the point that taking off the bra just for a quick shower or to apply bio oil is painful in a very weird way. Like they're too big to not be supported if that makes sense lol. They're still pretty numb in some areas but I am regaining a little bit of feeling. I'm keeping the compression band on as much as I can but sometimes it's unbearable so I remove it for a while. I've been trying to ice my breasts and while it offers a bit of relief for a second, it hasn't helped with the swelling I don't think. My stomach is super swollen! Im sure bloating is part of it but dang I've never seen my stomach stick out so far lol.

They feel like they're more swollen than yesterday but they look less swollen in the pictures. Idk if that's just the different lighting or my mind playing tricks on me but they feel tighter than they have :(

Day 5 post op

Super itchy boobs today!! Mainly the cleavage area and my incisions. Gonna get some benedryl and hope that helps.

My left breast was in so much pain last night and I felt like the clip attached to the bra straps in the back (meant to pull my boobs closer together so that I still have my desired cleavage when naked) was making the surgical bra wayyy too tight so I took It off to sleep. Felt much better with less swelling when I woke up. I've since put it back on but I think my bra is too small :/

As for today, I feel like it's a bit more difficult to see my incision tape making me believe my breasts have dropped justtt a littttle bit :) I have more feeling today, along with tingling sensations and spasms that I can feel more now that my boobs aren't numb lol. I'd take this over the numbness tho. They still feel weird when I'm not wearing a bra, like they need to be supported or they're going to fall off (obviously they wouldn't, lol that's just the only way to describe the feeling). Still wearing the compression band.

Apparently my bra was too small!

Went to my ps today and got a new, much more comfortable and better fitting bra. It's so soft and comfy ????

Anyone else keep having to remind yourself that your bra isn't padded (during the numb boobs stage lol) bc I keep touching them and then remember that's allll me, no padding at all. And it's glorious haha

Day 7

Still looking the same. Little less painful, I was able to go without pain meds yesterday but my incisions have started to hurt. Kind of an aching feeling even though they look fine as far as I can tell.

Day 8 post op

Woke up with terrible morning boobs and then have been pretty good so far today! No real pain aside from slight when I touch them or move around too quickly. My incisions have started hurting a lot still but other than that today is the best day pain wise I've had so far!

Starting to get a little down about things

I know everyone is different but I feel like I barely see anyone here posting about pain this bad, this long after surgery. I'm not regretting my decision, I think I'm just starting to get cabin fever, frustrated by the lack of things I can do (especiallllly showering normally, it's making me feel disgusting) and a little tired of the pain. It's pretty bad on my left breast, I can't even wear my compression band like I'm supposed to bc it hurts my left breast so much. Ps says it's normal so I'm not worried I just really wish I could finally be off these meds for good or at least pain free for the most part.

Feeling much better!

These pictures are from yesterday and then a sadly low quality picture after my tape was finally taken off today. I'm so happy with how they're progressing and absolutely love my ps!!! I had my post op to take the tape off, apply scar tape and learn massages today. Crazy that I'm to do massages for the rest of my life (sooo worth it tho lol) but was definitely surprising to hear lol. They're still quite tender but have improved so much compared to how much they hurt before. I'm finally completely off meds :)

Weird feeling in the mornings!

So most of my pain is gone other than some dull pain (mostly in my left breast and was almost gone before my ps showed me breast massages and was a bit rougher than I expected, lol very odd feeling!) but when I get up, instead of the typical morning boob pain I feel a weird "flowing" pain as I first sit up in the mornings, it feels kind of like fluid is moving from my nipple area down to the incision and goes away pretty quickly but it's weird!!

I'm loving my breasts more and more each day. About to attempt my first shower since getting the mepiform strips applied yesterday. I'm told to take them off before my shower and re apply them after. I'm super nervous as I haven't showered with my incisions uncovered before (can you tell I worry easily? Haha) hopefully there's no pain.

Had to take my surgical bra off for a bit..

It was rubbing me raw!! My incisions are so damn sore and sensitive since a few days ago. This is the first time I've seen them in a shirt without a bra and damn. They're massive!!! lol I love them!

Mondors cords :(

I developed mondors cords. I'm glad I already knew what they were when I saw them (even though they're harmless) bc that would've freaked me out a bit for sure. They're pretty sore but that explains the pain I've been having :/

Bikini pictures and update

I love them in a bikini! Kinda wishing I'd went high profile but I'm sure I'm still gonna love them when they drop!!

I've been able to slightly sleep on my side. I usually wake up about 6 am after back sleeping all night and move to my side but not to the point that I'm lying on my breast. My doc cleared me to side sleep from the start so I'm not too worried but I do try to sleep on the other side just as much in case it's making things uneven at all (I'm probably just being overly careful lol)

Pain has been dropping each day. I was having trouble doing the massages bc of how badly they hurt but I'm finally able to actually do them so that's nice. They're mostly just sensitive to the touch, it's more of a sensitivity than it is any internal pain. They're dropping unevenly still, my fault for not wearing the band nearly as much as I should be but it's not a huge difference. My right is higher than the left

The mepistrips are making me itchy so idk if I'm allergic to them or if that's normal but it's tolerable.

18 days PO progress

My right ones still dropping a lot slower. But my left one is the one with the most pain. And these mondors cords (that I'll take a pic of soon, I have to lift my breast to see them and it hurts) are most annoying at night when lying in bed.

They still look freakish lol but I'm loving them more every day. Can't wait for them to even out

3 weeks!

I am loving them more and more each day!! :)

I wouldn't say they feel like there a part of me yet, but hey definitely don't feel like foreign objects weighing my chest down anymore lol. Rights still dropping slower

Took a break from the bra today




I can finally go bra shopping and I was given a list of recommended bras. Looking forward to being able to get some sexier options!

They're only sore every so often but nothing severe at all, just feels like you worked out a bit.
My right is still dropping slower but is making progress. I'm trying to be consistent in massage but I'm never able to focus on it for more than a couple mins max ????.

My nipples and areola are still really numb and don't react to the temp as much as they used to, I really hope they wake up lol

I do sometimes feel I went to big for my tiny frame, and although the space between my breasts can't be helped (I already had a naturally large gap between them) it still bothers me as it's so much more pronounced now. Over all I am very happy with the decision. I still have much more confidence than I did before and aside from a few complaints I really do love them!

I'll get some better quality pics up soon!


Showing how squishy they are at this point, what they look like and how they move when I bend over.


I've been working out for the last week and a half, strictly lower body and nothing high impact so I don't think it's related but my breasts are so tight and painful today. Similar to the pain about 3 weeks post op :/ gonna try to go see my surgeon before I go out of state in a week.

Also kind of alarming to me...about a week ago I was looking at my breasts from every angle, bent over, laying down etc when I got on all fours in front of the mirror and noticed a pretty deep "dimple" in my left breast at the bottom near the crease. It was so alarming to me I immediately changed the position I was in and didn't even want to look for it again (stupid I know). I can feel it in the lower pole of my left breast sometimes. Another thing I need to bring up to my surgeon :( I really hope it's nothing serious!

Current progress

Cute harness! And got fitted! +smoking

Cute little harness thingy I found in my closet, it's the only piece of lingerie that fits my new boobs...clearly I need to do some shopping lol

I got fitted at a really nice bra store in a recent trip to Alabama, measured at 28inches around and a DD cup size. Hopefully my surgeon clears me for any type of bra in a few days so I can go have some fun shopping!

So I smoke off and on (I'm trying so hard to quit, sometimes I go days but still haven't fully kicked it) but I wanted to mention it bc I notice my scars get wayyyy darker and my boobs hurt and feel harder when I smoke. Ugh I need to quit for good!! :( don't smoke ladies! It's not worth it!

Some progress pics

Shows what just weeks can do! The bottom one was taken today
Metairie Plastic Surgeon

Cynthia Mizgala and her entire staff have been wonderful from start to finish. I'm a huge annoyance when it comes down to the last details but they never once lost patience with me. I felt comfortable from the start, the nurses as well as Cynthia are super personable and make you feel at home as well as confident in her doing the surgery. I'd recommend them to anyone interested in some work!

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