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Hello to all, I'm bubbles. I'll be 31 on Feb 7th...

Hello to all, I'm bubbles. I'll be 31 on Feb 7th ( 2mrw )!! I have my consultation set with Dr. Mark Peters on Feb 19th. I'm married to the sweetest man The Lord has ever created. I'm 5'6 & weigh 131 lbs. I have three children from two previous marriages , and one with my darling. My oldest will be 14 at the end of this month, an 11 yr old, a nine yr old , and my baby is four. Having my first at seventeen, I guess messed up my boobs bf they fully developed, they were a 34b and kind of hung naturally so I always hated them. I went on to have three more children and breast fed all so after four times going from ( once I hit my twenties I grew to a 36b, bc of my shoulder blade width ) a 34/36b to a full d every feeding destroyes the shit out of them literally. Well we decided we aren't having any more babies so here we are. It's mommies time. This will be my reward for nurturing my babies and destroying my chest. ( hope that didn't sound selfish ). I'm going for a double d. My husband will have toys!! He's already telling me what he wants me to wear in the boat. He's too cute;)!my shoulders are wide so I def believe I can support them. Well y'all this is my journey if anyone's interested. I'm too excited!!

Had my consult today!!

So I had my consultation today. I need a lollipop lift with a slight possible j hook at the bottom, but not a full anchor. Possible no cut at all underneath. My ps fully explained in full detail, and with his awesome computer screen, why it wasn't a good idea to go large. If it means loosing nipple sensation by restricting blood flow , it's out the ? . As soon as he measured me and realized I wanted silicone, I cld see the light and knowledge in his eyes. He already knew exactly what he needed and wanted to do. It made me feel like " yes" thank u Jesus I made the right decision! So I'm going with sientra silicone gel in the teardrop. Can't remember if it was textured or not. We are going with 375 cc in both the right and left. I realized today in the video, if it helps anyone, if ur boobs sag in any way , implants alone are unlikely to correct it. You will have large breast with low nipples. Just saying. I will end up with a Victoria's Secret d. I scheduled the surgery today, and in the words of my husband " shit just got real" ! Lol I'm stoked!!!

Times ticking slowly

Since I set the surgery date , I swear it feels like times is standing still. You can only clean house and workout so much. For some reason I can't fall asleep til like 1 am. I guess the knowing and wanting is keeping me up. Well at least were going to the hercules parade tonight with my favorite sis~n~law in Houma !! Next sat is two of my kids and my husbands bday party at the lake ( praying for nice weather) and the Tuesday after the weekend is mardi gras. Then 13 more days. 25 days of waiting nnneeevveerrr seemed so dang llloonngggg!!!! To u ladies in waiting, hope ur dealing better than me, and happy healing for y'all lucky ladies already done up!!!:)

•Round vs Teardrop• & •Smooth vs Textured•

Thank u * nomoreSADboobies * bc by asking me saline or silicone u actually reminded me that I need to make this decision and boy am I clueless about this one. Looks like I have some research to do. I wld love and greatly appreciate any and all info and experience on this. I think I want teardrop bc of the natural look but still I don't know. And I know I read something about smooth ones sliding. Wow someone plz help!!!

<•__•> Bad Dreams <•__•>

So..... I woke up this morning from a dream.…,my husband picked me up from the surgery center, I was in no pain or anything but my boobs were whopped!!! Well thank god my boobs don't look as bad right now ,deflated as they are , as they did in my dream , whew!!!

:-) pre-op 2 day (-:

So my pre-op was today, bloodwork done , med filled, list of meds and herbs to avoid. I seen the bra I will be sent home in, and it actually isn't that bad. It's white and satiny and has the smallest strip of lace across the top. I asked about the implants and he is going to use round textured ones. I was told they only use tear drop implants on really small breast to add a natural shape. Also my dr doesn't use drains unless the patient is heavier set. Something good to know, my nurse told me that fresh pineapple is better than Arnica Montana . Eat the pineapple but wait save the core. She said cut the core up in small pieces , chew the juices out, then spit the chew out. She said the core is loaded with vitamins. Apparently a few dr.s give this advice. Well that's it I think for now………….

*_* No Freaking Internet *_*

Ladies ... I just want you all to know that I have NOT forgot about any of you and I'm so sorry that some of you went thru surgery and I cldnt say anything to you. Over this past week we moved from town into " the country " like fifteen miles ( from bayou vista to bayou lourse louisiana). Anyway my surgery is next Monday and my internet gets installed that day. Ugh!! So I cant make calls get on my internet check emails either. I can barely text with my phone posted up on the window ledge:(
My emails come thru but won't freakin download so it's like a tease. Anyway I have not forgot about you ladies recovering as well. I will continue to pray that you all are and will be doing well. I'm at my dads checking emails and responding to them while I'm here in town, so until I have to make another trip love and peace to all & and may the good lord bless!!

•£•Sorry I Could Not update •£•

My girls , I'm so sorry I cld not update bf my surgery , my wifi got installed today while my surgery was going on. Well I had to be here at physicians medical center in Houma louisiana today. It's like 30 min from our house we just moved into. I slept pretty good last night although I've been drinkin so much water , I was up all nite teeteeing. I gave all my nervousness to god a week ago, and I didn't get nervous almost at all. Ok so I had to be here for seven, and I was ten min late. I signed in and sat for two min then I was called to the back. There I had to strip down everything except my socks, put on the gown then the paper robe, which my dumbass put on wrong twice lmfao at myself!! From there I was rolled into a huge triage room filled with ppl, but everyone was nice and neatly tucked into their curtain separated mini rooms. An iv was inserted and I had to wait about 20 min for the dr to come mark me up, then fifteen min later I was rolled to what I like to call " the White Room". They rolled the bed upto the surgery table , help me slide over onto it, and chatted so very sweetly to me. There were two huge bright circle lights overhead. I was a little nervous about not know what or if I was suppose to do something. But after about two mins in the white room , the last I remember was giggling looking into the lights . I was never told to count or anything. The nurses loved the fack that I was laughing. They said most are real nervous , crying , or almost screaming, but yep here I was laughing . I remember waking up and no one was right there , so I made a lil noise and I heard my doc say , oh she's up. Then they immediatly wheeled me into my room where my mom was readily waiting for me. I let my husband work today so moms came with and when Jacob got off, he stayed and she went home to our house anyway. Well once in the room they aske if I wanted a pain pill or two, so I took one , thirty min later I took another and it didn't touch the pain. So we waited forty five mins to let those where off and make sure they wldnt work. Then they came hook up the morphine. I know the stuff is bad but it took 90% of the pain away, and you can rest. I love it. Then I noticed the bra was super tight and felt like it was cutting under my arms. Sure enuff the bra cldnt be any tighter everywhere. It is too small. However the nurse said once all the swelling goes down , it will fit. Another nurse brought me another bra , all the straps Velcro on and off and was a lil looser but they said it wld be ok so I took the damn things off. Lol no homo but I have been laying in the hospital bed all day covered to my ribs with my breast exposed. I can't lie if feels so good. The pain immediately went away when I took it off. I have blood pressure cups around each calf since this morning. A free night came with my procedure so Jacob took of work tomm and he's sleeping up here with me. He went get us canes for supper:) Well that's all the juicy details, I can sleep on my side and I gave no drains. To me they look a lil small but hubby says no they are ideal size for me. He said I will be very proportion. To me they are extremely ugly. Lol not depressingly tho. Just misshaped and cut up. Jacob loves them , he said they will look damn good once the swelling is down and they actually taking their own shape. Well over all I feel great and I don't have baby boobs!! Thank you Jesus !!! I'm there with you ladies that are healing now. Let's pray " dear LORD, thank you for holding our hands during surgery, and letting us wake up. I pray lord that you guide our healing and allow us to heal up well and that you take our pain. I pray you keep the healing on track and I'm praying dear lord for the ladies having mishaps during their healing. Take their pain and anxiety and let them recover Lord. Thank you for loving us everyday . I pray that you show us guidance and that we follow you, I pray for wisdom, and for knowledge . We love you LORD, in Jesuses name , Amen.


I forgot to mention that I'm not really bloated or my tummy doesn't hurt at all. I started putting fiber in my water three days ago, don't know if that makes a difference or not. I didn't get nauseated til I got the morphine. A long texted or even conversation wld be tummy turning. But as soon as it wears off it's ok. Nurse also put a shot of nausea medication in my iv, it took all the nausea away. I ate almost all my canes lol. Anyway just trying to be helpful. I will post some pics up tomm!! Xoxo hugs; love & kisses maladies

;( Spoke too quickly );

Yes I was so happy not to be nauseated bc they gave me a shot bf I left the surgery center. Well I came home ate chips and snacks and candy bc I felt so good, and I just threw it all up. Ugh. I was able to use the bathroom too. I started taking fiber three days bf my surgery and my first round of laxatives too. It took a little while but it came out. Enuff said bout that. From throwing up I feel like I have reflux with heart burn. I cld kick myself for eating so damn much. Anyway I'm thankful that's all that's wrong with me right now, and y'all know I'm praying for y'all other ladies out there!! Hugs and love ladies

*-* Pictures *-*

"Pic from Monday "

I will take some more later

*+* Pics from Today *+*

@ a lil info @

Sorry y'all , I didn't realize I didn't even mention what the dr. did . I was suppose to get a lollipop lift with a small possible hook incision, but when I woke up he did a full anchor . I told him at my consultation to do what he knew wld come out best bc he's the professional , so I take it he did the full anchor bc he needed more room getting the implant in, or once it was in he needed to, to get them in the right place. I'm totally fine with it. Doc stitched up the inside and put three layers of glue on the outside and he said in a few weeks I will notice the glue starting to peel and flake off. I have but a tiny dot of blood on my sports bra so they aren't bleeding leaking or anything. And he doesn't use drains. I was able to shower as soon as I wanted which was the evening I came home( Tuesday ) . I went bought a whole bunch of things that I don't have to use. He told me I don't have to massage unless I want to or if it makes them feel better. I barely massage them bc I find it makes them swell right back up. I don't have to do the ice pack thing either which he told me might possibly make them hurt more. Now I took my vitamins two weeks bf and no meds or anything else . I didn't know I wasn't suppose to take it after. My bruising , which wasn't really that bad , is going away quickly. My swelling has gone down some, and my husband said he thinks they are already comin together. Anyway I'm only taking half a pain pill three times a day and last night I started taking two or three ibuprofen with it. As I said I never knew I wasnt suppose to take it after. If I misled anyone , my mistake and I'm sorry. My follow up is at ten in the morning ( Friday ) so I will tell him and see what he says. That's all I can think of for now but if I remember anything else I'll update. I will update after I speak to doc in the morning. Lord bless us ladies that are healing , hold tight our hands of those who are struggling, and take the fear or nervousness out the hearts of those who are in waiting. Thank u for always loving us, in Jesuses name I pray , Amen.

Xx Pics From 2night xX

* Follow up was Friday *

So my follow up was Friday @ 10 am. My Dr. Is completely different than anyone else's on here. He said I can drive, eat whatever I want as long as I'm comfortable, I was able to drink beer and a daiquiri at the family picnic sat. He said I can do and go as long as I'm not out playing physical sports. Oh and I can take whatever medication I want. I told him I took the ibuprophen and he told me to take 800 mg if that's what it takes. He said 24 hrs after surgery I cld have taken whatever meds I wanted to and that hes never found any evidence of it causing more bleeding. So that's that. Free to live again. He told me to squeeze them together with my arms and do arm pumps inward to get them to start moving in , I have to massage each three times a day, for a few mins. He said they are healing up so quickly. I had went shopping at walmart 2 days post op lifting twelve packs drinks and regular grocery shopping, bc I can't stay layed up for more than two days , it makes me crazy! Then Friday after dr appt I went shopping for the fam new outfits for the company picnic. Doc and his nurse cldnt believe it. I can't lie tho Friday I was out and about all day yesterday too, and both nights I felt so nauseated for a few hours. It was ruff. Today we went in the boat for a few hours then came home and boiled crawfish. I took it easy tho and I feel fine. I didn't take any pain pills today just a total of three ibuprofen . My swelling has already started to go down some, my breasts aren't real hard like they have been all week, they are actually starting to feel squishy!! Ibuprofen is good for swelling so I think that's what's been helping. Just saying to anyone listening, this is an awesome site and everyone's stories are interesting and important, but I mentioned to my dr about things I've read, ppl saying don't do this and dont take that and he told me not to listen to any of that part. The way he did my surgery I came home and there wasn't ANYTHING I cldnt do except serious physical stuff, or anything I cldnt have. Also I went buy a list of things I didn't need bc of all the stuff I read, not blaming anyone , again I'm just saying, all I used was my vitamins , stool softner , fiber, and my ibuprofen . The drink and food items yes bc it is hard to go to the bathroom, about as hard as pushing a baby out. I'm getting heartburn easy since the surgery so I've been taking three tums and it works. I will post new pics of my boobs tomm, too comfy to take any right now. If I came on too strong , it's just my personality and it's all the truth. I think that's all I have for now, until things progress, love and piece. " Dear lord, thank you for my healing progress , I pray that you heal all these other ladies up as quickly and easily, I pray for them strength heart and happiness during their recovery, And keep holding the hands of those that are suffering, thank you for ur love and blessings everyday, in Jesuses name , Amen.

:• Pictures from this morning •:

<^> pics from this weekend <^>

@ Last night SUCKED @

So I guess things were going to smoothly or bc I didnt take any meds or my ibuprofen yesterday, pushed myself to the max, and had a rough night sleeping. I swept my house yesterday , did some laundry, cleaned the bathroom, hubby came home and we went shopping for a few things, came home cooked , washed my four yr olds hair and I cldnt get her dressed. Had to call hubby in to finish. I was done!! To make things worse , the recliner is doing a number on my back so I tried to sleep in bed , which has five inch memory foam over it, and it was so rough trying to turn over , it felt like I was ripping my boobs from the inside. I had burning sensations. On top of that Unydi sleeps in the middle of us , and she elbowed the shit out of my right one and threw her foot over it a few other times. Jacob put her mattress on side of our bed and put her in it. Things were a lil better after that. I woke up this morning and my boobs are like rocks . They are so hard. After I go register her for pre-k I'm comin home and doing nothing. My older kids can take my slack today. Oh and one other thing, Unydi started this thing yesterday like if she has to tell me something she taps on my boob to get my attention, and even worse twice yesterday she tried to use them to pull herself up while I was sitting on the couch!! Wow right..... Dear lord bless us this day, please take all our pain and soreness. Continuing holding our hands and let ur presence be felt. I pray lord that you take anxiety of ladies in waiting , plz heal the ones who are having problems , and let us be thankful lord us ones who are having it easy. Keep us safe this day, let ur love rein and open our hearts and allow us to feel it, in Jesuses sweet name I pray , Amen.

???? damage from last night ????

My bruises were pretty much gone, besides a small area that's light yellow

8-) 2nd followup 2day (-8

My second follow up was today at 8:45 this morning. Everything is looking good and I need to rub the glue off with some babyoil or petro jelly. I will do it after I get home this evening, and I'll take some pics and post them too. I went get my nails done after , so I finally feel right again . I've been getting my nails done since I was sixteen , and I took them off a week bf my surgery. Well my nail tech Lynne , who always does my nails, looked up and said " oh how long"? So she was the first to know without me saying anything. I slept ok last night. Each day and night gets better and easier . I still haven't takin any meds or ibuprofen for a few days now . My six week check up is April 29th. I bought two more sports bras last nite. I tried on a 38 and it was comfy but I wanted it snug , I guess to help will the pulling together, well I got a 36 and I'm wearing it, but damn, I really think it's too small. I really don't know if my boobs are still really swollen or if this is about the size they will be. They are not too sore anymore either. I can sleep on my sides and stuff. I think that's it for now, until something changes ..... Love and hugs!! Dear lord thank u for ur blessings and continued unconditional love. Thank you for our smooth healing , and I continue praying for you to help my fellow sisters in need. Plz lord allow the fluids to drain from dukes, the lady has been thru enuff. Keep holding our hands Lord , we all need it. In Jesuses name I pray , Amen.
P.S. Thanks to every single person on this site who has started and is sharing a journey. Everyone deserves to be recognized and get a comment;)

& the glue &

Hubby is rubbing baby oil over the glue and letting it set a lil while so it'll peel up easier. It surely is on there. Might not be able to post pics til tomm :( sorry , just wanted y'all to know. Dear lord I pray for us all a piecefull nights sleep, allow us to wake up in the morning, and for peacefulness to enjoy our weekend. Plz absorb everyone's negative going ons at least for this night, in Jesuses name I pray, Amen.

/\ the weekend /\

Hello beauties!! My weekend was fun! Sat was my husbands nephews bday party. I drank my bug light with lemon juice in it and boy was I buzzin. We played kickball for awhile , and our team kicked ass of course!! We all was target shooting my husbands new military 9 mm, and we had a bonfire that night. I'm now able to fully sleep on both my sides and sat night I had a soft pillow under my boobs and I was able to sleep on my chest. It was amazing since I'm a stomach sleeper. My boobs feel good, I do have some tingling sensation where my incisions are on the inside. However it is not constant. Every now and then I get a lil burning sensation under my left one, but I think that's bc when I lay on that side I stretch my arm out and it pulls it. We also put the pool up for the kids today. It was dirty so we spent the day cleaning it, and doing stuff in the yard. I'm tired so I will read all of ur new reviews and comment back tomm. A big thanks to all of you who hit me up this wknd. My internet was so weak over there I cldnt get on realself:( well til tomm ladies sleep tight, love and hugs!! Dear lord , we pray that you ease the minds of the ladies who have surgery tomm, keep them safe and allow them to wake up sound. We ask that you continue healing our friends that are suffering, and answer the prayers of ones with special needs. We pray that you bless us all lord and keep us safe. We thank you for our times of quick painless healing also. We pray that you keep loving us lord and that all our hearts are open. I pray for a good nights sleep. In Jesuses name, Amen.

;)- pics my s-n-l sent me -(;

*^* Inspiration *^*

Ok y'all , I don't have anything new to update really except that, like I've told a few of you, I almost cldnt unscrew the lid off a 5lb bucket of pool chlorine . It's not arm strength. The lid is longer than my hand so I cldnt undo it that away. So I was kinda tryin to hug it and turn the lid. Idk it just wasn't happening. I guess it was the first time trying to use chest muscles. Anyway , I set the dang thing on the table, broke the clip off, press down, and finally. Are you kidding me. I felt like a wimp. It is the first thing I've tried to do that's been somewhat of a task. It sounds like and is something simple, but I can't stress how weird it was. Anyway enuff with my silliness , and on to something I'm hoping will be inspiring . Scriptures. Psalms 46:10 Be still and know that I am God. ~At your most painful or troubling times, be still and let The Lord take everything u feel you can't handle.* Mark 10:52
And Jesus said to him, "Go your way; your faith has made you well." And immediately he regained his sight and began following Him on the road.
Proverbs 24:14 Know that wisdom is such to your soul; if you find it, there will be a future, and your hope will not be cut off.Proverbs 4:20-22
My son, pay attention to what I say; listen closely to my words. Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; for they are life to those who find them and health to a man's whole body.Exodus 23:25
Worship the LORD your God, and his blessing will be on your food and water. I will take away sickness from among you,Psalm 30:2
O LORD my God, I called to you for help and you healed me.Mark 5:34
He said to her, "Daughter, your faith has healed you. Go in peace and be freed from your suffering."
James 5:16
Therefore confess your sins to each other and pray for each other so that you may be healed. The prayer of a righteous man is powerful and effective. ; Dear Lord, my friend is having surgery tomorrow and she has confessed she's having anxiety over it and not sleeping well. I pray that you ease her heart and her mind and allow her to feel ur presence. I pray that you watch over her , and be at her side while she sleeps and has her procedure done. Please hold her hand as she awakes and begins her healing. I pray Lord that you take her sorrows and her troubles , and allow her to heal quickly and easily. I pray that you be there with my friends just comin out of surgery and begin their own healing process. Please Lord give tremendous strength to these ladies suffering, Lord , they have definitely been through a lot. We are so thankful Lord , those of us healing well, I pray that we are strength for others in need. We all need you in different ways dear God and I pray all these ladies have their hearts open to you and if they do not, open their eyes and guide them to opening their hearts. Thank you for all your blessings , and watch over us all tonight. I pray that these words reach you and many others Lord. In Jesuses sweet name, Amen
P.S. Romans 10:13 For whosoever shall call upon the name of the Lord shall be saved.!!! This verse will save ur life and get u to heaven!! I hope all are well, good night friends, love and hugs.


So I just wrote a whole long review and was posting the last pic and my phone desides to blink to the home screen. Ugh I swear. Anyways , my hubby took off from thurs- sun to remodel our boys room, and it was the cypress sawmill festival so that's why I was silent for a few days . Sorry friends. Well on to the too much info thing. Well me and hubs had a lil bit to drink , got a lil ruff , and now there's some fluid , not bad , under my left boob. Also where my nips were smooth and round bf, there are a few indentions where u can tell the stitches are under the skin. I'm not worried about it tho. Oh and duh y'all, I forgot to mention bf that I have no sensation in my nips. How I ever failed to post that info is beyond me. Anyhow, to the touch, on the outside I can't feel it, but on the inside it sends a weird feeling through my boob, happens to both sides actually . Had I known it wld be like this bf surgery , I wld have been effected , but it actually doesn't bother me. If it doesn't come back , it will benefit the hubs , in his own way. Lol. Ok, so I had to dig thru some bags I haven't unpacked yet, and it took me awhile but I finally found my swimsuit top I took that^ pic in. I deleted the bf pic so I can't do a sidexside. Sorry.* Dear Lord please forgive me for speaking openly about my personal business. I pray first that we open our homes and then our hearts to you Lord, we have to open our homes and allow you to enter bf you can come in and perform ur work and do ur will. I pray that we never stray from ur side Lord, for none of us can be fully accomplished without you. Please place ur hand on my friends who are dealing with swelling Lord, and allow them some comfort. I pray for those who are in their own measures of healing , and for peace of mind for my friends with upcomings. We are always thankful and humble for easy healings dear God. I pray for us all Lord bc none of us can do this alone. Please allow ur presence to be felt throughout and far beyond us all. In Jesuses name I pray, Amen.

*•* Pictures *•*

:/ not all my pix went thru \:

*-* my weekly*-*

Hi my friends. I've been doing fine and praying you all have been the same. I wish my boobs wld be as round as a lot of urs are. It's my own damn fault I'm sure bc I only massage in the morning when I wake up, and I never stop. I've been cutting grass, pulling up the bad grass out the yard, taking care of the pool, and my daily house mendings. I have a bit of fluid in the bottom of my left breast, probly bc I sleep on them every night. Can't help it , it's most comfortable for me and I've always been a stomach sleeper. Plus all of what I have to do. It's all good I'm sure I will be fine ;) my next appt is April 29th so well address the situation then. Of course I'll be letting y'all know what's up. Boy son I am so white and need to start tanning. I'm just waiting for that one lil area on the bottom side of my right breast to heal up or something. That thing is so tender. The skin is healing but I can feel the row of stitches underneather. Plus I can feel the tip of a stitch sticking out. Thank God there's no sores or infection or anything of that nature. If it don't heal up more by Wednesday morning, eff it I'm going tan anyway. Easter is at our house for the whole fam this yr, and dammit my ass will be ready !! Praying you guys are healing up , and aren't to nervous and anxious if your in waiting. Remember The Lord is always with you ( foot prints in the sand ) just allow urself to feel his presence;) Dear Lord , bless this sabbath day, and forgive those that have to work . And forgive us too that aren't in church, we still love you as much. I pray that my fluid and stitch situation are minor and heal up nicely however long it takes . I thank you for being with all these women on a daily basis and for their bodies coming out beautiful. Thank you for hearing my prayers and answering those in need. I continue to pray for all these women whatever their situation may need Lord, please continue to answer our prayers. Thank you for keeping us safe and for all ur blessings, in Jesus name I pray , Amen. We love you Lord.

<3 today's pics <3

:/ jury duty /:

Just letting y'all know I have jury duty today:( hope it's only for one day bc it's almost an hour from my house. Dear lord plz let this be minor and only for one day. I pray you keep me safe on the road today and everyone else also. Plz let me find an easy place to park God. Help all the ladies on here that Need ur help today Lord . Thank you for ur continued blessings, in Jesuses name , Amen. Ladies the begining of the tetrad is tonight. It's a blood moon, actually a series of four over the next yr and a half. The blood moon is a significant sign from God. Love and hugs you guys!!;)

+ swimsuit +

I will update for real tonight, but I saw this swimsuit in my Venus mag and I'm so thinking about getting it. It comes in tuxedo, sugar white, red , and plum if anyone else is interested. Dear Lord, let us all make it thru this beautiful day. Allow us to get everything we need to accomplished. I pray you let each of these woman feel as beautiful as they really are under all the healing or stress or anxiety, whatever their trouble let them feel it Lord. Keep us all save and hold our hands Lord , in Jesus name I pray , Amen*

( uh the photo )

{: happy late resurrection day :}

Hey friends, I wanted to update yesterday and tell y'all happy Easter but I was too tired, I apologize for that so , happy belated Easter. I hope we all remembered yesterday the reason behind the holiday. I'm doing great! Yesterday turned out amazing , all the fam had a great time. My husband boiled the crawfish and they were too die for. Everyone ate twice . The other night I pulled two stitches out the top of my left nipple. A few weeks ago there was a tiny bump right next to where the stitch was already out a bit, no puss or liquid or anything. I popped it just so it cld heal and still nothing came out. The next day it was gone and there was a lil scab around the stitch. Well surprisingly I didn't pick it and after like a week, I rubbed the wash cloth over it and it pulled up the scab. It didn't hurt or bleed bc it was ready to come off. Well there were two stitches out a good bit so I took the tweezers and barely pulled and they came right out. It was late Friday night so I was gonna take a pic of the lil hole but the next day and it was closed up. Now u can't even tell there was anything there. I tried to take a pic but it wasn't working:( no more soreness or pain. I think my swim suit may have rubbed my right under incision in the pool though bc laying on my stomach on my float it was a lil tender. When I do stuff, they stiffen for a few min and then soften right back up. Got some exercise painting our chicken coop this weekend. I felt like I was doing a bunch of squats with arm strokes. It came out really nice. I will have to take a pic later , forgot too. I think I still have fluid under the left. Will find out next week. Something is wrong with my knee. Bf surgery , I worked out my legs with ankle weights and I wld do a lot of kicks, well I think I may have kicked it out. When it's strait it's good but if I sit with it bent or Indian style, oohph Lord it's killer to straiten it out. However once strait it's good again. Idk I can just tell something ain't right. Will go to dr soon tho. Plz pray for me . Thank y'all ;) * Dear Lord, we thank you for giving ur only son to wash away our sins, and for resurrecting him so we can be with you for all eternity. I pray that all who are not saved and don't know in their hearts 100 % if they die today they will go to heaven, that they accept you in their heart as their savior and confess aloud with their mouth. I pray for all the swelling troubles everyone's having to subside so that they can enjoy this summer. Thank you for the strength of us fast healers, and calm the nerves of our friends in waiting. I pray you bless us with courage and knowledge and of all wisdom. Thank you for the love you wash us with everyday. I pray whatever is wrong with my knee , that you plz heal it Lord. Thank you for not letting it hurt. I pray you answer all our prayers and heal all our needs. Thank you dear Lord. In Jesuses Sweet name I pray, Amen.

;{ had some openings };

Hey ladies, hope you are all well. So last night I go to take a bath right, and on my right boob , where I keep saying the stitch tip is out, there was a lil bubble. So I squeezed it and a lil blood came out. So I also noticed on the same boob on the vertical incision there was an opening. It was length wise with the incision tho not a hole. A lil blood came out of it. Well I didn't take any pics , sorry , bc as y'all know were remodeling, and I was drove last night so I went my ass to bed. Hubby texted me the sweetest message this morning tho. When I got out the tub I put some of my kids rx ointment on it and this morning it looks really good. The fluid in my left boob looks like it's starting to go away too. So to all who said prayers for me, much love ladies bc you along with The Lord allowed me to start healing. Thank you. There was no pain with either spot. I took a pic of the tube of ointment too. * Dear Lord , thank you and the ladies for helping and allowing me to heal. There are still some out there suffering and some new that are suffering and I wanna pray that u heal their well being. We have a friend going thru surgery and we pray u hold her hand and keep her safe. We pray you answer the prayers for special needs also Lord. Thank you for all ur love and continued blessings, in Jesuses name , Amen.

;~} date night {~;

So tonight is the first night we get to go to our fav lil bar . Tha rat aka Rathskeller . I tried six diff halters and a tube top and did not have a bra to fit with anything so I had to settle. Thank God I had a stretched out hater bra from bf that managed. We at the bar now. Margaritas on the rocks son!! * Dear Lord plz let us get home safely and forgive us for drinking. Thank you for our health. Plz heal the ladies who just had surgery quickly. Thanks for the strength in the quick healers and plz help us who are still acheiving our desired results. Help the ladies swelling in pain. Thank u for ur blessings Lord in Jesuses name, Amen.

{••} pics from wknd {••}

My dr appt is tomm , will have a real update then.* Dear Lord thank you for keeping us safe over the weekend. Thank you Lord for helping my friend with her special needs and answering her prayers. I pray for everyone on this site and all our families Lord , whatever the need maybe. Open our eyes and allow us to see the path we need to take. Thank you for all your love, in Jesus's name I pray, Amen.

*=* six wk chkup *=*

Hi, beautiful ladies. I must say the more of you posting face and fam shots, are making real self a more beautiful place. Y'all are really pretty, just saying. Great news, went to the dr this morning and he said it's not fluid under my left breast. It's breast tissue settling and that he wld not have noticed had I not said anything. He said they are dropping and rounding nicely and that as they settle the tissue and everything will move into place. The scar around my nipples are slightly raised so they told me to use scar guard twice a day for three months faithfully. Silicone gel product. I know some of u use maderma, they told me don't waste my money, maderma doesn't have the right ingredients that they are all about marketing. Wow bc I've used maderma for yrs. my scars around my nipples are pinker now. They explained no scar product will help this. It's all the blood lines nerve endings reconnecting and healing. It's extremely important from this point til about a yr to apply thick pasty sun screen to the incisions bf tanning. The one that comes in a stick. They have been more itchy today than ever. Still not to bad tho. I'm back to doing everything. Lifting on furniture moving things around , anything I wld have done bf. just want y'all to know, I don't just say I'm praying for y'all, when I put my phone down I actually do say a prayer after almost every comment on all of y'all's pages;) love you ladies!! *Dear Lord thank you for continued health. For everything you do for all of us Lord. I pray you keep us all and our families save from this storm. I pray you keep my friend and her fam safe this tornado season, and my other friend safe from earth quakes or what not. I pray for strong healing for everyone on here, for us pre and post surgeries. I pray that every woman may feel as beautiful as she is Lord, and that you continue answering our prayers, thank you for everything Lord , in Jesuses name , Amen.

* animal pics *

Ok well this is our lil farm in the making. It's what we do. I've had my two Rhode Island Red hens for eight months, one just started laying. We got nine eggs so far. We have two that will be just good for meat, and the dark one in the bunch is a turkey. We have six black and white specked pullets. And our two rabbits, their babies will go in the freezer. Were waiting on the goat to stop drinking off the mom, and we about to get a baby pig to raise them put in the freezer. My husband is all about living off the land. He wld fit right on in with swamp people and the Robertsons ( duck dynasty ). We live and go in our boat in the same bayous on swamp ppl. My hubby keeps asking me if I will go topless in the boat fishing this summer. Are u kidding me? Big ass tug boats pushing barges pass constantly. Any of you that want to share ur fav recipes plz tell me.. I'm tired of cooking the norm and wanna try something diff. This is just a whole random post just for fun!! ;) * Dear Jesus , bless the day , keep us all safe, and bless each and every one of us, in Jesuses sweet name I pray, Amen.
Just saying, I wasn't on much last couple days, was catching up on Vikings . It's my fav show as much as true blood is(;~})

[**] bf & after [**]

:-/ late update \-:

Hello ladies, I will now call y'all my RS Angels. I've been busy lately so just get on to respond to updates. Hubby stayed home spent some fam time, went in the boat jug lining, had another bday party, and getting house ready for Mother's Day . Still I think about y'all , as ridiculous as it sounds I just about feel guilty letting days go by and not being there for you guys;( but still real self goes on. My boobs are doing good. The breast tissue is settling quicker that the implant is dropping, which some of you have heard me complain a bit about. My doc just lifted me to the max, I mean he cld not have tightened me anymore. Anyway it's all gravy bc they look great in everything I wear;) last night in my sleep I kept feeling little stinging sensations, although I still can't feel my nipples. I'm praying one day it comes back, I'll be good if not though. It's still def worth it. It's raining here today , hopefully it all rains out bf Mother's Day . Well you all have the very best weekend possible, life is what you make it!!* Dear Lord , bless my friend during her surgery this morning, allow her to wake up and feel as beautiful as she is. I pray that you work on her husbands heart Lord and let him find compassion for his wife. I pray we all have a beautiful mothers days and feel as special as we are. I thank you for healing my friends and letting them feel better. The ones still suffering, please Lord send them a light and comfort them. Please keep us save this weekend and thank you for your love and blessings, in Jesuses name I pray, Amen.

:-( toothache )-:

Hi my Angels. Sorry , I was going to update Saturday night , was baking til 1 am after a huge barbeque at my mother in laws, then Sunday night I started having a horrible toothache that's just feeling better today;) I hope you all had a great Mother's Day . It was rainy on and off here but we were still able to boil our crawfish;) my boobs are feeling great. I can feel that my anchor incision stitches are almost all the way dissolved. I still have to be careful though bc I sleep on my stomach and my boobs and with my arm stretched out, so if I move to fast , it will pull a little underneath but it isn't bad. I still have tingling here and there thru both my boobs , and I still can't feel my nipples. Am I the only one who lost feeling in them? Bc I did not want to from the beginning. I'm cool with it though, just wondering. While having my toothache the last few days, I stayed on the couch and caught up on a few movies. Like the three episode Bonnie and Clyde. A great Christian movie is Fireproof. Y'all it made me cry a few times thru the movie. I'm about to watch blue caprice. That one is about that man who took that teenager across America , and they were shooting random ppl out the trunk. It's rainy again today so I will be watching movies. Oh and just saying, I have been braless this is the third day and I'm so loving it!!* Dear Lord I pray you keep my friend safe through her surgery today and let her wake up beautiful . I pray you keep my other friend safe on her trip to Austin today and allow them beautiful weather. Plz let us all keep healing Lord , and take away all troubles no matter the situation. I pray you take all worries for our friends with upcoming surgeries and put their minds and bodies at ease. I pray for my friend a personal solution with her husband dear Lord. And Lord I pray for true happiness for us all. Plz come into our hearts minds and fill our souls. Thank you for loving and blessing us everyday Lord, in Jesuses name I pray, Amen.

[••] wknd pix [••]

What's up my Angels? Hope you guys are enjoying the warm weather. But not smothering in San Diego . There's not much change in my boobs. They are still itchy at times and I'm still getting zings thru my nipples. My friend that does hair, she lost sensation when she got her boobs done and six months after she got them pierced and got sensation back. I love piercings dont get me wrong , just never cared for the boobs or lower region area. My boobs are really dropping, I really want them to round more at the bottom, but if not i still love them . I started my workout this morning and I feel great. Cld give my self a swift kick for not starting back weeks ago but it's ok , better now then mid summer right?! I hope you all are happy;-}* Dear Lord I pray you give us strength to choose the right path and then follow it. I pray you give us knowledge and courage to make the right decisions. Please Jesus open our eyes and take the meanness out of our hearts. Please keep us safe from all these storms fires and weather changes. I pray that you lay ur hand on the healing , and ease my lady's in waiting. Thank you for allowing us to enjoy our new bodies. Thank you for all your blessings and letting us feel ur love . In Jesuses name I pray, Amen.

* Kirstis 8th grade ceremony *

;) nuthin much new (;

Hi Angels! Hope you guys are all doing well. Nothing much new to report. I still massage everyday. Still get zings but not as much. Still can't feel my nips lol . I made a honey/cinnamon mask that made my kin look and feel amazing as soon as I washed it off. It's an amazing natural scrub too. I have been dealing with acne since I got my boobs done, which I've never had acne problems in my life. It's getting better slowly. I googled it and there are no studies that link acne to silicone implants , yay bc that's the only reason I haven't gone to the dermatologist yet. If the pix suck, sorry bc my phone slid screen first onto the floor and my screen is shattered so I can't see real good. I'm going to order a screen kit when hubby gets home and if that doesn't work then I will claim it on my insurance. Well as always I wish you all well, and if any of you need to talk or anything, I'm always here, love you guys lots!! * Dear Lord , please clear up my acne bc I'm at my witts end with it. I pray the ladies who went thru surgery today , wake up beautiful and with their dreams fulfilled. I pray you keep my friends who have had surgery recently calm and not to stress over the little things, and that you stand behind my tummy tuck friends to keep them moving forward with their healing and swelling . Thank you for all who are healed and healing nicely. Thank you for ur continued blessings and love , and I pray you keep us all safe this summer . In Jesuses name I pray, Amen.

{~~} not much {~~}

What's up Angels? You sound like you are all doing well so I'm believing the prayers between all of us are working. Thank you Jesus from everyone here on realself for answering our prayers. I haven't been on too much since kids are home bc I have to constantly straiten and clean and cook to keep up, whew. I have been doin a workout routine 4-5 times a week, not on wknds, and in between I do 48 push-ups. I must say that after a few weeks I can feel the muscles in my breast tightening and strengthening . You can't really tell in pictures but I can tell it's actually changing them a bit. Maybe fluffing them out a lil more. So I finally did it. I went tan yesterday!! I got the orange stick banana boat sport 50 SPF sunblock. I covered my incisions and my nipples with it, then I put a second coat just for safety. Now I won't lie I was so nervous and kept telling myself , if the scars darken eff it , only Jacob will see them. But amazingly they did not!! I'm still debating a revision bc my scars come out strait past my breast and do not follow up the under fold. I'm also not caring for my tissue dropping I'm guessing under or to the bottom of the implant. I'm not really stressing over either situation tho bc damn they look amazing in swim suits and clothes . Plus my husband thinks I'm crazy bc he loves them , but when you love like that , you are blind to imperfections. Well son I see them lol. I'm happy to report my face is really clearing up. So I starting taking all my vitamins again like a week ago. And I'm using my daughters marykay clear proof acne treatment. That kit is awesome. Just saying. Yesterday made 15 yrs my brother died in a car crash. He was 18 and I was 16 when it happened. I'm good , time eases the pain and sorrow but doesn't touch the fact I will never hear his voice again although the way he said my name will always echo in my head. For that I am thankful. My brother was saved so I know he is in heaven. We will be together as soon as it is Gods will. Just thought id share that. Oh I wanted to say that now I'm glad my boobs are not big like I first wanted them to be. We went in our boat a few times , which we have a 17 foot aluminum skiff. That's the type of boats they use on swamp ppl . The most popular type of boat in louisiana. Anyhow Sunday we took my sis and BIL to Gros to get a daiquiri and it was a lil rough out on the water. Look any bigger and they wlda been bouncing outta control. So I now realize these are perfect for me!! * Dear Lord , thank you for listening to our prayers and sending down blessings. We have a few friends in pain and I'm praying you hold their hands and guide them through and that you take most of it from them. Most of us sound like we are doing well and for that I wanna thank you. I pray for anyone who has special needs Lord , that you help them. I pray that you keep safe our friends in waiting , and lay a calming hand on them to soothe their anxiety. Lord I thank you for all the blessings and how you have kept my family. Thank you for the nice weather and the rain that has helped us and everything grow. I pray for good weather and everyone a safe and most of all Happy Fathers Day, and to you as well our foremost important Father. In Jesuses sweet name I pray , Amen.

??? Can y'all see my captions???

I can't see my captions under my pix?! Wth

[•*•] 2nd time [•*•]

Hey my Angels!! So this is the second time I write my review bc some kinda error accurred as usual. Nothing much has changed. In the pix my scar lines are dark bc I had just too pix in a bunch of swim suits and clothes plus I slept in my bra which I never do and I sleep on my stomach. So don't be like " omg her scars are so dark". Lol they just caught hell since last night. Remember I took the pix this morning and tried to update then whatever... Anyway Saturday bf Father's Day we went in the boat out to the bay where it opens up into the Gulf of Mexico . It was still brown tho , you have to go pretty far out bf it gets blue. We set out our ten crab traps the other day , that's how many we can have one each license . But I'm about to get mine so we can put out our other ten. We ran them the other day and ended up catching half a bushel which is that wooden crate thing. It was like eight dozen . Most were medium but they had a lot of large ones too. Sunday for Father's Day it was pouring down all day , so me hubby and Unydi went shopping in Houma and eat at chilis. Omg if y'all eat there y'all have to drink a presidente margarita. Do NOT drink two and drive. They are AMAZING !! Always my favorite. My hubby shocked the crap outta me bc he never orders fruity or sweet drinks except fir chocolate bar daiquiris and lemon drops with grey goose . He ordered a watermelon margarita which had chunks of watermelon in eat sip and tasted like a jolly rancher. So picture how we go to the mall and Victoria's Secret has the audacity to be remodeling for expansion during their semi annual sale!! Are u frikkin kidding me?! They only sold under clothes and lingerie so they're expanding to sell their full clothing line , but right now ? I'm over it...... Anywayz everywhere was having huge sales. Not to sound cheap bc me and my hubby do our "do it big " shopping spree once a yr, and I can buy whatever I want , but damn I'm just a SUCKER for sales!! We shop during the yr too but once a yr we go all out. Yes my hubby likes to shop ( no homo) lol. I've been on my exercise almost everyday feeling good. I either watch tv and set my timer or listen to my music. My two favorite songs are Lorde- glory and gore and Third ward Weebie -let me find out!! Haha he's talking bout us in that song... Don't get mad , I meant surgery wise. I know some of you get mad bc I post things from my entertaining life and stray away from my boob info but when there's not much what's a girl to do? Anyway some like it and some don't sooo I'm sorry for that. That's pretty much it for now so until something changes or interesting happens .... I'm peacin out \/ . Ps I heart you guys!! * dear Lord I wanna pray for all the girls going into surgery and having it there are many around this time. I pray you keep them safe and out of harms way. I pray you keep them safe on their travels to surgery and back home as well Lord so travel pretty far. I pray for them a quick and healthy recovery. I wanna thank you for healing all the ones who are doing good. I pray that we all open our hearts and homes and lives to you Lord and that you bless us all and let us flourish. I pray for everyone with special needs that you answer all our prayers. Thank you for your love and all ur blessings, in Jesuses Sweet name I pray Amen.

;•}~miss u all~{•;

Hello my beautiful ANGELS!! And that you are!! I love you all and you all put a smile on my face for posting on my page and missing me bc I miss y'all too . It really makes my heart swell and I'm smiling at my phone, silly right !! So I'm sorry I just disappeared without a word, that was wrong of me since I consider y'all my real friends. Work is a lil slow in the oilfield right now which totally worked out for us, my hubs got to take off for a week. So we went to lowes and got 14 sheets of 3/4 " treated plywood and 12 sheets of 1/2" Sheetrock. That's a heavy load. So we bought the plywood the first day and we load it into Jacobs tundra and he figured it was so heavy he didn't strap it down . We take off on the hwy and it slides out and lands in a perfect stack on the busiest hwy in Houma on the lunch hour. Thank God an off duty cop was across the parking lot in his car to stop traffick and three other vehicles of guys stopped to help . Well guess what he did to unload at the house? Backed up in the drive way and slammed the breaks and it slid out in a neat stack again lol. So we ripped floors out unydis room and kids bathroom and completely over hauled her room and halfway did the bathroom in one week. We rushed through it and he strained his arm( which he cut the tendons above his thumb , same hand/arm in 09.) and I have arthritis in my hands and I cld barely grip anything after. Now at night my hands go numb while I sleep. So the second week we went in the boat and was crabbing and fishing. I caught a 15 lb catfish on my beast of a red fishing pole. Every one I've owned is red. Well I can say carry all that heavy material had my boobs zinging and it has actually made the muscles on top the implants swell. For two weeks you cldnt see the tissue in the whopped looking left one but now that I quit lifting it settled again. I've discussed with my hubby about getting the scars on each side of each boob tightened and fit the curve of them and just getting him to take my breast tissue out since it's making them look this way. I think the feeling is starting to come back in my boobs. I can't feel the outside yet but it feels like I almost can. I can't explain the feeling in words . Sorry it's odd . So Logan my now 12 yr old ( his bday party wil be this sat, were building carnival games!!) had his yearly checkup yesterday. There's a poster on the back of the door with all the diseases and pictures of ppl with each right, so all four kids were sitting sidexside across the table and asking about each. Well after I was done explaining I sat in the chair and Jeremy (9) is like my head hurts, I thought he was playing like usual. Well he bent forward and he's like I gotta throw up, so I turned to open the door and when I turned around , this dude done rolled off the table and passed out. Thank God his two feet were dangling off because he landed on them and it broke his fall. He still hit his head but not enuff to bust it. So two drs and three nurses rush in and give him crackers and dr pepper. Checked his vitals a few times , then got back to checking Logan. Well when we go to leave , Jeremy goes to walk out turns green and throws up everywhere. They ended up wheeling him to my truck in a wheel chair. All bc of that poster, it literally freaked him out. Guess who will be my non dr abstinent child?! We did 4th of July at my house, but sorry ladies I haven't been taking any pix. Not with my hands being the way they were. I was wearing compression gloves. Silly at my age I know but I've been a hard worker since like 11 bc at that age I was 5'2 . Had my sister not started making me smoke at 13 so I cldnt get her in trouble , my ass wld be tall. Well that's about it . I will take lots of pix this weekend, praying it doesn't rain. It has every evening for weeks now. Also praying all are well. * Dear Lord thank you for all that we have accomplished . Thank you for healing these ladies and my husband and self as well. I pray that Jeremy is ok and you keep ur hand on him. I pray that all these ladies are enjoying life and you keep their hearts full. I'm praying you keep us all Lord, the waiting, the healed , and the healing. Thank you for loving us all Lord and I pray everyone is saved or gets saved bf you come. Thank you for ur son and his blood and love to wash away our sins and bad choices we choose to make. We are sorry for those choices . We love you Lord , in Jesuses name we pray , Amen.

•.•. Pix . •.•

:•} just bubblie {•:

Hi my Angels. I miss you all and a shot out with a xo to all those who dropped by. Realself struck a nerve the way they let ppl attack ur comment as long as they don't name call. Really ? It's why I don't have Facebook . Anyways I'm back for those of you who care;•} I got lazy and left my scar guard on the shelf for the past two months. Def been enjoying the girls. They look good but it seems when you take a pic it draws out the flaws that the eye in person misses. My girls who haven't gotten their sx yet, if you have a good bit of breast tissue that is torn inside a really saggy breast , consider tissue replacement, or have them take the tissue out and get a bigger implant. The tissue settles and it looks funny. Hence my pix...from breast feeding I never realized my breast tissue is shredded. Gross I know. Just a thought. Well guess what I got about 80% of the feeling back in my nipples but I feel like it'll be 100 soon. Whooty whooo!! That's what's up. Give me a bit you go in and check y'all out, I've been absent for a min. I'm currently working on my Halloween costume, I'm going to be a lil girl zombie with a baby doll dress that I'm searching for a lil white shirt that the girls will pop in to go under, complete with babydoll shoes and pigtails. My hubby and I won 2nd place together last yr. kirsti is in her first yr of high school so I'm working on homecoming everything this week. Anyway back to the boobs I have no pain except when my husband decides to squeeze and pull them. Man I'm good with the squeezing but the pulling is something entirely different , I'll get mean in a min. He says he just can't help it tho;•} N•E•Wayz praying you are all well .....* Dear Lord , I've been away from realself but not from you and I hope it's the same for others. I pray for happiness in all these women . I pray you keep us all safe from harm. Lord I pray that all who've had the procedures feel happy and complete and that you bless those in waiting with their dream outcome or something similar. I continue to pray that everyone takes these last few years we have on this earth to seek you out , open their hearts to you, and learn how to be saved by ur blood. I pray you answered everybody's needs and prayers Lord. I thank you for your love strength , courage , wisdom , and guidance through this place we are all living in. Thank you for all your blessings, in Jesuses name I pray, Amen*
Houma Plastic Surgeon

I met with dr . Peters today, he spoke as if we knew each other forever. So thorough that I had no questions at all. Super profesh. I know I picked the right place. His staff are super cool. We cut up !! No nervousness at all. The place is beautiful. Everything just felt right!!........ After surgery.... Dr peters is just great. He went get my mom to sit with me while I waited for surgery . She was with us and we talked and cut up while he was marking me up. I swear this man treats his patients and their family as they are his own. His work is diff from things I've read and pics I've seen. I'm completely happy with my results. I love not having to do anything to them. If I was to have anything else done he will def be my doc!! Thanks dr peters for fixing me!! Much love son;)

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