Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile Saline 400cc implant filled to 425cc and 450cc

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Beginning of the year, 2013 , I decided to change...

Beginning of the year, 2013 , I decided to change my body. I started working out 5/6 days a week. My small 34 b soon deflated and was shrinking more each day. I decided to get 400ccs moderate plus saline implants. This is my journey. 

Day 2 post op. Feeling very sore and stuff. Twins are riding very high. Hoping to feel better tomorrow.

Post op day 6. Feeling much better an back to...

Post op day 6. Feeling much better an back to myself. The first 4 days were rough and I really started to doubt the decision I made. I'm still having pain in my left breast but other than that I'm feeling fabulous! At the doctor now waiting for my first post op appt! Will come back with details.

Post op day 7 first Dr. Appt. he said to start...

Post op day 7 first Dr. Appt.
he said to start with massages 3/4 sets each 3/4 times a day. First massage left me really sore. I think maybe I overdid it a bit. Anyways! He said Everythjng looks just the way he thought they would. Sitting high. Will see him again in a week. Having a little trouble finding comfy bras! Walmart has be no luck for me.

Post op day 8: Well after reading many reviews I...

Post op day 8: Well after reading many reviews I often wondered, "What is this morning boob all about?" Well now I can say I KNOW! The past few days waking up have been horrible. Sore and stiff. I must admit I have been taking a pain pill as soon as I wake up (have a few left from my prescription). I did the massages but did not get much relief. Is anyone else out there sore after massages??? I thought they were suppose to help not hurt?!?! Is it too soon? Please if you have some feedback on this send me PM or comment below.
I think the swelling is going down or all the way down. Incisions are still pretty painful, will upload pictures today of what they look like. Thanks for all the nice comments I appreciate them!! Till next time, everyone have a blessed day and week!!

Post op day 14

2nd Doctor visist post op day 16

Finally feeling back to normal. I have been sleeping well now that I can peacefully sleep on my side with no pain. Still wake up with a little morning boob. Information on my implants Mentor Smooth Round Moderate Plus Profile Saline 400cc implants filled to 425cc and 450cc.

Bathing suit top

New pictures

Bathing suit

Bathing suit top

Post op day 22

Bra size as of post op day 31

Post op 31 days

Feeling back to my old self. Breast are becoming softer and starting to drop more and more each day. I can do pretty much anything I did before. I have not gone back to the gym yet because I wanted to wait it out for exactly 6 weeks. I was in fear of messing them up and it's just not worth it to me. I stopped taking Advil pain reliever about 2 weeks ago. I don't have any pain. Morning boob is going away more and more each day. I'm sleeping on my side and sleeping really good at night. I'm excited to see the changes they Will make in the weeks to come!!!! Also massaging 3/4 times a day :))

Before!!! Lots of courage to put this up!

Push up

Wearing a 34 D VS very sexy push up. I would not wear this anywhere but home!! "Man! I feel like a woman! "

Bra shopping

I am a 34DD I find the 34D bras are too small maybe (yellow bra)


Scars update 45 days post of. I haven't been putting anything on it. What do you recommend ?! B

Bra shopping

47 days post op today :) feeling great. Feeling NORMAL. I went bra shopping yesterday and was measured a 34DD. I bust out of the 34D. But my sister says I should say with the 34D because my breast may still be swollen?? Is this possible??? I am about 8 weeks post op. Anyways....I am still massaging 3/4 times daily. They still are very high and the nipple seems to sit very low. I like the fullness but I am ready to see the final result!


Feeling great! Back to 5 days a week cardio and weight training. Loving them but having boob envy! Wish I would have went bigger!!!!! Maybe a revision in a year or so :)))

12 weeks post op


Before and after

Before and after !
34B pre op
34D post op


I have been so sore lately. I think it may be from wearing under wire bras!!!



It's been almost 7 months. One is still not dropped like the other. Seems like this is normal from my research. I'm not completely satisfied with the size. Wish I would have went bigger. When I look in the mirror they seem small to me. Maybe it's all in my head. I don't know. I know bigger impants comes with more complications. I guess I'm suffering from the popular well-known "boobie greed"!!!



Can't believe it's been almost 10 months!!! Where does the time go?!




New pic
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