Getting my Apron Removed - Youngstown, OH

I'm using Dr. Adam Cash. Him and his staff have...

I'm using Dr. Adam Cash. Him and his staff have been great so far answering my questions. Now I just have to wait for it to get here. When I figure out how to upload pictures I will. I have been watching other people's experiences on here for a few months and am hoping for a good outcome. I've shared in the ups and downs of each person praying that things go correctly.


I was supposed to have my surgery on Thursday the 17th of November but I have been really sick the last week so I might have to reschedule my surgery. This sucks.


I talked to the Dr's office and they are trying to get another approval from my insurance company right now.

Talked to Dr office

I called the doctors office to see if they put in for a new insurance approval and they are but it's an automated system and says my information doesn't match their files so I had to call them and get it fixed. I haven't heard anything since. Hopefully soon.

Yeah I'm scheduled

I talked to the doctors office today and my surgery is scheduled for March 28,2017. I can't wait.

Oh no

I was unable to have my surgery in March due to the passing of my husband. It was very unexpected. I talked to both my family doctor and surgeon and it was decided that due to losing him I wasn't in the best place emotionally for the surgery so it'll be rescheduled in June. Thank you for your support for my surgery.
Youngstown Physician

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