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To be totally honest it never really entered my...

To be totally honest it never really entered my mind. Cosmetic surgery just not something in my circle of family or friends.

My stats:

5'6", 9stone 5 lb before (am 9stone 3lb now) size 10.

What I did know is that after even 2 children my breasts had totally changed. Pre babies I was about a 34C I think, I was often wearing a 36B which I knew later was totally wrong size.

I had daughters in 2006 & 2008 and breast fed one for 6 months, the second for 2 years!!

I went up to a UK size 16 and pottered along with life. Then it all changed (live life to the full guys...) my husband died suddenly and unexpectedly.

I went on to meet a wonderful supportive man, who planted the seed, that I didn't have to live with what had become very saggy deflated 32B breasts. After my husband died I plummited to a size 8/10 as well.

Now at a stable 10, after having moved to Spain and had my third daughter in August 2013 and breasts so droopy, ashamed to lean forward or really be seen by other half. I impetuously decided to book an appointment and see what came of it...

Dr Alejandro Nogueira of Lowcostmetic was just the right mix of reassuring, knowledgable and empathetic.

You see the website and its very much geared towards Brits travelling abroad and keeoiung costs low, which may be a concern, but not at all. they really have pared it down but not to the detriment of care or service.

Although I live in Spain, my Spanish is muy poco and so I felt more at ease with an English speaking team.

I wish I had noted this journey here as it happened, but I did not.

I booked a consult and Dr Nogueira assessed me and what would suit. I felt fairly confident in his opinions. I had to have an uplift as so awful and that he would try with a lollipop incision and anatomical implants. needed as not enought beast tissue. Due to poor elasticity he mused this may cause puckering under and a sure bet to avoid was to go for anchor, but he felt worth trying with lollipo first as scar length under would show in bikini. IF did pucker a smalleer less visible horozontal correctional incision could be done as a revision after. I was also have a Rhinoplasty at the same time (mad yes!?). Best get it all over with. A tummy tuck would have been nice but a finite amount of cash to deal with, money from late husband's pension.

So this was all about 2 months before surgery was scheduled. I had to wait after breast feeding, which I had stopped as I had literally run out of milk, they had become so delapidated. jealous of women that have buckets of milk production, I never did.

Blood taken and tested, heart trace done. shown to room, given gown. All led through hospital by the lovely anaesthetist, Salmones.

Change and waited. Partner fell asleep on sofa in room and only just rousing a bit as I whisked out.
Sat in room outside theatre. Lady giving birth next door! Know how she felt having been there myself a few months prior (very theatre, stirrups, you ARE having an epidural here).

Walked into Theatre, with sexy pull on feet covers.

Marked up and as he a very aesthetic surgeon wanted me to just show where I wanted them, no cup size as too vague etc etc. For my body I think he chose well in the end. Will wonder if could have gone bigger, but for my frame very natural and enhanced beautifully thus far. He says will go down 10-15% I hope they don't!!!!

Anaestetist. put mask on and I remember nothing.....very disorientating being woken and it all having happened!!

Op at about 13.30. In recovery for a while, really really COLD. wheeled back to room at about 20.00.

Partner waiting

Some more pics.

Big bandage off but still taped up. Taking time to heal.

BUT now I am 1 month 3 days post op and beginning to feel braver with them. I mean leaning on them. Hugging baby close. Sleeping on side. Etc

Praise for Surgeon

Silly old me had a panic.

Lovely night out bit baby sitter needed me to come home pronto as she had to go out. So I ran. In a normal bra. Getting undressed I felt a weird bit sticking out into cleavage and boob just felt wrong like it had moved. I was so worried it had shifted. And it was uncomfortable and different to left boob.

Sent email to surgeon at about 1am. He called this morning and saw him at 12. He totally reassured me. Implant in right place. Had dropped suddenly and I could feel side. It was probably running and I've torn the capsule a bit and boob dropped into place too.

Phew. What a lovely helpful man seeing me do quickly.


I only wanted to post to help others. I appreciated finding this place as reassurance and comfort with a scary alien decision. There wasn't many reviews for my Surgeon and I feel he deserved a good review.

I will not post anymore updates now. But hope it may have helped some. Esp. The person I PM'd. Good luck all. Mucho besos y abrazos xxx
Spain Plastic Surgeon

Reassuring, knowledgable, not over the top, gentle, in control.

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