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Hi ladies, so after having my breasts done in Feb...

Hi ladies, so after having my breasts done in Feb this year and knowing just how much better it's made me feel, I have now finally decided to go ahead with a full tummy tuck with muscle repair and lipo to the flanks (hips)
I have been doing research for months and months and was almost set on going to Prague to save money. I sent off all my details and pictures and they declined saying I needed to lose a stone in weight first even though I posted the same pictures as a question on this site and many surgeons said I was an excellent candidate for the op. I booked a free consultation in Southampton to get all the info I needed and to see if it was right for me being heading abroad, which was today. I couldn't believe my luck when it was the same surgeon that did my breast augmentation in London in February!!! (dr Gabrielle Bourghini) what are the chances!!? Either a huge coincidence or a sign not to risk going abroad.
So I had my consultation this afternoon 7th July 2016 via The Hospital Group.
He checked me over and pulled my skin down to see how much stretch there was, he also put his hands in the centre of my tummy and made me cough to check my muscle separation which is pretty bad due to having a csection in 2011, my daughter is now 5 and I'm pretty set on just the one.
So he thoroughly explained the procedure to me with pictures so I could see what his plans were with my scar positioning etc, the only small issue I may have is a mark where my belly button piercing is but that's fine, he said everything under my bb will be removed, all tattoos and stretch marks will be gone!!!! I knew I'd leave wanting to just book it after seeing my surgeon again. So I went down and sat with the patient co ordinator who went through all the finer details and after explains that the cost is such a big thing she managed to reduce the cost by £1k so the total price is £6k. You get three years after care which is such a huge difference to the 10 days I'd spend in Prague. The surgery is done in their private hospital in Birmingham where you have a private room for two night and they also offer a private car for £220 return. All my follow ups will be in Southampton which is only 45 minutes from me. I haven't as yet given the go ahead as its so much money but I do have savings so I can afford it outright, it's just the smaller things to consider like childcare etc but now is the best time to do it as I have a break in between work. It feels like you have to justify your decision to everyone but I am so unbelievably fed up of eating well and exercising and getting no where. I never ever wear jeans and live in leggings as the minute I eat and bloat I'm so uncomfortable trying to hold my stomach in which I'm sure everyone here can relate to. So the date I can take is 5th September, so only 8 weeks! Such a huge, huge decision but I really feel like it's the right one.

Ahhhh decisions!!

It is such a huge decision to make and ring up to book the surgery. If it wasn't down to the money I'm sure I'd do it in an instant. But then also you think is that money worth vanity? Am I just being vain? People have far worse stomach issues than me, do I really need it?? I'm sure this is the same thought pattern as others. If I go ahead and book it will be in 8 weeks time, I know I will be so much happier but there's always that worry of waking up in regret and a lot skinter than before the op!!

Still undecided

A week since my consultation and it's all I keep thinking about, I really want it done yet for some reason can't commit to it. I guess it's because of the fear of 'do I really need it?' as so many other beautiful ladies on here genuinely have been badly stretched from their babies and I am fortunately no where near that stretched, but I know I cannot change the pouch and my muscles are separated also, all I can do is reduce my hip side. However, I could try really hard for six months and see if I'm just as miserable, but this seems like the perfect opportunity as I'm off work during the available dates offered. Arghhhh. I'm wondering if we all share the same thought process before booking?

More pictures, decision day

Still in turmoil trying to ring up and book my surgery. What does everyone think??

Before pictures

So have just done my tan for a night out tomorrow and am stood doing the shall I shan't I... I think I look ok with tan on when stood up but the minute clothes are on eg waist bands I'm miserable, excuse the nudity but trying to give a better picture X (saving my bedding from tan hence the pink towel haha

It's booked!!

So I finally took the plunge and booked my surgery! 7 weeks eek! Scary but exciting x

May have to cancel : (

So my sister decided to give me the news that she won't be renewing our tenancy in November as her and her husband want to move on on their own, which I understand of course but now I have to find someone for my 5 year old daughter and I to live and I'm worried that it's a stupid idea to spend £6k on myself when I may need it for deposits and furniture etc. I have already paid my deposit and it's 6 weeks away. I so badly want it done and it took me so long to take the plunge and book it, I've paid £500 deposit also. I just don't know what to do. I do have savings so is not all my money gone I just worry I won't be able to moan about struggling with money etc if I spend so much on this surgery

It's going ahead! 4 weeks time

So I very nearly went to cancel as so much has kicked off the last week. I've also fallen out with my 'best friend' who was going to come with me as its three hours away but now I will be using the private transport option and going on my own. What worries me most is I don't have a support system. I will be relying on the ex in laws to help with childcare and I don't want to be a burden to them. But looks like I'll be doing my recovery on my own. I've taken some more pictures today, it's like I'm trying to reassure myself that I need it done but I know it's what I want. It's just getting more and more daunting the closer it gets. Ignore the unmade bed. Apparently my wobbly stomach took priority

Shopping list prep

Hi ladies, especially those in the Uk. Now you've been through the process is there anything you can think of big or small to help me along the way, I haven't bought a single thing yet so any tips at all would be gratefully received xx

21 days to go

So I've just paid my remaining £5,500 to them, it's scary as hell now!! I haven't had my fit for surgery form yet from the GP so made a point of asking what happened if it was refused and she said you get 'a refund'
It's so real now I've paid my money, I am officially terrified!

13 days to go!!!

I am terrified! And clueless even after spending every day on here. What do I need to buy in advance?! I've bought vitamins and arnica and pepto bismol just incase and that is literally it!! There must be stuff I can stick up on, what do people use the maxi pads for?? Will I be ok wearing leggings as I have loads of do I need something different? When will I be able to drive down the road for school run?? I am dreading childcare issues! It's so scary not knowing what will happen. I am
Also going it alone three hours away from home and am staying two nights. Any tips on what to pack?? Again completely clueless, will I be sleeping most of that time? Any help greatly appreciated ladies if anyone reads this xx

8 days to go and poorly!

Only 8 days. Next Wednesday?! Arghh that's scary. Full of bad throat and snot currently, why do I have to get ill the week before?! I'm sure our bodies know we're not meant to be poorly so close to surgery... Hoping it will pass, taking Vit C with Zinc daily so fingers crossed. I managed to get a recliner free online yesterday so will give it a good spray and just put a duvet under me. I also got a little kids stool to raise my feet in the car (thanks mumoftwins for the tip) I'm feeling very unprepared but it's hard when you have no idea what you're going to be like... Haven't really heard a thing from the clinic for ages so no idea how to prep etc. Hoping they will give me some info once I get my admission time a few days before. I also have to book private transport as I'm going it alone that's costing me £220. Please tell me I'll be ok on my own, it's not nice having no one go with you and it's three hours away!! Bit nervous about the car journey home...

4 days to go

Please can anyone tell me how to replace nerves with excitement?! I am so anxious! My breast Aug was a breeze but as I've been reading reviews over and over for months I know to expect a tough ass recovery and so can't help being terrified this time and obviously can't think of the bright side yet as no one seems to mention even feeling slim for months afterwards. I'm also worried about waking up from the anaesthetic as it took them 45 minutes and oxygen last time for a much shorter time in theatre. I'm hoping I can look back at this and say what were you worried for but I am literally terrified! My car details are all ready and my driver will be here at 4am for a 7am arrival, I should be one of/the first on the list for the day and am staying two nights, no idea really what to pack as I know I'll over pack but don't know if I'll even use any of it!! I am dreading being nauseous too after reading so many ladies struggles but I'm always fine with going under and haven't had a problem so far touch wood but it seems to be really common with this op! Arghh

Surgery day!

Well my driver arrived at 4am and we arrived here at Dolan Park by 7am. I've had my 4 tubes of bloods taken and am now in my private room with my gown and beautiful large net pants on. I've been told I am second on the list so should be going down in around two hours. The anaesthesiologist will be paying a visit soon along with the surgeon. Wish me luck! Feeling surprisingly calm although I am
Worried about being sick after reading the other reviews but I'm normally fine so fingers crossed! I have a headache through lack of sleep and caffeine! See you on the flat side ladies x


So the surgeon has just been to see me and marked me up. I told him to suck the fat out of my hips as much as he can haha. He's taking a picture for me of what he's cutting off and he's also told me I may (will) also have a small vertical scar to make my stomach tighter. After reading this is in another review it didn't come as a huge surprise. Just a waiting game now. Also met my anaesthesiologist who was lovely and I told her please don't let me be sick!

I made it!

Hi ladies, firstly if I don't make sense it's the drugs! So I got back from recovery about 3 and have been in and out of sleep since, if only it was always this easy to just nod off in a split second! So waking up in recovery was painful, the muscle repair is by far the worst! I think without it I'd feel pretty good. I had a bad stomach ache but you honestly can't tell if it's the muscles or internal ie tapped wind. I asked for pain relief when I woke up so they tipped up my morphine but I haven't physically been pain free but God knows what it would be like without meds. I have a catheter in, two huge drains and am on a second drip to replenish fluids. I've just been bought two paracetamol and one small tablet oxy something. Luckily no nausea at all but I did ask for anti sickness in my iv prior. I've been up since 3am and so am so grateful I keep falling asleep as I'm shattered. Will
Post a pic of what I can see but it's not much. I can't wait to see my stomach with no god awful stretched out tattoos! When the surgeon marked me he up he explained I may have a fleur de Lis, just a small vertical incision. No idea if that's what I have but pretty sure I did but I'll look at it as a bonus for the flab above BB. Sorry if I've repeated myself at all but my eyes are lottery shutting every couple seconds!

1 day post op morning

Morning ladies, so I was on and of each hour last night after sleeping so much yesterday, I did try to roll slightly on each side as the trapped wind is stuck in my diaphragm, this Is a daily problem with me anyway as my body can't belch so I knew it would be painful. I last looked at my phone at 2am and the nurses came in at 6am (yawn) had all my stats done, antibiotic in my iv and a clean gown on. They've rearranged me in bed and sat me up and just been brought a fruit pot, alpen and a nice hot coffee which should ease the throat swelling. Pain honestly isn't so bad. I prepared myself for the worst purposely so it would be better than I had imagined. The muscle repair is definitely the bitch. Trying to take a deep breath is uncomfortable but I've been told not to shallow breath to much as it risks the post op chest infection. Still can't see my tummy, it looks very flat minus the top of the binder which has been pretty swollen from the start. Will update at the end of the day as I'm sure lots would have changed

Thought it was going too well...

I was so uncomfortable with the pressure from my big sticky dressings that were wrapped round my stomach and it was causing a huge lot of swelling above the ribcage sticking out over the dressings. The surgeon came in and said the nurse could take them off but they're normally left on til your first post op. But because of the pain of it (and I mean moaning out loud pain) think worst sticky plaster ever over raw blood pressure dropped to 90/50 and I just about passed out so three nurses came in. I went ghost white and had to be laid flat, I was literally dripping! Never ever happened before wasn't nice at all, but my pain meds had already run out before the pain of the dressings came off so it was just too much pain to handle. Got to see my stomach though, couldn't really look at too much as she had to change it as it was red through. Still haven't moved from my bed once yet, they were going to remove my catheter and change bedding around 11 but then it all went wrong, so after lunch they will try again and are hoping to sit me in the chair. At this rate I cannot imagine leaving in the morning as I can't even move around this bed!

Two days post op and home

Hi ladies, so I had a horrid sleep due to that damn trapped wind in my rib cage, I was laying side to side and on all fours trying to burp but it wouldn't move. I finally fell asleep at half 2 after giving up pressing the nurse button that had come loose, I got woken up at 5.30am to have my drains out. Yes it was uncomfortable as my paracetamol was due. I wouldn't say you get pain as such and I know if I didn't have this trapped then I would be so much more comfortable! So the journey home was three hours. Sat upright in one position with an excruciating stomach ache from the pressure of trapped wind made me feel so sick, it's like if you really need to poop and start feeling hot and clammy with the pain but constantly for two days! I wasn't sick through this process as I am just not one to throw up but I was dreading not making it home.... Since getting home ive managed to eat half a roll (since yesterday lunchtime) as I've managed to use gripe water to move some of the wind out. I've only had 1 strong ibuprofen since 5.30am this morning, I'm trying to avoid my codine if I can as I already can't keep my eyes open. My binder is uncomfortable and I'm actually meant to be wearing two the surgeon said but with my trapped wind there is no way I can wear two! It's good though that I actually came away with three binders from them. Today will consist of a windy tummy and sleep on and off. Walking is tricky and I definitely look like a very old lady at the moment.

Lipo sites

My actually tummy has no bruising but my god are my sides bad! I was expecting this at the lipo sites though

Day 2 post op and comparison pics

Day 3 post TT

So last night was pretty good, I was out of it by 9pm and woke at 1am and 5am when I took my meds and antibiotic. In comparison to a C Section id say the c section is more painful as you get incision pain but the TT is more discomfort and less mobility as you're tight top to bottom but I'd say if yours doesn't include a muscle repair you'll feel pretty good. So this morning I could only manage a few mouthfuls of cereal which I needed to take my strong ibuprofen. I felt pretty good, my friend came over for half hour then she noticed my colour drained and I felt really weak! That lasted for another two hours where I felt hot and queasy and really rough. My little girl was also over and I just wanted to stop feeling so yukky. I think you prepare yourself for limitation and pain but not for how groggy you'll feel. I didn't expect this at all, pain isn't the issue its how you feel which isn't pleasant. I'm trying to really limit my pain meds too. My bowels felt funny when I had my turn and I sat on the loo, I had something there but I couldn't physically push it out. I tried again when I started sweating and just sat there for about 10 minutes, every time I pushed hard I would grab my stomach for support, I eventually passed something but it was really tough, seems the stool softeners aren't kicking in yet. Back in my chair now not much energy at all and a rumbly stomach. Praying I'll start to feel less rough tomorrow. Taken binder odd to wash it but I was sent home with three luckily! The surgeon asked me to wear two at a time but I just can't do it. My stomach is numb and swollen but not much to report.

4 days post op pics

Slept 7 solid hours, it's very uncomfortable when you wake up! Super stiff everywhere from being in one position, woke at 6.30am to take antibiotic and x2 paracetamol then slept through til 9.50! So 11 hours in total yay, shattered now though. Have to attempt breakfast but my throat is just so sore that everything stings it too much, got up to have a wee and once again I can't push my stool out, I try with all my mite holding onto my stomach but I can't do it, lower hips are sore from having legs up all the time. Will try and stand longer and longer each time today and up the water again. Have added some pics, my butt seems to have well and truly disappeared!

I'm clean!!

After a few tears this morning after my sister made me porridge and I just couldn't eat it with my throat pain, I got up, sat in the shower on a gold out chair with my binder on a waterproof sheet over my tummy and she washed my hair and body, I shaved my underarms and washed bits with a wet sponge, I managed to blow dry my hair (there's a lot of it) and get changed into some clean pyjamas! So I have been up and about for a whole hour standing up more or less! Still haven't eaten today or really drunk water because it hurts too much but have taken my antibiotic so now have to wait an hour before I'm allowed to eat grrrr, but woohoo I'm sat up and clean! And only took two paracetamol at 6.30am this morning. I'm really not needing my pain meds I'd rather be uncomfortable than groggy!

Day 4 pics

Day 4 post op after shower and hair washcloth feeling refreshed! Standing pretty straight, have a swollen midriff as you can see a band around my waist

Day 4 post op

6 days post op

So today I got up and dressed, make up on etc. Tried to find some thing that would fit me my thick body. Took two paracetamol, then my friend arrived for the hour drive to my first post op appointment, the drive was absolutely fine and today's been the first day my heads been clear and I've felt like me. Minus the granny walk and horrendous back ache after standing for a while, and I can stand for a good ten minutes sometimes before my back cries.
So everything went really well! My incision has no redness, my scar is nice and low along my old c section scar, my belly button looks exactly as it did minus the circle of stitches, I am extremely bruises with purple and yellow literally everywhere on my back and sides and all along the incision. Arnica has done nothing at all for me but never mind. So dressings have been changed, binder back on and back in a week for BB stitches out. She said it all looks great and doesn't think I'll have anything to worry about! Yay
I feel like me today, no lethargy or heavy head. I haven't napped in the day since day 4 post op, not sleeping great at night as I get acid and trapped wind laying on my back. Actually quite tempted to go back upstairs to my bedroom tonight, only on paracetamol too and antibiotics. Throat is so much better today and I have my appetite back this afternoon. I even went back to my friends house for a coffee and she made me lunch, I almost forgot about it until I had to try and get up off the sofa haha. No idea when I'll be able to do school run, it's only a 5 minute walk each way to the car so maybe by Friday if not definitely Monday. Feeling pretty good, just look like an 80 year old with a thick waist!! My nurse was going to pass me my phone so I could take pictures but she forgot so unfortunately I'll have to wait til my apt next week at two weeks post op x

Day 6 pictures

Bruised like a peach everywhere... Swell hell but a good looking BB healing well!

1 week post op

Woohoo I've reached the 7 day Mark. I am back to feeling myself as I'm only taking paracetamol, I can get up and get ready with hair make up etc and stand for most of it but I definitely cannot stand straight yet, I tried whilst looking in the mirror and it's the area around my upper abs that has an obvious stretch when trying to stand straight that is being pretty pulled as the skin inverts so I'm not ready yet. I'm wondering when I'll be able to do school run, maybe 5 days or so. I'm going to try and be up and about more than usual today so my body can adjust to being upright for longer. I have taken some pics this morning before the swelling begins and I can almost see what I will look like after recovery! He's done a great job with lipo on my hips, I cannot grab a single bit of fat or skin on my stomach! I can punch some on my hips where the bruising is but maybe even that will go down. Everyone speaks so highly of my surgeon whether it be the patient coordinator, anaesthesiologist or follow up nurse and I have 100% faith in him. He is Dr Garbielle Bourghini and currently works for The Hospital Group UK

Day 8 post op swell hell!

So I have take a step back today! I am walking more hunched over and the swelling is just insane so everything is sooooo right! Nothing fits me, my loose shorts don't even button up or zip up! I knew to expect most of this but didn't know it would get worse after being pretty good. On Monday I though I'll be ready to do school run Friday! No no, now I'm thinking no way could I walk outside for 5 minutes straight unless I had a walker. I did however stand in the shower (not allowed) but I wrapped my stomach up in cling film so it was waterproof and washed what I could trying to keep the water down my back. I'm thinking maybe I've done too much for my body to handle right now and this is my punishment. However on a normal day, I walk pretty well and I've noticed the only reason I can't stand straight is the tremendous pull on my upper abdominal skin, no incision pain or pull at all but the area over my diaphragm actually wrinkles where it has such a pull/stretch. Someone please tell me this is normal and will stretch out time.....

11 days post op

Have taken a picture of the reason i can't stand straight... Though I am of course happy that my skin is so tight. You can see the direct line going through my upper abdominal muscles but at the moment it's a pure pull of tightness that I can't straighten out. My friend is taking me to the shop today to grab some food though I will be walking hunched so am ready for some funny looks... It's very frustrating when you feel well but your body is playing catch up and you're so limited to doing basically nothing, another week I'm hoping and I'll be back to doing little things like school run, driving and food shopping

Is anyone seeing my review?

If anyone looks at my review can u like or comment as it looks like I'm writing to myself yet some reviews have loads of activity.... Not sure why x

Day 12 post op

Hi ladies, so it's now day 12. I've been out and about over the weekend doing minor things with my little girl and although I'm feeling myself I am absolutely wiped out after a few hours, yesterday after watching her swimming lessons I ended up in bed for a few hours. I've just driven for the first time since pre op and it was actually fine, though I was cautious. I have my second follow up apt tomorrow where my bandages hopefully come off and I know my belly button stitches will be removed... All is fine still the same issue with the tightness around my upper abdominal skin, you can see the straight line that pulling in the picture. It's so taught that I'm paranoid about getting stretch marks there so the bio oil has come... Will update tomorrow hopefully bandage free. What I find odd is that I look much smaller around the waist, not so much the hips, I cannot grab a single ounce of skin above my bb yet my inches are bigger than before, and yes I know people will say it's swelling but If it was swollen id be able to grab the skin surely.. I'm stuck in black leggings and tops at the mo trying to disguise the binder and my pancake bum I've acquired being sat on it the last two weeks!! I'm actually looking forward to getting back to doing school run.... Never thought I'd be saying that...!

Day 13 follow up with nurse

So just got back from my apt, she removed my bb stitches, no pain as it's completely numb you can just feel the tugging, it looked pretty good until they were removed but she said its normal as your body starts classing the stitches as a foreign body as so it's quite weepy now they've been pulled out of the skin that was growing around them. My incision looks like it's healing really well, she was really happy with it all. No problem areas at all so far. She cleaned it all with that alcohol
Solution and has re dressed it with Steri strips. Been given the go ahead to fully shower now and to replace the Steri strips after about a week and keep doing that until I see her again in two weeks. My lovely surgeon went along my c section scar and it's lovely and low only going higher towards the hips as expected. It feels so weird without that bandage over the top! I feel so unprotected all of a sudden, especially now my belly button is weeping, she said to let the air to it for ten minutes every now and then when I'm watching tele. I can see the swelling above the incision for the first time now! It's no different than when I had my pouch though really where it is raised over your cessation scar. Slight pouch on one side but I'll put that down to uneven swelling. (I hope)
Today was back to normal, drove to the supermarket and got a light load on my own. Nice to be back driving. Back to school run and motherly duties tomorrow...

Word of warning

Ok ladies for anyone that's getting drains through their mons area I highly recommend you getting a wax pre op!! I only ever shave due to thick hair follicles (ouch) and I shaved it all off pre op but where you have bandages over that area to protect the drain sites your public hair has nowhere to go but to grow ingrown so I have a bad case of ingrown hairs that I've had to try and surface with tweezers and the area is so damn itchy but as there's drain holes healing I'm fighting the urge to scratch!!! Also, on another baaaaad note! I have just noticed my old belly button piercing is still on my stomach!!! Above my incision off centre! I have added pics for you to see. I'm slightly gutted really that it was like a cm off the incision so you'd think he would have removed it!! Looks like I will always have that now as I really do not want any kind of revision. Sorry for the gross pictures but it's a word of warning lol get a wax! And tell them you don't wish to keep your old piercing....

2 week pictures

Day 18

So just had a nice full shower and my Steri strips came off in the shower so got to see it in full view. Not that happy today seeing it in its full glory. The bit I hate most is how high my mons area now is, my scar isn't actually that low at all because my mons has been pulled up SO high!! Not a fan of that at all. My waist proportion now looks shorter. My scar seems to look fine with no redness. I do have a hard area where my old piercing still is (another bit I'm not happy with)
but there's no redness so I won't worry about it just yet. My scar is uneven and is higher one one side but I understand it's near on impossible to get a perfect scar. Also when I sit down it bulges over the scar just like over a c section scar, I'm hoping this is swelling but it's first thing in the morning. I'm
Sure all the problems will settle but I am unhappy with both my old piercing still being there and my high mons area. Say goodbye to low rise underwear : ((

Uneven scar

Safe to say I won't be wearing a bikini in my life which I was hoping may happen but I'd have to wear a really high waisted one and they look disgusting on me as I have big thighs... The scar sits below the tape one side and above the tape measure the other side

Day 20 post op

Yay day 20, nearly three weeks! It really does go quickly surprisingly. I am posting pictures from this morning which have made me very happy as I've always dreamed of being able to wear a white fitted vest top on its own without wearing a second baggier top over it! I do need to now invest in some low rise trousers as I had to role my jeggins down. Not quite able to/brave enough to wear actual jeans yet. I was naughty and did the school run without my binder on but it felt great. Still very stiff in the morning from the pressure of everything being squished over night and still obviously suffering with swell hell but I'm on the right track! Full of cold from my darling 5 year old and sneezing is a bitch! Your muscles contract for a minute or two after each sneeze haha ouch.

Panic station

Can someone please tell me if this looks like an infection??? I will obviously contact the nurse tomorrow but wondering if anyone else had this?? I have been aware of this bit of my incision for a while as it just seemed to pull more than the rest when I was up and about. But more so today so I had a look and it's half a centimetre of greeny white stuff, the Steri strip also had brown/yellow Liquid on it. It's hard to say if i have a fever as I'm ill with a cold anyway. It's gone so well I so hope it doesn't start opening up with infection : ((((((((

Day 24

Went shopping today, it's so nice to have more options now with outfits to wear and that's with swelling! I bought simple £4 long tshirts and they look nice! Fitted tops look nice?!?! What? It's been around 6 years before I could wear a fitted top. I can't wait to see the final result in a fitted top though I fear I'll be slightly rounder with no exercise by then... still have a stingy incision. Some of it is completely closed and is literally just a a thin line. Just hope the rest sorts itself out. My worst places for swelling are my upper abs, above the incision and my lovely lady hump that really is a hump! It's about 2.5" thick currently.... I suffer really badly with bloating on a daily basis and used to distend so badly that I always looked around 5 months pregnant, it's weird now as I feel bloated and have the usual trapped wind but my stomach isn't able to distend other than looking slightly puffy around my upper abs! Result! I walked around today without rearranging my top over my stomach that I used to do a few times a minute! My breasts also look fuller now without a horrible bloated stomach, added bonus : ) I wonder how much longer I can get away with my sister carrying my clothes shopping haha


Also looking back through old pictures I've noticed that the bit that's infected was the bit that has been scabbed over from early days so I'm so much less worried. Could be like any normal scab that goes a bit manky etc. See it helps to have old pictures!

One month post op

Hi ladies, so yesterday marks 4 weeks since surgery. Life is pretty much back to normal but still aware of my new tummy pretty much all day every day. I still have tight/pressure at the same point on the central right of my incision that I've had from pretty much day 1. My left side is very uneventful and doesn't feel like anything has been done so that's good. Once my right side feels the same I'll be happy. I have my apt with the nurse tomorrow so any questions I have should be answered. I have a lot of fullness in my upper ab area and I'm wondering if it's swelling or just that that's how my body is in that area (hoping it's swelling as I can now pinch skin/fat there now whereas I couldn't the first few weeks)
My incision is still definitely uneven as shown in the attached pictures with perhaps a very small dog ear on the higher side but I'm not too bothered about that as I'm sure it will settle. I am loving wearing fitted clothes, surprisingly no one has noticed a thing which means I hid it very well before. I have no idea if I'm any different on the scales as mine are broken but with sitting around all the time not exercising I highly doubt I'll have lost a thing. Very excited to meet with my surgeon in two months to see pictures of what he actually removed/did. I know patience is a virtue but I'm wondering when you actually start to 'go in'. Probably once I'm back to exercising which is a distant realistic though currently as even walking to school run is 'tight'
Steri strips have come off the sides and the nurse can replace them for me tomorrow as no where other than eBay sells the large strips!

4 week post op review with nurse

So I saw my nurse today, well a different one than before. She took the remaining Steri strips off and said it looks amazing for 4 weeks and that I don't have to cover it anymore and can start scar therapy! She went over my little concerns like the dog ear over the scar and she said that's just stitches and will flatten, the bit that was possibly infected was just white stuff that is inside the opening and she did agree that it was a high scar but judging by the bits that aren't red she said it will be so light that it won't bother me. I asked about being pouch under the ribs and she said that's definite swelling as is my mons area. Have to routinely book in to see my surgeon at the 12 week mark but that's that. She said I can exercise and lift as normal in two weeks and work abs from 12 weeks so all in all everything looks good. Will head to Boots and get the scar gel she highly recommended and start massage. I asked if it's normal to feel a pop when you sneeze and she said yes totally normal. She actually said it's a very neat scar so I'll count myself lucky

5 week update

Hi Ladies, another week has passed. Thought I'd just update.

Still very much aware of my stomach
Still sleeping on my side
Still swelling upper abdominal area and around incision
Still numb around incision
Treating scar daily with dermatix scar gel
Not back exercising yet as not sure what more I can do other than walking
Still haven't attempted jeans or trousers, just leggings
Wearing tight Spanx upto ribs instead of CG which made choosing outfits difficult

Have included some new pictures of first thing in the morning as it shows it the best, am a puffy mess after a few hours...

Life is pretty normal other than still spending way too much time sat on my arse... love the idea of being really active again though there's nothing wrong with my feet so it's my own fault.

My hormones have been messed around since surgery! I'm on the injection and so don't get Aunt Flo visits however I keep getting my 'got a face on' days and insane hunger like twice a week instead of once a month so I'll be glad when that's back to normal. I did however have an interview yesterday so I'm sure I'll be back to busy soon enough!

Still not liking my high mons area and my gap from that to BB is like 2"! And I swear I have a 'lady bulge' now in fitted clothes so god help me if that's not swelling haha

My friend also noticed a tiny bit of my tattoo is left on my right incision, this whole time I've thought it was marker pen! Lol, it's minute and I just don't see why he wouldn't have got rid of that last bit as that's the side that the scars higher anyway... never mind! Need to get my butt and legs back in shape. Does anyone have any exercises they've been given?? I just got told cardio at 6 weeks but I've seen reviews where they've been given a sheet

Week 5 pictures

Thought I would try on a normal bikini and see the outcome with my new tummy and scar... also have pictures where I'm concerned about my high mons area, it's so big I hate it and seems to be a common concern in people's questions to the surgeons... I wonder if the side profile of it will be smooth eventually as it obviously is separated with my scar at the mo so don't know if anyone has any words of wisdom that you do eventually 'blend' into a smooth silhouette. Each picture is 'sucking in' and relaxing. I am majorly out of shape right now so I know the only way is up once I start back into routine with great eating and most importantly exercising!!

5 week ab update

Just thought for anyone wondering when the muscle repair wears off....
this week I am back to normal, in and out of bed super easily just like Pre surgery. Had a beauty appointment and had to keep sitting up and laying back down without using arms so fully using abs for that, again no problem. Sneezing no longer hurts at all!!!!! I honestly forgot what it was like to have a painless sneeze. So if you're behind me with recovery, week 5 is the week. Swelling however continues... and the stress on the body from surgery has given me the worst teenager skin!! I am Absolutely full of hormonal break outs that I don't get on the injection. I even have little ones around my chest area. The rare bad days you get with silly appetite where nothing fills you up and getting teary at adverts etc is literally once a week since surgery so I'm wondering when that is going to get back to normal as I'm not usually easily affected by hormones.

7 week update

Hi ladies! 7 weeks already, yay! So life is back to normal. I can just about fully stretch but if I do it in bed sometimes I do get a shooting pain like, yep shouldn't have done that. I have no issues, pains or twinges, nothing concerning me. I'm back to lifting all food shopping etc, swelling isn't really bothering me, my mons area however is improving and I can actually feel the bone now instead of puffiness. My scar has darkened as normal, I am applying silicone gel to it twice a day. I can feel some internal stitches around the incision line above and below that I assume can't poke through the skin as they aren't actually on the scar. I haven't really slept fully on my front but I sleep normally now half on it. I haven't exercised yet other than walking as I had to give up my gym membership. Ummmm my 'female body' is now able to function as normal now I have full control of my muscles again. The absolute best thing about this surgery is that with my bloating issues my stomach is no longer able to distend to the point of looking 6 months pregnant, this was a regular occurrence after each meal and come the end of the day. I still get trapped wind as that's an ongoing issue being sorted but I can now enjoy dinner with the girls and still have a flat stomach afterwards!!! This is such a huge deal, honestly the biggest difference. I used to have to lay on the toilet floor after dinner sometimes to stop the pain of my stomach pushing out so far and now my muscle fascia is back together it can't do it. I am definitely still swelling in the upper abdominal area and the skin is tender so I know it's still healing. The skin around the incision is still numb centrally and rock solid below bb. Not sure if I've forgotten something but any questions ask away x

11 Week post op

Hi ladies, sorry it's been a while. I took pictures a week or so ago to update and my phone reset and wiped everything!
So, nearly time to meet with my surgeon for three month follow up. Haven't seen him since I was passing out post op! Haha, though I should probably get that apt booked...
I am at the stage of wondering if I am still swelling or if I'm gaining weight. I haven't worked out in over 4 months now after having to cancel my gym membership. I am hopeful that once I start getting back on it that I will change my shape slightly. I wore jeans this week which is a rarity and I still got a roll of fat above and below the waist line. When I said down I had a huge hump above the band and that really disheartened me, I thought rolls would have gone. My upper ab area bulge is still a concern for me. Had it since waking up from my op but was always hoping it was swelling. It possibly still could be as if I pinch the skin it's still tender. When I lay down now I don't sink under my ribs so actually look less slim but it's from the muscle repair, everything is where it should be I guess. I am applying silicone gel to my scar daily or using bio oil if I'm in a rush. It's quite dark lately which I know is normal. Still slightly concerned with the pinching affect right side end of scar. Don't think it will settle. Still disheartened of how high my scar is especially at the sides, high underwear doesn't hide my scar let alone being able to wear a bikini. No way I could hide it and high waisted bikinis do not suit my frame with bigger legs. If I wear Spanx I love my stomach but I stopped wearing those weeks ago. I do love that I can't distend and look pregnant with my bloating anymore, that's definitely the biggest perk. Not regretting doing it but not estatic now thing are settling. It still protrudes above the scar just like how it pooched over my csection scar so hoping that settles too. My upper abs still twinge if I get myself up using them so wouldn't feel comfortable working them at the gym yet. Still don't have much feeling around the stomach, only at the sides. I will continue to be patient and hopeful and I'll update again after I've seen my surgeon x

15 Weeks

Merry Christmas ladies. Thought I better write a review whilst I remember. Not too much has changed. Still swelling above the incision throughout the day and worst at night, scar is very deep in colour but I've read that's normal at this stage. I have done a few gym classes (finally) it's absolutely in Clubbercise (dance/cardio) actually quite nice having no wobbly stomach. I did Body pump (with weights) not so clever after months of nothing, I was in agony! Stomach wise though I was ok, I noticed trying to do a push up and plank was a lot of pressure on my core and so took it really easy doing a few lady press ups. The ab track at the end I just did a few reps per move as it's really nerve racking once you start using them again. I'm still glad I got it done however, still unhappy with the 'lady bulge' where I go in at the incision and out at the mons, have included a picture in a red dress where it shows. I'm hoping I smooth out but I finally see my surgeon for the first time on Jan 7th and so will see what he says, I've read they can Lipo the area, also still have the dog ear, not visible from the front but very pinch able once sat down. I've booked a last minute holiday for 3 weeks time where I will be wearing a swimsuit only so the scar isn't exposed to the sun. I would say don't do what I did and stop exercise all together as I am so unhappy with the rest of my body and even have a pouchy stomach so I really need to start trying harder. Will update after I've met with my surgeon, will be the first time I've seen him since the day of surgery x
Dr Gabrielle Bourghini

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