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Hey Guys! So I've made the decision to have a...

Hey Guys!

So I've made the decision to have a band fitted at a BMI of 34 as I'm tired of losing weight and gaining it back with more on top.

I know it's not going to be easy but I'm determined to make it work.

I'm scheduled to have it done in March 2017 so will keep you updated as it goes along.

Band Booked

So I'm booked to have my band done the 12 March with Dr Nijar at Dolan Park with The Hospital Group. I'm excited and nervous equally!

Im looking forward to getting the op out the way and carrying on with my healthy lifestyle. I now go to the gym 3x a week in preparation for when I'm banded.

Will update. X

I'm Banded. 1Day Post Op

So I got banded yesterday, the nurses were excellent but I just can't get comfortable.

What I'd advise is to expect pain/discomfort and my pain threshold is quite high I like to think. After coming out of surgery my stomach was all swollen and bloated.

I'd also strongly advise staying over in the hospital as you'll need to.

Unfortunately I can't get comfortable and no painkillers seem to help. I'm just hoping this pain/discomfort goes away asap.

No Fluid

Just to mention I've had a small band fitted with no fluid in there as yet. I doubt I could handle anything in there as yet as it feels so crowded.

5 Days Post Op

Well the past few days were a struggle! I wasn't necessarily in pain but discomfort. I do feel I'm healing well and would say I'm 80% there. My wounds look pretty good as I've kept them dry.

Recovering Well

I'm recovering well and the scars are healing great and seem to have shrunk.

The bad news is that the liquid diet is a struggle but I'm on soft foods tomorrow and can't wait, the other issue is I don't have any restriction as I don't have any fill in my band as yet so it's really hard, however I do get my first fill in 5 weeks and can't wait!

Weight/Measurements are Measurements

Start Weight - 211pounds 5th March

Weight Currently - 202pounds
Belly button 42in
Hips 46in
Thighs 30in
Bust 44.5in
Upper arms 16in
Chest 40in

Goal Weight - 154pounds

I seem to have hit a wall as I haven't lost anything in a few days now so not feeling too happy. :(

Healing Good

Officially 100%

I'm all healed and back in the gym, hopefully the weight will fall off. I also have my first fill next week so will advise how I get on.

Little Scars

These are 2 of the little scars
Dr Nijjar

The doctor is professional and answered our questions sufficiently.

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