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I just got my lap band fitted at Dolan Park with...

I just got my lap band fitted at Dolan Park with the Hospital Group. I had been considering WLS for years however my husband wasn't initially supportive and wanted me to try every other option. I dieted, I went to the gym and even saw a therapist. After watching me struggle he finally understood that I needed a tool to help me.
I chose the Hospital Group because they have a clinic local to me and offer 2 years band fills. I am hoping that I find my sweet spot weighing that time. I researched going abroad for surgery but was worried about any emergencies and not having any aftercare.
My starting weight was 14 stone 4 and after a week of pre op diet I was down to 13 stone 10. I am very hopeful that this will work long term for me.

Down 1 stone 2lbs

I have been trying to keep my cals under 1000 and consume +50g protein per day. I thought that I would be able to stick with protein shakes during the liquid period however they seemed to taste salty and weird after surgery. It look about 5 days to get the strange metal taste out of my mouth.
I went back to work on day 8 po and did not have any problems. It felt good to be back although by the weekend I was shattered. My port site is quite swollen at night especially if I have had a busy day. I am sure that this is normal as I am still healing.
There is still a bit of glue on my incisions but the wounds look clean. I had a bit of oozing from the large incision which I was warned could happen especially since I was on blood thinning injections for 5 days after surgery. I was surprised at how easy it was to inject myself. I was kind of dreading it!
My only concern is that at times I feel like I have a bit of heartburn. I assume this is my hernia repair which is ironic because I never had heartburn with the hernia. It is hard for me to tell the difference between heartburn, hernia or hunger. I think my stomach is still in a bit of shock.

My face

I think that my face appears slightly slimmer!

Down 24lbs

I will be having my first fill on the 24th. Although I have only 3 ml in my band I know that I have some restriction. I can especially feel this when I eat raw vegetables. Guess this is why they encourage you to eat crunchy food. This I hope will never happen again!
I am pleased with my loss so far and hope that it continues. I tried on a bunch of dresses that I haven't been able to wear in a few years over the weekend and they fit! This made me very pleased.

33 pounds off

Ok, my weight loss has slowed down but I am still loosing. People are noticing the weight loss which is also nice. My first fill was only 1ml which honestly did not make much difference. I go for another fill in a week which I am really looking forward to. I notice that I have slight restriction in the morning but by the evening I am able to eat a lot more. I am still able to eat bread, pasta and rice however I try to limit these. I have been eating below 1300 calls per day which really hasn't been a huge challenge.

Still working at it

I just had my third fill this morning. I wasn't feeling restriction past morning time and my weightloss seems to be resulting from willpower....and I am burning out!!! The past three weeks have been a struggle. I am hungry between meals and when starving it is hard to follow the 20-20-20 rule.
I was dreading being weighed and fearing that I have gained.
Well I did gain this month but luckily it was only 1.1 kg. This seams to be the kick that I needed to get me back on track. The lovely Sam topped me up 1 ml bringing me up to 6mls and even though I am only on liquids today, I feel different.
I wanted to share a bit on info that I have learned this month.
Refined carbs make me hungry - they make me want to eat more and more. I have come to the conclusion that they are just not worth it to me. Seams that I am just not one of those girls who can have just one piece of is hard to over eat apples.

45 off!

It has been a while but I thought I would post again. I survived a 3 week holiday and even lost 1kg without trying and since being back have slowly been losing more. I have 6.25 in ny band and no longer count calories. I am satisfied with a small plate of food. Having said that, I try and eat healthily and avoid refined food like sugar, chocolate, sweets and biscuits. It seems to be working. I have gone from 200lbs to 155. I am pleased and feel much better. Good luck everyone. X

Finally, a healthy bmi

It took me 8 months but finally I am 4 stone down and am in the healthy vmi range. This is the first time in 14 years that I have been in this range. Ideally I would like to loose 10 more pounds however i am pleased!
The band is a great tool but don't think it is a magic wand.

Not lumps just bones!

It has been a year since my surgery. I have lost 63 lbs and am very happy with my weight. I look and feel so much better and younger.
I do have some lose skin around my knees and upper arms. I have more wrinkles on my face-especially when I smile wide. I would much rather the wrinkles than fat though. Perhaps I will try botox in the summer if it bothers me enough.
I had a bit of a health scare. I found a couple lumps above my left breast. I was freaking out only to discover that they are actually bones and lymph nodes. My doctor laughed at me and explained that now I am thin I can actually feel my breast tissue and nodes. I have discovered my rib cage too. It is like a whole new body!

1 year banaversary photo

A friend took this photo of me and I love it. I am amazed that the changes
Dr Alan Li

Dr Li was very friendly and reassuring at my 2 consultations. He spoke with me briefly before and after my surgery. I haven't seen him since however all the nurses have been great

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