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I have wanted a breast augmentation for as long as...

I have wanted a breast augmentation for as long as I can remember! It was shortly after my son was born, 21 years ago, followed closely by my daughter, 19 years ago! I have never been happy with my breast, size or shape and lost all fullness after having children. I had my consultation in April 2016 and booked for op on 13th June, I couldn't wait.

Morning of OP

So the long awaited day arrived, I was extremely nervous but like everyone else, so excited!! I only had one consultation and liked the consultant immediately. We discussed sizes and he told me I could have anything from 350cc's to 510cc's and that I have a narrow chest so high profile would be recommended! I chose 440cc's but debated for ages as to whether I should go bigger!!! I had Motiva silk high profile implants.

In bed after op

Didn't like what I saw!

After a little time in my hospital bed being looked after by my partner and the nurses I decided to brave a peek at my new additions. I was in a lot of pain, much more than I anticipated but the pain killers worked a treat! When I undid the bra it felt good and like i could breath as it was so tight but I had to wear it for compression. Anyway, they looked big, bigger than I expected, high and firm lol and not very pretty at all as you will see from the pics! I think I was naive to thinking they would look perfect right away, how wrong was I. At this point I did the bra up and looked forward to what was to come, wishing time would fly and it was three months gone and I could see the final result!!!

5 days post op

5 days post op and I'm still not happy with how my breast look! The left one is looking ok but the right just looks really odd at the bottom, really snoopy like and flat, I just hope it drops! I have gone from a deflated 34a/b and am aiming for a 34dd, my dream size. Pain has subsided a lot and I can move better, it still hurts to get out of bed in the morning and morning boob is bummer, but I still have my partner home and he is doing all chores.

1week post op

One week post op and they are starting to drop a little out of my collar bone. Lefty is looking ok righty, ugly!! Stopped taking meds now, just paracetamol when needed, still resting up. I have two weeks off work so making the most if it.

Three week post op

Slowly dropping but you can clearly see the right side is still looking odd. I hope it catches up with the right side soon. I haven't been back to work yet, should be this week. Needed another week off as I had pain under right breast in rib cage that was a bit worrying but I was told it's just trauma from the op, also had shoulder pain but again, it was to do with how you get positioned on the operating table!!!

Sitting down breast

Left breast sitting down is rounding out, right breast still flat!! I'm a little worried but been told patience and it will drop and fluff !!! Hurry up righty.

Covered up

I really like how my breast look in clothing, the top of them give a nice cleavage, I am still unhappy with the right breast, trying not to be to obsessed and patiently waiting to drop and fluff!

Getting better

As you can see, front on there is a noticeable difference but not so much from top and bottom. Five weeks post op.


Scar's looking good at six weeks post op. Using bio oil every day and doing massage every night.

Starting to take shape

Finally, six weeks and two days, my breast are starting to look as I hoped they would! They still have a way to go but progress is being made. I was told they would drop but when it's your own breast augmentation you worry. I am pretty much back to normal now and doing all I used to except exercise, only walking no running yet. No morning boob or pain, just the zingers everyone talks about. Breast are feeling big, glad I chose 440cc's as no boob greed here, think I'm starting to like them a lot now! You can still see that there is a slight difference between both breast but compared to the early stage photos there has been a lot of progress and that they are looking 'normal' now.

Nearly 3 months post op

I have been trying not to get too obsessed with looking at and analysing my breast from each and every angle each and every day!!! I guess like all of us women, I just want perfect breast. After living with small breast for 46 years and finally saving enough money and the timing being right now to have them done, I'm expecting a lot but have to remember that they are sisters and not 'twins' I know I still have a little dropping and fluffing to do but I think I am pretty much there now! I can't say it's been hard, I would definitely recommend it to any woman thinking about doing it, it has really improved the way I look at myself and don't get so hung up on parts of my body that just aren't so 'perfect'. My partner did take a while to get used to seeing me with boobs and found it weird at first, for about six weeks, but now he is totally fine and loves how they look. So ladies, if you have a flat, ugly, snoopy looking breast that just doesn't want to drop, be patient because I can assure you, it will eventually! I am 5ft 6, weight 140lbs and have 440cc implants, under the muscle, perfect size for my shape and hope anyone else debating on size etc, 440cc's is pretty big, 34dd.

Three months

Hi ladies, well three months has arrived, I know everyone says it, but it has gone so quick! I think because we focus on our boobies and the changes everyday, everything else takes second place, well it did with me lol for a while my left breast was feeling a little strange, a bit like the implant was in there floating around and odd but my right breast is starting to feel the same so now I'm thinking this is normal and they feel this way when they settle! Has anyone else felt the same?!? My implants move freely now and there doesn't feel like there is any resistance when I massage, which is good. I still have numbness under my left breast and tender/sensitive nipples, I thought this would have been back to normal by three months! I still overanalyse myself but my partner says my breast are fab. I am trying to tone and lose a bit of weight before we go on holiday in four weeks so that I can show my new body off on the beach ha ha. Any questions about my journey so far, please ask. I hope you ladies that take the time to read my review all keep positive and patient and have a great result waiting at the end of a few months.

Not sure!?

I have just done some exercises and taken off my bra so thought I'd take a couple of pics. I'm still not totally happy with how my right breast looks at the bottom, it's the left breast in pic. The line you can see is actually my breast and not from my bra, it just looks quite noticeable to me, but again maybe I'm over analysing it! My daughter says they look good, I'm just too critical I guess! Righty is still fuller in top of breast too, just above the nipple. I'm just three months, do I still have changes and dropping to do?

Holiday Boobs!

Haven't updated in a few weeks so just a couple of recent pics of the boobies while on holiday! Never been top less before and it honestly feels great knowing I have a good pair lol it is a little uncomfortable lying on my tummy but I rolled up another towel and placed it just below my boobs so it gave a support to lie on! Not having any problems but still get the odd zingers here and there. I am a full 34dd which is exactly what I hoped for. Hope you are all keeping well and having positive thoughts.

4 months

Pleased so far with progress. Not much has changed the last couple of weeks! Not sure if there is still dropping and fluffing to do but I will update if I notice anything. Back from holiday and really liking having an all over tan rather than strap marks ???? on boobies. Looking at them in pics they look big but in reality they don't seem as big. Honestly pleased with size, fit body really well in my opinion. I do have an odd feeling in my left boob, almost like the implant is lose and fallen 'out', not painful but it aches! Seeing surgeon next week so will mention it.

Final stages!

I think it's fair to say that I am in my final stages of settling. I haven't noticed much change over the last few weeks other than both breast feeling a little more squishy lol I am so very happy with how they look now and I have become more relaxed about looking at them all the time!! I only really look now when I massage them, at night before I go to bed, I use bio oil. I still massage my incision also but they look great anyway. I hope some of you ladies have found my review and pics helpful as I was obsessed with Realself pre and post op and I personally found it helpful reading stories.

10 months update

So over the last few months there hasn't really been an awful lot of changes happening. My right breast has settled lovely into its resting place, finally! My left breast feels a little odd at times and I can sometimes feel aware that I have an implant in there whereas my right breast I don't feel anything at all! It isn't painful as such, just a bit of an odd sensation. I can still notice subtle differences between both breast but am growing to accept they aren't 'twins' as all consultants tell their patients lol I love my breast now and feel totally happy in my decision to have them. It can definitely be a rollercoaster journey but it's worth it. I have posted some recent pics, 10 months post op. I have settled into a 34dd cup which is what I wanted. I hope my review helps others and if there are any questions then please ask. Happy Boobie healing and enjoy ????
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