34 with 3kids and Overweight - United Kingdom, GB

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The weight kept on creeping in after each birth of...

The weight kept on creeping in after each birth of my 3children. I love my kids so much and wouldn't trade them for anything. But the weight I've gained in these (9years) I hate with my whole heart. I've tried all the diets there is . I lose and gain them all back. I am 5.8 and at the Moment weighs 266lbs. I can't wait for the new me. Pls I need advice from people who has been through this same journey.
Thank you

Checked in.

I've just checked into the hospital for my procedure tomorrow. Lost 10lb during pre operative diet. Excited and anxious for tomorrow. God help me????????

Last picture before procedure


My procedure was at 10am this morning the 6th of sept 2016. I was meant to be the second on the list but the blood test of the lady before me wasn't ready, so I became the first one on the list. They made me feel very relaxed. Got on the table and as soon as the anaesthetist touched me, I was gone.
Woke up about 1ish everyone was trying to bring me back by chatting but all I really needed was to sleep. The nurses here are great too. They come in to check blood pressure and pulse every 30 minutes. I've been sipping water all day and not feeling hungry at all.
*PAIN* regarding pain, on a scales of 1-10 I think it's a 3. It's more of discomfort. Talk to u guys tomorrow

Home now

Was discharged @7am on the 8th of sept. I'm home now not in a lot of pain just discomfort. My only problem now is what to eat to get my required nutrients. I'm so tired of protein shakes already..... Someone please help
Mr Richardson

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