35, Two Breastfed, 400cc over the Muscle

I don't say much as I am Thai. I feel a bit silly...

I don't say much as I am Thai. I feel a bit silly if I say things wrong here. Anyway, I'm going to get my boobies done in 2 days and I am so worry how it is gonna turn out. I've been reading loads of stories and that doesn't really put my mind at peace.
I'm going to have 400cc by the hospital group. The surgeon said I am a 32b and I will achieve a D cup.

Can't sleep

Today I am really exited. Can't sleep. Soon my boobies will be bigger.
Will call the hospital soon to make sure with time.

Getting ready


Been waiting since 2pm and starving. I feel like I lose a stone. Hopefully less than half an hour I should be getting it done. These boobies come so slow I hope it will worth waited for. No photo as I have no energy right now.

I am so patient

Been here in Dolan park since 2pm. It has been 6 hours waiting. I don't know what's going on. Never thought I have to wait this long. Worse part is I dodnt eat since 7am now 8pm ????


No drowsiness now. Don't feel hungry. Might need painkillers soon though. Been look after very well here.

Surgeon and nurses said it all went well.

I managed to have a sleep woke up for pain killers at half 5. Score the pain 6!
Will try to upload photo soon.

Have a little look

It was so uncomfortable last night. I had to take the banner off this morning so I had a little look at the wound. Got appointment booked for check up.

3 days

Tried to take plaster off but there is still wet. Too scared to touch it now

4 days

Swelling gone down a bit. I wouldn't mind they if they get a bit smaller. It worry me that they are too big for my frame. I'm only 5 3" weight 121lb.

More pics 4 days P/O


I started to lift my arm up. Also drove kids to school. Managed to get house work done.
I notice that every morning I woke up with pain and very tight. I had to massage my boobs. Started to worry about capsular contractor now.

Check up

It' been 9 days since the op. I went for the check up. The nurse said nothing to worry but still waiting for incisions to heal. There are still bruises and the edges still white and red. No pain though a little itchy on both sides. She said to shower and are dried for an hour everyday until my next check up. I was a bit freak out at them white bits. Thought they were silicone coming through.

Incisions day 10

I worry that I will get bad scars.


Incisions don't look good. I put steri strip on after shower and air dried. The next day wound look wet. I think they get worse. :-(

13 days post

Here are some pics

Boob update

I've been so worry about incision healing slow. But really today with no steri strip and try to forget about it does work. I don't feel as stress. I want to feel happy with my new beautiful pair. So here is the update photos.

17 days

Feel so much better this morning. Love them ^_^

3 weeks tomorrow

I went to see the nurse yesterday. Right Incision is healing well. But left one is still open. She clean and dress the would. I feel really itch. Can't take shower until Monday. Finger cross when she takes the plaster off it's good news. Can't wait for it to heal. I never felt so scruffy! I need a proper soak in a bath and wash my hair properly.
Size is dropping a lot. Can't imagine if I have had it smaller than 400cc I would have regretted it.

Slow healing

I'm having hard time in healing. Seen the same nurse 3 times told me to care my wound different ways. The right side so much better. On the left now my wound leek of clear yellow liquid with a little blood. I now have to dress my wound everyday with ipodine and plaster. And gonna be on anti biotic for 5 days.
Many people told me to not eat eggs and vitamin. But some says I should to speed healing process. Don't know who to believe. Not seeing the surgeon since the day of surgery doesn't help either.

Healing update.

So today I was hoping it will get better when I open the plaster. It does look a bit more close but ( sad face) this is so ugly. The scars are gonna look obvious and horrible. I'm just an unlucky one to get this ( sad face again)
Mr alleruzzo

Mr.alleruzzo his work is fantastic. Though I haven't seen him since the day of operation. I feel like the hospital group always busy. However, the nurse who I see she is great on fallow up even though I can tell she is also busy. If you want the best after care from your surgeon is definitely not the hospital group.

4 out of 5 stars Overall rating
5 out of 5 stars Doctor's bedside manner
5 out of 5 stars Answered my questions
4 out of 5 stars After care follow-up
2 out of 5 stars Time spent with me
5 out of 5 stars Phone or email responsiveness
5 out of 5 stars Staff professionalism & courtesy
5 out of 5 stars Payment process
1 out of 5 stars Wait times
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