Left ear Otoplasty to rock some hair updos ;)

I have 1 ear that kind of sticks out if compared...

I have 1 ear that kind of sticks out if compared to the other ear. I have it since birth. It used to look more sticking out when i was younger when my face was thinner and because i always had my hair in a pony tail.
I used to hate it so much specially that my older sister used to mock me about it (so mean yes :D )
My mum took me to a famous plastic surgeon when i was 16 and he told me that he believes it's better to have a surgery on both ears as my stuck back ear is too stuck back. He was too expensive and he was too old as well, i kind of felt uncomfortable and told my mum that i want to postpone it.
As i got older, I kind of got used to it and not really care as i had my hair down covering it most of the time.
Now i love having my hair up with different styles and my ear started bothering me again.
My uncle knows a plastic surgeon that he trusts and he told me he would do it to me so much cheaper. He sent him my pics and he agreed that it's enough to have the surgery on the sticking out ear.
I will not see the surgeon till the day of the operation, He saw my pics through whatsapp.
I'm so excited, I bought alot of beautiful head bands to cover my head surgery band that i have to keep for 10 days after the surgery.
I just took Monday and Tuesday off from work. I hope they will be enough.
Can't wait for the surgery.
Wish me good luck xo

The surgery is Tomorrow!!

I'm excited to have my surgery tomorrow, a bit worried but it's ok. Whenever i feel worried i think about the hair bands i bought and all the interesting hair styles I will be enjoying :D
Here is a photo for me from the front.

Another pic from the front

2 nights have passed..

2 nights have passed since i had the surgery. The surgery itself wasn't painful at all. My ear was totally numb. I could just hear the sounds of the tools the surgeon was using. The surgery lasted for an hour.
After an hour of the surgery i started feeling headache and dizziness. I vomited the breakfast sandwich and some water. After vomiting i felt somehow better. I took the pills the surgeon prescribed for me. I went home and slept for 2 hours i was so exhausted.
When i tried sleeping again that night it was a very hard experience for me. I felt the head band was too tight and when i layer my head back on the pillow it felt even tighter. I woke up alot during my sleep.
Last night was much easier than the first night as the surgeon agreed i can make the head band less tight.
Now sadly i have to go to work with this hig head band. I will try to hide it with a head scarf or an ice cap. I still feel the pain in my ear but no more headache.
I take the pills every 12 hours and for quite some hours they make me feel better.
My other ear that hasn't been operated on was under the bandage too but it started to hurt me after a while from the pressure so i had to free it out :D
Tomorrow night I will be seeing the surgeon to check on my ear and change the bandages and make sure everything is going ok.
I hope tomorrow i get a slimmer head band that i can i cover with the floral headbands I bought :D

My left ear VS my right ear

i had to cancel my appointment with the surgeon because it was raining heavily. He asked me to take the bandage off and gave me instructions on cleaning the incisions. I did my best but it did hurt alot so i left some blood and he told me it's ok.
As u can see from the pic, my left ear is very swollen and bigger than my right ear but the surgeon told me it's totally normal and asked me to keep taking the pills.
I had a strange feeling when i took the bandage off. I felt this is not my ear, i want my ear back as if I abandoned one of my kids ????Hahaha. I feel good but would feel better when this swollen effect go away, I don't want to live with this elephant ear for too long :D
My nxt appointment is on Sunday night. We will be taking the stitches off =)

Day 5 update

My swollen ear is getting better slowly..

Day 7

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