40 Years Old, 3 Kids,5'2 Size 34G - Dallas, TX

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Have had 3 back surgeries so to help with back...

Have had 3 back surgeries so to help with back pain I was able to convince insurance I need the reduction. I may do a tummy tuck as well. To help my stomach muscles after having 3 kids. TBD.
Yes I'm nervous
I want to video update my procedure and Recovery as I go thru it because I think it will help others make a decision and feel more comedians knowing the truth in what to expect

Reduction AND Tummy Tuck

I've decided to do the tummy tuck at the same time!! Nervous and excited!
Have to be at hospital 5am on Tuesday morning June 7th. Keep me in your prayers please

Pre-op drawings

Today went in for pre-op and had drawings. Doc and staff were funny funny today!!!
They are starting SnapChat so if you follow, you'll be able to see even my procedure! Follow "drplano" on SnapChat
Nervous but super excited now!

Today was the day

2 hours post surgery
Hey everyone today was the day. Got to the hospital at 5:30 a.m. and they were right on time we will be back to the surgery room at 7 a.m. I was finished and back in the recovery room by 1 p.m. Yes it was a long procedure. I didn't wake up in pain my anesthesiologist put a muscle nerve block right in my abdomen muscle that will last 20 hours. I highly recommend it. They did give me Dilaudid at 4 o'clock this afternoon. I will give me another dose before I go to sleep hopefully I will sleep all night except the movie position that I'm in is not too comfortable. It was recommended to me to get a walker by the nurse who had gone through the surgery already and she wish she had one when she had it done. She said my back will hurt a lot. From the bent-over position. So check out my video that I just posted I have my raspy sexy voice from anesthesia and my awesome hair do. My apologies LOL

Day 2 post op

So it's 24 after I was woken up from surgery.
Have to stay in the V position so my back is quite sore. Put a pillow behind you low back if needed!
Had Dilaudid because tramadol wasn't helping at. The muscle block wore off today. So had iv pain meds every 4 hours.
They took catheter out and I pee'd by myself. I have a photo of during serfs of anyone else would like to see it. It's graphic so PM me
I walked the hall once. IT'S EXHAUSTIVE. And PAINFUL.
I can't hardly tell they worked on my breasts because all I feel is the abdomen. Heading home today!

Day 2

Got discharged from the hospital! Came home right away and took Norco and Valium which I think has made me very itchy, idk. I've never taketh Valium. Everything looks great! Not a ton of bruising right now, I'm sure that will come.

Day 3 part 1

Day 3 was a range of happenings. First had a hard time peeing because of cathitor being taken out. But give it some time, literally just sitting there!
Pain was manageable started at at 4-5 controlled with hydrocodone during the day and added Valium night before. So slept in 4 hours intervals.
More info in the attached video. And there's a continuation video in the post right after this post.
Im trying to upload but it's not letting me. Ill keep trying

Day 3 part 1 of 2

Day 3 part 1
Some things I forgot to say in the video are that your teeth might hurt. So use some Sensodyne toothpaste for your teeth and use lukewarm water when you brush. It's from the anesthesia and good luck getting that taste in your mouth. I haven't found a cure yet

Another video from day 3 coming

Day 3 part 2

Day 3 part 2
This is the continuation of the day 3 part 1 video. I had to split up and half. Hopefully it downloads I've been trying all morning.
Last night was the first night I was able to sit up in bed by myself it was hard but I could do it myself with my own muscles. That was day 2. Day 3 I'm pretty sore, scarring looks good (the incisions). I don't have a ton of bruising but that might come in the next few days. I will try and upload pictures after after this. Pain is manageable by hydrocodone .

Day 4

Here it is day 4 after the surgery :-) my tummy tuck is hurting for sure. And then very itchy for some reason. Hydrocodone one hydrocodone sometimes it is enough sometimes it's not. So I just take that as it comes every four hours. Antibiotics for sure. Trying to move a little bit more to get some of the blood flowing in the rest of my body. No bruising I'll post pictures. I'm sure losing will come later but I'm very light skinned so you would see it right now. My chest hardly hurts at all. If I would have stuck with just the breast reduction I be really good shape right now. But I decided to do it all since I was going into the hospital. I would recommend that if you're going to have both you need to stay at least one night in the hospital or you need to get a home nurse to take care of you and make sure you're taking the right meds. Highly highly recommend that.

Also day 4 my back is pretty stained from uncomfortable positions.

Day 5

So today is day 5. Honestly woke up feeling OK after getting 7 hours of sleep!! BUT THEN......I got UP. Dizzy. Whoosie. Hot sweaty. Pain. Then I good really shaky and thought honestly I was going to pass out as I was laying in bed. THEN I realized that they told me not to take my even small dose of clonazapem if I was going to take the Valium. So I took that pull out of my normal pill container. So I had my husband get it. I took it and immediately started to mediate with Insight Timer to help get me thru that time it takes to start working. Which is normally 30 min. It took over an hour but then I slept for another 2 hours after that. Thank God!!!! Woke up with a brand new feeling! Cleaned myself up and took pictures for y'all. One thing I did notice in my drains, just in the breast ones, there is like a black dirt like gunk in the tubing. Husband says it's old blood, I'm just not sure. So that's day 5 and it's excitement! Thanks for reading and commenting any advice or encouragement!

TT Belly Buttons

What's the word on belly buttons after TT??
No one really said anything so I never thought about it. But I'm a picker and having a black crusty thing in where my belly button should be is freaking me out.
I'm finishing up day 5 post op here

Day 6 already

Personally I cannot believe that six days have gone by already. It has gone very fast and I'm very grateful for that. Today I cleaned up all my scars and incision and it looks fantastic. My husband said it looks remarkably better than from the first day. He's actually very impressed. Obviously I have some swelling so I don't know how accurate any of the pictures are going to be but it shows you what my incisions look like on day 6. I slept 10 hours last night without waking up to pee or to take any pain medications I woke up and took my antibiotics and 1 hydrocodone and I probably didn't need it but I took it anyways because it was morning now I'm going to see how long I can go without really needing one. So far I'm six hours in and I do not need one at all. I'm moving a little bit during the day probably trying a minimum of 10 minutes every hour throughout the day that I'm awake. When I'm done I am dripping with sweat because I'm so tired and I have to get that anesthesia out of my body. So I'm drinking lots of green juice vegetables fruit yogurt for my stomach. LifeVantage Probio for my stomach digestion and my Protandim for regeneration of my genes and scarring. Can't wait to start putting on my true science on my scars to see how quickly the hill. Got to get my body working for me again. Because after all I'll jointhecurve
Thanks for reading!

Day 7 doctor visit

So I had my official post off at the office today and good news is they took all four drains out today :-) the doctor said I am recovering remarkably well with the amount of bruising I have which is very minimal. And the soreness around the bruising is hardly anything at all. He said I either have a very high pain tolerance or I just recovered exceptionally well. Either way he's very pleased. My incisions look great to him. I have light Sensation touch to both nipples which he said will get better.

the one thing I was surprised at was that the level of bent over posture was not exaggerated enough for the first nurse. She said I should almost be upper torso parallel to the floor period which was crazy to me because that's not when anybody had even told me. But it's to give the incision as much of a break and no pressure or stress put on that incision so it stays together properly. The surgeon said the incisions look great so obviously I wasn't overdoing it. The second nurse said trust me we would know if you were standing up too tall you're doing just fine just remember the more hunched over you can be the better for the next week and then you can gradually Stand Up So within a month you should be able to stand up right.
I got a walker and now I realize why. Because your back will be hurting you bad. So go ahead and use it. I was also released from not driving and he said I can drive as soon as I feel I am ready. As of today they 7 a.m. on 1 hydrocodone a day. The next thing I take will be regular Motrin or regular strength Tylenol.
Lots of water to hopefully get some this anesthesia feeling out of me. That's the one thing that I do not recover well with. I can barely keep my eyes open sometimes and I feel like I just woke up from anesthesia sometimes. Heat that feeling and I wish there was something I could do to make that go away. Or at least go away quicker so a good report today everybody :-) thanks for following along


Coughing coughing coughing
Ive been doing the breathing exercises and have always had trouble with a tickle in my throat. With so many drugs it must have calmed all that down. Riau had a huge coughing attack.
now I'm afraid to breathe or even talk. Can feel phlegm build up. ICK

13 days post op Red belly button

Hey everybody I just wanted to update everybody and ask a question. Anybody post op tummy tuck have redness around their belly button and itching from there. I'll catch some pictures. About 6 days post-op a large blood clot came out of that area and the redness has been getting gradually worse the last couple days.

2 weeks post op

Feeling good yall!!
No infection in belly button. Just my bad use of hydrogen peroxide. I should know better. Duh.

Dr Angobaldo has been AWESOME!!!! Thru all my questions and my lack of standing hunched over enough. I swear I'm laying down in the V position 23.5 hours a day. I'm not risky my back and my front. So just laying down.

Stitches/glue come off Friday and laser over scars!! I'll take more pictures then

2 weeks 5 days

So I went to the doctor on Friday which was weeks and 3 days. They were removing the tape and any remaining sutures! Which there weren't very many of them left, maybe 4. Unfortunately something happened that popped the under incisions from my BR. SUCKS. They said to put anti bacterial cream on twice a day and I'll go back on Wednesday to have them checked. I have no idea what I did to make this happen but that skin under there is very thin and has a bad blood flow to begin with. Still sucks. I'm posting the right after surgery incision pics. Then the Friday pic that had the ointment on it (looks worse with the ointment). And then today's photo before I put the ointment on it. I really hope this heals ok. I'm not worried about a scar. I'm more concerned with infection and not healing properly where I don't have that tight stitching to hold what breasts I have now up great. So that's the update with the BR. With the TT, that incision is great!! What I'm feeling mostly with that is sore sides, sore ribs. Not like all the tone soreness but more like shocking moments turning into soreness. Not sure what is normal but I'm sure it all is right? I mean they lifted my skin up, cut some off and liposuctioned a whole bunch. I've lost 2.5 inches in my waist with swelling still so that's exciting to me! Dr Angobaldo has been great. Funny and helpful! His staff is always wonderful. Like friends!

6 week post op update

Hey everyone!
So it's been a full 6 weeks since my TT and BR. Can't believe it's been that long but yet not long at all.

So my swelling is down in my top. A good 34C now from a 34G. Still swelling in the sides but it's not bad. No bruising! Arreola looks really good. Only down fall is that open incision. The 1 inch on each side that popped open about a week after surgery. Very disheartening.
Dr Angobaldo scraped out the nasty stitches and dead skin on Monday and put a funky cell type powder in the wounds, put on an allwound pad and I couldn't get that wet for 3 days. So today I finally showered. Looks better I think but still gross. He says it will still heal good. Just takes time after an incision pops. Not that I did anything that I can think of BUT VERY IMPORTANT TO REMEMBER TO NOT DO ANYTHING WITH YOUR ARMS AFTER A BRIEF. Very delicate skin there under your breast.

TT update; not much to report. Last 3.5 inches. That fluctuates so I'm hoping it still goes down. I'm doing a lite scar therapy on that incisionto help it smooth out! I've stopped using the compression band just today. I did for a few days last week and i my stomach was very upset so I out it back on and actually felt better so I loosened it up a little bit each day and today was good with just a Spanx waist band on!

I think that's about it ladies! Best of luck in all of your ventures
Oh wait, I got Dysport for the first time Monday too. Gave me a headache for 2 days but it's starting to work!

I'll post full post op picks tomorrow. Today's pics are of the wounds and the Dysport from day 1 to day 3 ???? full effect in a week or so.

Blessings everyone!!

TT crease down belly

6 weeks 4 days post op....So was wondering from those that have had a TT if they've ever noticed a increase in your stomach from where your ribs meet in the middle to the belly button?
It's hard to get a photo of it since it's just skin indention. But i could put a straw in it. That's the width of it.
It's just weird is all.

Surgeon said normally women get a little down or sad in week 2-3. I'm like 6.5. Feel like I've lost all the inches I'm going to and still feel fat and sloppy. Like I did it for no reason. And now this, weird to me, indention.
How much do normal people loose from TT. Probably still swollen which I'm hoping is the answer. Only 6.5 weeks I keep saying. Monday I go in again and will ask but I just felt like telling my story as it occurred and maybe some moral support because I live with all boys and I'm not about to tell them!

Thanks girls
Have a blessed weekend!

7 weeks post op. Breast hardness?

Hi everyone!
I'm feeling more self esteem today ????
I have a question for you all. Do you feel your breasts are hard? Mine feel pretty hard. A little squishy on the edges but the middle bulk is pretty hard. Was wondering if that's normal or if I need to be doing massage? Doctor hasn't said anything but I don't have implants and I'm watching Botched on E. LOL


Time for pics 8 weeks post op

So it's been 8 weeks since my breast reduction and tummy tuck. I've had a few complications, which will be evident in some of the pictures. Overall I am very happy that I did it. My stomach is still very swollen thank goodness. Because I don't like how the pictures look. But I have yet to look at them side-by-side from 2 months ago.

The most important thing I would tell anybody wanting to do a breast reduction is don't move your arms afterwards!!! just don't do it. Because that skin underneath is so thin it will split.

Now Either this Wednesday or next Wednesday I will be going back into the hospital and being put under anesthesia again for a what my surgeon called a quick nip-and-tuck to fix the symmetry of my breasts. It will make them a tad smaller but equal.

So check out the Before and after photos

Nip tuck surgery 9weeks

Went in for the under incision repair yesterday. Was a quick surgery but recovery yesterday was no fun. Didn't get anti nausea meds till I was home and throwing up. But Dr Angobaldo came thru asap ager I texted him. Had that med in my hand in 10 minutes! thank God.

All is well again and I'm looking for to symmetry and proper recovery from this fix!
Thank God we did it!

The fix is in!!

Had my incisions fixed on Wednesday. So glad I did it. Now to let them heal properly and make sure I don't over use my arms till these new incisions are nice and healed up.
YAY for symmetry!
Thanks Dr Angobaldo
Dallas Plastic Surgeon

So far he's been wonderful. Took lots of time with me yesterday explaining everything to me

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