Horrible - developed significant lumps - Danvers, MA

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{Edited} in Danvers MA injected an entire vial...

{Edited} in Danvers MA injected an entire vial under my left eye, undiluted. I developed significant lumps which she said was my fault because I must not have massaged enough. When I read the package insert it clearly stated that this product should not be used in the periorbital region. The lumps, per Dermik, are scar tissue that may be able to be reduced with steroid injections. I am sick that I let inject me with something I had not researched, that she boasted herself as a facial plastic surgeon ( she is a otolargntolotist), with experience in this filler. She practiced on me and the AMA lets her practice. She also injected Restylane above my upper lip and gave me the package end panels. Those lumps didn't dissolve, sent the panels to the manufacturer and they stated that it wasn't their product. PLEASE be very careful if you decide on treatment with Sculptra, in the hands of an undereducated or bad doc, the results will devistate you. {Editor's note: Please see RealSelf community guidelines.}
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